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    Daniels: Ladies and gentleman, it its time for one of the most expected matches tonight, confrontation between Tommy Thunder and Krystian Krysys for the EWNCW championship.

    Bodom: I expect this to become a classic, anything less than that would be a disappointment.

    Kingmaker: A classic rivalry between two of the best wrestlers in EWNCW, two former allies turned into bitter rivals battle today for the coveted EWNCW championship.

    Daniels: The challenger looks focused in the task at hand. Will he be able to re-capture the EWNCW belt?

    Kingmaker: I hope so, I like Krysys both as a wrestler and as a champion. He is my pick to win this one.

    Bodom: But he'd better bring his A+ game to defeat Tommy Thunder. Either that or look for an alternative way to win the match.

    Daniels: Interesting euphemism for cheating, Bodom.

    Bodom: Thanks, I'm damned fine with the English language.

    *The fans receive Krysys with a ton of boos but King Zero doesn't seem to notice as he walks down the ramp without looking anywhere else but the ring. When he gets inside the squared circle, he climbs a turnbuckle and throws the Straight Edge X to increase the heat.*

    Bodom: We all know Tommy is a fine wrestler and a veteran competitor, but tonight he may leave this building empty handed, and I believe he will.

    Kingmaker: I'm with you on this one, Bods. Time for a change on Inferno.

    Daniels: Unlike you, I'm rooting for Thunder in this one.

    *The fans give Tommy a thunderous (no pun intended) ovation as the EWNCW champion enters the arena. He stands on top of the ramp, soaking in the cheers, before heading to the ring, interacting with the fans, who appreciate the gesture by cheering even more. He also climbs a turnbuckle to salute the fans, and when he comes down, has an intense stare off with Krysys. The referee separates them before hostilities escalate.*

    Daniels: Here is Jason McManus with the introductions.

    McManus: Ladies and gentleman, the following contest is scheduled for one fall, and it is for the EWNCW title!

    *Fans roar in approval.*

    McManus: Introducing first the challenger, he comes to us from Las Vegas, Nevada, he is “King Zero” Kryyyyyyyyyyystiaaaaaaaaaaaaaan Kryyyyyyyyyyyyyysyyyyyyyyyssss!!!

    *Krysys does the X again as the fans boo the hell out of him.*

    McManus: And now, the champion. He comes from Colorado Springs, Colorado, “The Storm” Tommmmmmmyyyyyyyyyy Thuuuuuuuuuuuundeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrr!!

    *Tommy lifts the belt for the fans to see as they cheer on. He then presents the title to the official, who shows it up again as it is traditional. The ref checks both competitors in search of hidden weapons, and when he is satisfied, calls for the bell. Ding, ding, ding!*

    Bodom: Here we go, gentleman!!!

    (Tommy = Aries / Krysys = Roode. Ignore who's the champ. Start at 8.00, stop at 30:14)

    Kingmaker: HE GOT OUT!!!

    Bodom: I have to give credit where credit's due, and Tommy Thunder was amazing here. We all thought this one was over, but he still resists.

    Daniels: The heart of a true champion, ladies and gentleman!

    *Krysys is shocked that he didn't make it, but soon reacts and sees himself perfectly positioned for One Last Breath, so he waits for Tommy to get up, and when the champion does, King Zero dashes forward to strike. However, at the last moment, Tommy ducks and Krysys eats the ring post.*

    Nasty spot there, that shoulder has to hurt like hell.

    Human flesh meets steel, how that wouldn't hurt? Thanks, Captain Obvious.

    *Thunder tries to catch his breath while Krysys twists in pain. Tommy recovers faster and sees the chance to lock Krysys into the Dragon Sleeper, putting pressure on both Krysys head and shoulder, the one that hit the post. Krysys is yelling in pain, but he refuses to submit. He uses his free arm to hit punches to the head of Thunder, and the champ finally releases the hold. However, Tommy is faster to get up and hits a roundhouse kick to the head of Krysys. He then grabs the challenger, and places him into a crucifix position, ready to lift him up and hit the Eye of the Storm, but when he is about to start spinning his opponent, Krysys slips off the hold and hits a standing dropkick on Thunder, who stumbles but doesn't fall. Tommy bounces off the ropes and he eats an Orton style backbreaker.*

    Kingmaker: Nice comeback by Krysys, this may be the opening he needs to gain the belt.

    *Tommy rolls in the mat and ends laying on his back. Krysys uses this to his advantage, and tries to lock on the cloverleaf. Thunder is fighting back with everything he has, trying to avoid being turned around, but in the end Krystian imposes his will and locks the cloverleaf. He nearly sits on Tommy's back to increase the pressure, while Tommy yells. Krysys says “Ask him, ref!”, and the official obliges, but Tommy refuses to tap. Krysys keeps the pressure on during twenty seconds, then decides to release it. With a twisted smile on his face, he grabs Thunder's right leg and places it behind his head. He then joins his hands together, adding pressure to the leg, and slowly, begins to sit down again on Thunder's back, completing the Zero Stretcher (Brock Lock)*

    This one has to be over. Krysys has punished Thunder with the Cloverleaf, and no way the champion can escape the Zero Stretcher.

    Daniels: Never count Tommy out until the match is over.

    *Krysys is ordering Tommy to tap out, but the champion still resists. Little by little, Tommy manages to push himself up, and when he does, starts to move towards the ropes. It is costing him ages, the face contorted in agony, all the body about to explode. He is inches away from the ropes, but Krysys is increasing the pressure. Tommy seems about to tap out, but tries again to save himself. It takes five, ten fifteen seconds and the miracle doesn't happen. Krysys screams again urging Tommy to submit. It seems that the champ is about to comply, but in the last moment, with a superhuman effort, Tommy grabs the ropes. The ref starts the 5 count, when he reaches 4 Krysys releases the hold. Tommy is defenseless, therefore Krysys wasted no time in lifting Tommy into the Zero Driver position(Cross-legged sitout scoop slam driver) and nail it. He covers Thunder. *

    Kingmaker: The champ is dead, all hail the new champ!



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    2,99999999! NO!!

    Kingmaker: What?

    Daniels: How in the name of Heaven did Tommy kick out???

    Bodom: It is called a slow count!

    *Krysys probably agrees with Bodom, because he starts to argue with the referee, showing him how he should have counted, but it is obvious that he wants a fast count. The referee tries to explain that to the challenger, but Krysys refuses to listen, threatening to push the ref, who reminds him that he is in charge of the match and can disqualify him if he keeps with this attitude. King Zero seems ready to continue the argument, but Tommy grabs him by the legs and rolls him up.*




    *The challenger kicks out with authoritah! Tommy wastes no time and takes three steps back while a shocked Krysys takes a bit longer than usual to get up. When the challenger is on his knees, Tommy strikes with a Shining Wizard that almost takes Krysys' head off. But instead of going for the cover, Thunder locks into the Anaconda Vice. It is time again for Krysys to scream under the pressure of Tommy's arms on his neck, which was probably hurting for the previous Dragon Sleeper. However, King Zero refuses to quit, trying to reach the ropes with his feet, but the champion realizes what his opponent is trying to to, so he gets up without releasing the hold and walks to the center of the ring, and sits down there, increasing the pressure of the hold.*

    Bodom: A wise strategy there by Thunder, position yourself in the ring where your opponent can't reach the ropes. No chance for hope or glory for the one you are fighting.

    *Krysys keeps fighting to get out of the hold, first with all the might he has, but as the seconds turn into minutes, his attempts grow weaker. At the two minute mark, the challenger is not moving anymore. The referee grabs the free arm, and it falls, limp and lifeless...*


    *The referee repeats the operation with identical result.*


    *A third time the arm goes up, a third time falls down, but at the last milisecond, Krysys finds the energy to keep it lifted half an inch above the match.*

    Kingmaker: This one is not over yet! Krysys refuses to die!!

    *Krysys starts to get back to a vertical base, with Thunder still grabbing his head. Krystian finally gets up and gives a step forward towards the ropes, his free hand outstretched to reach salvation earlier. He manages to give a second step, and a third, and finally his hand clutches the rope. The ref initiates the count and Thunder releases the hold at three, and immediately clotheslines Krysys over the ropes. The challenger falls with a sickening thud.*

    Daniels: Will Krysys be able to come back to the ring, or this means Thunder retains by count-out?

    Bodom: He'll be back. He has resisted the Anaconda Vice, no chance he stays down there for the 10 count.

    *The ref starts the count. Krysys is motionless.*





    *King Zero starts to stir.*



    *The challenger is slowly making it to his feet.*




    *Krysys is finally in the ring. He rolls in and lands next to Tommy's feet. He uses the champion's body to get back to his feet, while Thunder says “Stay down”. King Zero ignores the order and goes nose to nose with the champion. Krysys grins before hitting Tommy with a right hand. Tommy returns the courtesy and they trade blows in the center of the ring:*




    *Tommy gets the upper hand, but Krysys stays on his knees, still smiling. Tommy makes some space between himself and his opponent, runs towards Krystian and hits an enormous Shining Wizard. He hooks the leg and the ref does his job.*




    Ding, ding, ding!

    McManus: The winner of the match, and still EWNCW champion, “The Storm” Tommyyyyyyyyyyy Thuuuuuuuuuuuuuundeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer!

    Daniels: What a match!

    Bodom: Outstanding performance by the two competitors, as I expected. A pity Thunder retained, but Krysys showed why he was champion once, and how he will be champion twice.

    Kingmaker: No doubt about it Bods, but Thunder earned the right to be congratulated for retaining after this hard fought, back and forth battle.

    Daniels: Yeah, congratulations to Tommy, and kudos to Krysys for such a display of effort.

    Bodom: Agreed. Congratulations!

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    Lily Morgan: The following contest is set for one and it is a Tables, Ladder and Chairs Match for the EWNCW Blacklist Championships!!!!! Introducing first the challengers.....they are the former EWNCW Blacklist Champions......Grind Bastard and William Carlin!!!! The Jestinnnnnggggggg Madneeeeesssssss!!!!!

    *The challengers head to the ring to a mass of boos with some cheers scattered across the thousands of fans in attendance as Grind Bastard and Carlin look focused and ready to win back the world tonight.*

    Nick Newman: They look to regain the gold here tonight and put a hurting on God's Grace with some tables, ladders and chairs.

    Terry Murdock: That they do and you know this is gonna be a classic.

    Lily Morgan: And introducing their opponents, they are the current reigning and defending EWNCW Blacklist Champions, the team of HolyJose and Azrael!!!! They are Godddddd'ssssss Graaaacccccceeeeeeeee!!!!!!

    *As the the champions appear on stage, cheers are evident for HolyJose and Azrael who signal to the gold around their waist and arm respectively as they enter the ring immediately locking eyes with their challengers and rivals The Jesting Madness before handing the gold to the ref who places in the hook lowered down by a stage hand before they are up high, both teams not taking their eyes off the prize.*

    Terry Murdock: Titles are raised, now it's time for the match to begni.

    Nick Newman: I can't wait to these 2 go at it right now.

    GG (D-X) vs JM (Jerishow)
    Start at 4:23 - Stop at 12:45

    Terry Murdock: God's Grace delivering some serious damage to Carlin using the to hurt his ribcage as Grind Bastard is on outside.

    Nick Newman: Finally acting like champions, having to do whatever it takes to retain.

    *Azrael picks up Carlin and signals to HolyJose it's time to end this and set up Carlin for The Gates of Hell but Grind Bastard is quick to enter the ring and break up the hold and let Carlin loose as Grind grabs both members of God's Grace by the throat but they kick his midsection and connect with a double suplex on Grind Bastard.*

    Nick Newman: Grind Bastard looks to be in but I'm sure he'll recover from this. He has to if Jesting Madness want the gold back.

    *HolyJose goes to the outside grabbing a table from the outside and places it in the ring as Carlin and Azrael fight it out in the ring. HolyJose sets up the table near the turnbuckle and goes to help his partner as Carlin takes control of the fight with Azrael but Grind is up as well and stops HolyJose from reaching Azrael as they begin to trade shots as well as the crowd chants:*


    Terry Murdock: HolyJose with the flurry of punches overcomes Grind and he's rebounding Grind off the ropes, what does he have in mind?

    *Grind comes in off the ropes into a spinning spine buster from HolyJose as Azrael is on the receiving end of the Chaos Theory Suplex from Carlin. Now Carlin and HolyJose meeting face in the center of the ring. Both talk smack and are nose to nose.*

    Nick Newman: The tension is in the air with these two, what will they do next?

    *Rather than trade punches both men have the same train of thought and go to the ladder in the ring which Carlin grabs first but Jose has a firm grip on it and a tug of war ensues. Neither letting go, the crowd is riled up waiting to see who will control, set up and climb the ladder. The wait is not long as HolyJose releases the hold forcing Carlin to step back and have the ladder fall on him, his ribcage to be exact to be exact leaving him breathless for a moment which HolyJose uses to set up the to begin to climb it. *

    Terry Murdock: HolyJose can win this match right here and now, if he can climb the ladder fast enough.

    Nick Newman: Not with Grind after him on the other side of the ladder.

    *Grind is limbing the opposite side of the ladder at a quicker pace than most would expect, catching up to HolyJose and begins t hit him with some hard lefts, one of which have HolyJose reeling and struggling to stay on the ladder but Grind makes sure he does as he holds on to him climbing the ladder a bit more to set up HolyJose for.....*

    Terry Murdock: Oh my, this is not good....I think I know what's coming....

    Nick Newman: Ultrakrusher!!!! (Package Piledriver from the top of the ladder!!!)

    *HolyJose is out as is Grind but Azrael is quick to climb the ladder in the ring with Carlin doing the same both grabbing the title and locking eyes. They begin to exchange punches Azrael with rights and Carlin with lefts, neither man backing down and letting of the titles.*

    Nick Newman: Who will truly be the one to possess the titles?

    *Azrael headbutts Carlin hard and this forces Carlin to stumble but Carlin will not be denied as he returns a headbutt in kind that leaves Azrael dazed but both men still latch on to the gold. *

    Terry Murdock: This is gonna be close folks.

    *Azrael finds it in him to with fore grab Carlin's head and begin to strike it with the ladder connecting numerous times as Carlin is now a mess holding on for dear life on top of the ladder but Azrael seals the deal shoving Carlin of the ladder and grabbing the tag team titles and wins the match!!!*

    Lily Morgan: Here are your winners....and STILL!!!!.....your EWNCW Blacklist Champions......God's Grace!!!!!

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    Bob Daniels: Well Ladies and Gentlemen, here we are at one of our top championship matches of the evening. It’s match for the EWNCW World Heavyweight Championship! K-Jammin will attempt to successfully defend his title against the outspoken, extremely intelligently, and deviously cunning Ronaldo Romulus!

    Bodom: The question on everyone’s mind tonight is, ‘IS K-Jammin’s head in the game?’ We’ve seen over the past few weeks, K-Jammin have run in’s with one of TWE’s ladies, and their Vixxen Champion, Eden Sky. Now, Eden is a beautiful, talented, ambitious young woman, but is she getting into the mind of K-Jammin in a way that the EWNCW World Heavyweight Champion can’t afford to be in right now? He has a huge target on his back and as well all know, Ronaldo Romulus is just the man you don’t want gunning for you if you have a target on your back.

    Pierce Kingmaker: Look, we all know that Eden Sky has certainly become a factor in K-Jammin’s head, but the question isn’t even relevant! K-Jammin became the EWNCW World Heavyweight Champion for a reason and he isn’t going to let an attractive woman mess that up for him! What we’ve all failed to mention, until now, of course, is that K-Jammin has ignored the woman’s advances on every occasion that she has shown herself before him. If that isn’t any indication of what’s to come then I don’t know what is!

    Bodom: Pierce may be on to something, perhaps the question is wrong, but that is yet to be seen. Soon though, we will find out if K-Jammin can prevail and walk out of Bred for Combat with his World Heavyweight Title securely around his waist, just as he walked in this evening!

    Daniels: The match is up next, as I stated before, and we are sure to see something that could easily be considered for match of the year, if these boys do indeed come in on all cylinders and make this match one for the ages, which I have no doubt in them doing.

    Kingmaker: Let’s not also forget to mention that the winner of this match is going to face the winner of the triple threat number one contender’s match! That man was none other than Jman, who won a hard-fought battle against not one, but two of EWNCW’s top talents, William Carlin and Seraphim.

    Daniels: Indeed, the end of that match came about when Seraphim and Carlin focused a little too much on each other and not on the one, Seraphim of all people, considered the third wheel!

    Bodom: Seraphim knew better and Carlin told him, but in the end Jman was able to ultimately prove that - but I cannot take anything away from those three men. Seraphim and Carlin are not going to progress until they get past whatever issues they have with each other. Jman, on the other hand, is proving that he deserves to be in the top positions of this company - even if I think he is getting too many chances. One company had a man like that, his name was John Cena - but at least he was the face of the company!

    Kingmaker: Who knows, one day, Jman may very well be the face of EWNCW - the face we see plastered everywhere - all over the posters and promotional tools!

    Daniels: Right you are, Kingmaker, now let’s get on to the match at hand!

    *The camera goes into a wide shot of the whole arena, switching between many different angles to show the entirety of the crowd. Hyped from such an amazing show so far, the fans have no problem showing their enthusiasm to the camera as they see themselves on the titantron. The camera ends up on Jason, the ring announcer standing in the middle of the ring!*

    Jason: Ladies and Gentlemen, our next match is scheduled for one-fall and is for the EWNCW World Heavyweight Championship! Introducing first, the challenger, from Sao Paulo, Brazil, RONALDO! ROMULUS!

    *Out of nowhere, the lights fade away until there is little light left but just enough to see regardless. The veil of sudden darkness hushes the audience and stirs internal anticipation for the promise of astoundment that this abrupt black out advertises. The shroud of black is quickly agitated as a beam of blinding light illuminates the aisle. Following the swift glow of radiance, two rows of hooded men, in black cloaks, walk down the sides of the ramp, equal length apart from each other. Once the leading man of each row gets to the very bottom of the ramp, they stop, signaling for the men behind them to immediately halt. With feet planted and arms at their sides, their image of symmetry and balance is interrupted when the music of someone's theme song plays on the PA system.*

    *The instant that Ronaldo Romulus' theme song hits, the hooded men simultaneously all turns towards the middle of the ramp and stand perfectly still. Soon, another hooded figure appears, adorned in a silvery cloak and casting a shadow over every part of his face except for his chin. The crowd is easily able to discern that the man is none other than Ronaldo Romulus and begin to boo him. As the figure walks slowly down the ramp, each of the men, that he passes, quickly bow down to him. This act of servitude only angers the crowd even more and a small "Fuck you, Ronnie!" chant starts but does nothing to deter Romulus from his solemn walk down the aisle. After he passes by each of the men, Romulus stops, just a few feet away from the ring. The black hooded men all walk to Romulus' side, passing by them as they walk to ringside. Four of them stay behind and walk in front of Romulus. All four get on their hands and knees and look down at the ground. Romulus lifts a leg and stands on front of the first man. Using the four men beneath him as a walkway, Romulus walks across the men's backs and stands on the top of the apron. Romulus enters the ring and makes his way to the middle of the ring. He grabs the tip of the top of his hood and slightly pushes it back, letting gravity pull it down over his head. With no emotion etched on his face, Romulus removes his cloak and hands it down to one of the men outside of the ring. With the lights still off, a booming voice, accompanied by the sound of a crack of lightning, sounds off and in the instant a word cries out, the lights are back on.*


    Bodom: We have never seen Ronaldo come on in that fashion before! Tonight must be very special for him to come up with an entrance like that for his World Title match up.

    Jason: And his opponent, the reigning, defending EWNCW World Heavyweight Champion, ‘K-Jam’ K-JAMMIN!!!!!!!!

    *K-Jammin comes out in a black and white attire coat, similar to one worn during the entrance of Hiroshi Tanahashi. The title can be seen clearly through the open part of the coat. Jammin slaps at the title, moving all attention towards it as he saunters down the ramp towards the ring. Each step causes pyro to go off, until he’s just about to enter the ring, where he lifts his title up and a large pyro display goes off behind him. K-Jammin looks down towards Ronaldo, a naughty smirk on his face. The crowd boos him loudly as he enters the ring. Jason takes the title, and the referee keeps Ronaldo and Jammin away from each other. Jammin takes off his coat and tosses it over the ring.*

    Kingmaker: Jammin’ is as cocky as ever! Will we see him retain his world heavyweight title and once again face off against Jman, the man he defeated at No Guts, No Glory?

    Ronaldo(HHH) vs Jammin(HBK)

    (Stop at: 17:55)

    *Ronaldo pulls himself up by the ropes, looking across the ring at the prone K-Jammin! A devious look takes over the eyes of Ronaldo as he comes to a complete vertical base and stalks towards the current EWNCW World Heavyweight Champion. As Jammin attempts to bring himself to a vertical base, Ronaldo kicks him in the mid-section, knocking him against the ring ropes. The crowd boos towards Ronaldo, as his assault continues for the next few long moments. Brutal shots keep Jammin in the place that Ronaldo wants him in, on the crowd and quickly running out of energy. Ronaldo brings him to his feet and grabs his chin, slapping him across the face. Jammin responds with a smack that seems to be more out of reflex than anything. Ronaldo responds with a knee to the gut, and then a big Vertical Suplex. The crowd boos loudly as Ronaldo quickly maneuvers into a pin.*


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    *Jammin kicks out with force just before the hand can come down for a third count. Ronaldo pulls back and looks at the referee shouting “TWO?! He shakes his head and turns back to K-Jammin, who has made it out of the ring for a moment to regroup. Ronaldo quickly follows him out but he is met with a big punch to the side of the head. Ronaldo staggers, but comes back only to catch another one to the side of the head. Ronaldo staggers again, but comes back - the third shot putting him down on the ground. Falls back against the barricade, and notices the referee has gotten to the count of six. He picks Ronaldo up and tosses him headlong into the ring and then follows him in, beating the ten count by a second. K-Jammin goes for a pin, but only manages to get a two count before Ronaldo kicks out. Jammin pays no attention to the referee as sweat drips down his brow. He pulls Ronaldo up and pushes him against the turnbuckles. Jammin grabs his arms and whips him off towards the other side of the ring, quickly following behind him to catch him with a clothesline. He repeats the process, or attempts to, but Ronaldo reverse it with an Irish whip of his own. Jammin lands back first against the turnbuckles, but gets a boot up as Ronaldo rushes forward.*

    Daniels: These two men are giving it all they have in order to either retain, or gain, that EWNCW World Heavyweight Championship!

    Bodom: Yes they are, and I, for one, am thoroughly enjoying this match!

    *Jammin takes firm control of the match, pounding Ronaldo back across the ring with right after right after right. Ronaldo drops down from the strikes but Jammin doesn’t let up. Ronaldo makes it outside the ropes, but Jammin tries to get to him even there. The referee pushes Jammin back, but he keeps coming forward. Ronaldo shoulder blocks him in the midsection, causing Jammin to double over! Ronaldo slingshots himself over K-Jammin’s back for a sunset flip power bomb! The move would be a success, had K-Jammin not had it scouted. As he lands, he rolls back, minimizing the damage. The crowd is off their feet at this point in the action! Ronaldo and Jammin pop up at the same time, and Jammin goes for his ‘Head Jam’ finisher, a super kick! Jammin wasn’t the only one who had his opponent scouted, as Ronaldo ducks under the Superkick, and rolls behind K-Jammin. Ronaldo goes for a running Enzuigiri, but Jammin pushes him off causing him to land on his back. Jammin calls for the moonsault. He climbs to the top rope and pushes back, flipping through the air! As he comes down, Ronaldo lifts his knees and catches K-Jammin right in the gut. Jammin pops back into the air and Ronaldo gets to his feet, quickly grabbing up K-Jammin and hitting the Wrath of Remus - a Hangman’s Facebuster! Ronaldo quickly rolls K-Jammin over for the pin, hooking the far leg.*



    *Ronaldo tosses K-Jammin’s leg away and comes to his feet, the referee holding his arm up in victory! The referee lets him go and goes to retrieve the EWNCW World Heavyweight Title, handing it to the celebrating champion.*


    *K-Jammin lays dejectedly in the ring as Ronaldo puts his foot on his chest, holding high the title he just went through war to earn.*

    Bodom: I never thought we’d see this! I thought Jammin had this match in the bad! Ronaldo is the new champion, the Age of Remus has begun!

    Daniels: Indeed it has and everyone in the back better be on notice, taking that belt from Ronaldo won’t be easy. He was single handedly responsible for putting Seraphim out of War Games, and we didn’t see him again until No Guts, No Glory. If he can take out someone like Seraphim that easily, everyone better be on their A-Game when facing him.

    Kingmaker: Ronaldo certainly showed who the better man was here tonight, and that was himself! Look at how he treats the man who arguably brought out the best in him! I can’t wait until Rage! Maybe we’ll get to see what he has to say for himself, our new World Heavyweight Champion!

    *Daniels writes something down and hands it to Bodom, who read sit and nods somberly. K-Jammin and Ronaldo are gone.*

    Bodom: We’ve received an update on our very own TBOZ. As a result of the very vicious assault he suffered earlier in the evening against Shaz, we have now learned that TBOZ is suffering from a severe concussion and a possible broken neck. We look to have another update for you all soon, perhaps on the next installment of Rage, everyone.

    *Bodom can be seen clearly distraught, Kingmaker and Daniels comforting him as the show fades to black, the end of the Pay Per View.*

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    Welcome to In Violence We Trust Axxess! Straight for the streets of Dallas, TX, and surrounding towns we’ll be following some of EWNCW’s very well known and loved reporters as they cover the events of this historic event! What do we have planned for the lead in to In Violence We Trust? Well, I’ll tell you! A Pie Eating Contest to be covered by Dick Thompson, several meet and greets, Q and A’s, TV and Radio Interviews, as well as wrestling matches involving Titan Wrestling Entertainment Talent and EWNCW Talent themselves! We’ll even be venturing into Mexico with Darren Bull and Buxley, as they promote In Violence We Trust!

    1) Ignition Champions Media Q and A

    Inferno and Rage Ignition Champions Andy Cannon, and Blue Flash did a small sitdown with some of the local fans and media outlets.

    Flash was cited as saying that he will retain his title come IVWT, no matter how many citizens are in that ladder match. He says Citizen Cannon will have a hard time dealing with Primetime AJ Dixon, but he is confident that the Inferno Ignition Champion can handle it.

    Cannon replied one of the matches he was looking forward to the most was Rage Ignition Ladder Match. He said it’s sure to be full of good spots, and give each man a chance to shine. He also said that, he will beat AJ Dixon and continue his long reign as Inferno Ignition Champion.

    Flash was said to chuckle, and take some fan questions - about what it’s like to be a superhero. Cannon answered some as well, about how he has managed to stay relevant in this day and age.

    After the Q and A; Cannon and Flash did a autograph and picture segment. There was some friendly banter between the two, but everything was said to be on the up and up. People seemed excited to see the two champions!

    2) Meet And Greet Breakfast(Chris Divine, DJ Williams, Michael Archangel, Seth Ferrell, AJ Dixon, Van Hooligan X)

    At the Dallas Museum of Art, a similar Meet and Greet Breakfast was had about an hour. Some of the wrestlers included Chris Divine, DJ Williams(w/ Rosita), Michael Archangel, Seth Ferrell, AJ Dixon, and Van Hooligan. There was said to be a lot fans in attendance, lucky for them because it was buffet style.

    The wrestlers spent time talking to each of the fan, putting over their matches at the event. Here are some quotes from each man:

    Chris Divine
    : At the end of IVWT, they won’t be talking about anything except TDA getting buried. A feat only I can accomplish.

    DJ Williams: I may not have a match, but *lifts briefcase* Cannon knows he needs to watch out. My lovely lady, Rosita, knows what’s up. *Rosita starts speaking Spanglish*

    Michael: Me and Grind’s match got interrupted, but I promise you - this time it won’t be. A monster’s ball match personifies In Violence We Trust, and I, like Dingo, am going to rid EWNCW of a monster!

    Seth: Unlike these welps, a real prince will reign supreme. Luke Jameson will fall and as he does, I’ll drive off - the victor.

    AJ Dixon: What is there to say? I know, these fools know it, and Andy Cannon knows it - It’s Primetime’s Time, and there ain’t nothing he can do about it.

    VHX: One way or another, I will make my presence known at In Violence We Trust All six men left shortly after doing some autographs for the fans.

    3) TWE Competitors Live Event, with some special guests

    Around three o’clock, a ring was set up at one of the bigger gyms of Dallas, TX. It was here there were some feature matches being put on in a standing room.

    First was the No Limits Champion Scott Cage facing off against ‘The Jack Man’ Jack Jackson. The match was a standard affair to start off, before the crowd really got into the match. They were behind Jack for the most part, though Cage did have his fans. The finish came when Jack went for his finisher ‘The JackHammer’, but, Cage was able to escape and hit the Dead Drop.

    Second came a Vixxen’s Match Berth Ray took on Pisces Pink. The match was described as very good between the two women. The Finish came when Bertha went for the KO Punch, but Pink dodged and bounced off the ropes, returning with her signature Harpoon, a Goldberg-esque spear. Sag. Blue was said to be there, and came in to celebrate with Pink.

    Before the celebrations could get done, however, a surprise appearance from Antonyo Angelo broke it up. Shawn Azenia attacked Sag from behind however, leading to a two on one beat down. This brought out The Devil’s Advocate to a large pop. The match was stated to be stellar! The finish came when Angelo was clothelined out of the ring by TDA, and Sag hit Shawn with the Sign of the Archer - A Modified Inverted Half Nelson Lift into a lift knee strike.

    After the match, TDA brought Jack Man back out, and all four(TDA, Sag, Pink, and Jack) celebrated in the ring. TDA put them all over as the future of the business. They then signed autographs for the fans.

    4) TWE Champion Van Darius Interview

    TWE champion Van Darius was spotted taking pictures with fans and signing autographs around the concessions area of the Axxess event while answering some questions that the media was asking.

    Van Darius was cited saying while he is not an official member of the EWNCW roster, he will win the TWE Proving Grounds tournament and he will make his presence known once he makes his way onto EWNCW grounds permanently.

    Van Darius was also asked about his current position within EWNCW and he replied with one quick, sarcastic like answer ... "Punching bag". The champ's sense of humor produced a positive environment and everybody seemed to enjoy his presence.

    Van Darius was then seen posing with his championship with some fans and then taking some fries from Dick Thompson's plate to the crowd's delight. Thompson noticed the robbery and confronted Darius, but was then given a wet willy by Darius.

    Once the shenanigans finished, Van Darius answered more questions about his reign as champion and his past and future opponents. Despite being jobbed out constantly to EWNCW starts, Van Darius enjoys himself while interacting with the fans!

    5) Blacklist Champions God's Grace and Hot Wasabi at Hospital.

    Brutality Tag-Team Champions God’s Grace made a surprise stop at a local hospital to meet with some of the patients, old and young. Lots of pictures were said to have been taken with different pairings. Each one included the Blacklist Championship belts. The hospital was said to be graceful in accommodating the champions, and were reported as saying that the champions brought up the morale of the hospital for the time they were there.

    They were soon joined by Hot Wasabi, who also brought in ten replica championship belts. There was a ten question series, five for the adults and five for the children. Some of the questions included ‘Who were the first BWA/Brutality Champions,” and “Who were the previous Grand Champions“. Soon all the belts were gone.

    God’s Grace and Hot Wasabi sat down for a quick interview with the children, as well as read them parts from some of the books. They ate lunch with the children, and had a generally all around good time. The kids were described as excited to see them, and glad to have a chance to meet the wrestlers - however, GG and HW both said it was an honor for them to meet the children instead.

    6) Random

    There were other, smaller events, such as a Reading Challenge, and a Video Game tournament. Some of the games were Battlefield, Super Smash Brawls Brawl, Soul Calibur, and Need for Speed. In the end, it came down to DJ Williams, and a fan named Rick Samson. Rick won, and was rewarded with two tickets to IVWT.
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    Day 2 of Axxess

    1) Wells Interview

    Guy: Hello, I'm Guy Smith, and I'm standing by with Ryan Wells! Mr. Wells, last time we saw you, you were at the very beginning of an injury. How are you doing?

    Wells: I am doing much better, the time off has helped my body, my neck was acting up and needed some time-off, especially with a metal place in there. But I'm near, if not already at 100% and ready to get back and kick some ass, like I always have.

    Guy: Well, that's the Wells we know and love. Can you describe your injury for us?

    Wells: Well, about 5 years ago, I broke my neck, and had cervical fusion done to put my neck back together and had a metal plate put in there to hold the fusion together and protect it. What's happened is the muscles and tissues in my neck and surrounding the plate became severely inflamed, and it would cause any movement in my neck to inflame the tissue and muscles more, so basically rest and ice was needed, followed by physical therapy, and just working out on my own to strengthen my neck and my rest of my body back to where it was.

    Guy: Can you tell me about the rehab you've been doing to get back in fighting shape?

    Wells: Oh, well, it's been mostly strengthening my neck, along with my upper and lower body of course. I usually do about 50 crunches to start, followed by 50 push-ups, and 50 pull-ups. I usually then go on to do squatting, working on my lower body, usually doing about 500 lbs on that, and then over to bench-press, and I do 225 at a steady 50 reps now, back to my usual. And then I usually run five to ten miles for cardio, and then I work on the elliptical for about an hour, mostly incline, to strengthen my legs and also doing some lifting exercises for my legs. Lastly what I do is work on strengthening my neck, by doing this new technique where I attach a weight to my head while lying on my stomach, and then sort of doing reps for my neck, lifting my head up with the weight on it, and it's really gotten me back to where I was before. And then I finish off by doing some deadlifts, usually 10 reps with 700 lbs and then I'm done. And this goes on every other day now.

    Guy: Now, what are your plans for when you return to an EWNCW ring?

    Wells: Hmmm, well, I have been given the greenlight by medical staff, I am 100% medically cleared to come back, just waiting on management. I mean, I wouldn't mind going after the International Championship, KingStrem needs to be knocked down a few pegs, maybe Darren Bull, he has a big mouth with a small brain, or maybe get involved for the Ignition Championship with Blue Flash, though I respect him, I feel I would give him good competition, or heck, maybe even face Rumulus again, I did beat him last time, and I wouldn't mind being World Heavyweight Champion, I feel like I'm top level here, been here for a long time now and I think I deserve that shot. Me and Rumulus are like Cena and Punk, we have this off-and-on again feud, and I wouldn't mind it picking up again. There's always Mark Dimension, but Eddie has him now and I don't want to waste my time with him again really unless he is asking for it.

    Guy: Well thank you, Mr. Wells. Is there anything you'd like to add?

    Wells: *Looks right into the camera* When I come back, I will walk in the best, and leave with a path of destruction behind me, nothing or no one can stop me. But thank you Erica!

    Guy: It's been a pleasure, Ryan Wells!

    2) Mr. Smyth Meet and Greet

    Guy Smith runs down what’s happened during Axxess so far. As he does, he can hear the fans behind him going crazy over the chance to be on TV, as well as the chance to meet Mr. Smyth, the Iron Fist Champion. Mr. Smyth, however, took his sweet time while dealing with things in the office. Some of the crowd began to disperse by the time Mr. Smyth exited. However, the meet and greet wasn’t what it appeared to be. As Smyth came out of the doors, he went straight to a Perspex box, keeping him AWAY from the fans.

    Guy Smith: Mr. Smyth, what are you doing?

    Mr. Smyth smiles and waves to Guy.

    Guy Smith: Do you realise how long your fans have been waiting out here for you?

    Mr. Smyth points to his ear to suggest that he can’t hear a word that is being said.

    Guy Smith: The hell? Are you trying to tell me this is your idea of a meet and greet?

    Mr. Smyth then has Guy shooed away by his security detail, as fans are allowed to come by and atake a picture of the Iron fist Champion, and his belt. He has a smile on his face as he watches the obviously disgruntled fans hurl insults at him, from their body language, to actual food products. Some fans were cordial, but Mr. Smyth did little to encourage them to continue being that way.

    One of the notable items at the event was a photocopied autographed picture of Mr. Smyth, for 20 dollars; 12% of which would be going to a worthy cause. Full Story Here

    3) A wrestling ring was set up at the Dallas World Aquarium. Some of the matches included:

    KJ Punk vs. Arius: The match was described as a very good match, by both men. The ending came when Arius went for his finisher, but was bliocked when KJ grabbed the ropes. Arius tried to tug him off, but was unsuccessful. He broke the hold at four, but went right back on the attack. Punk was able to make a comeback after dodging a clothesline, and hitting a Bulldog Bash - Rolling Elbow. Punk was said to have stayed behind and signed some autographs before heading to the back.

    Faith LeFlur vs. Sasha Panzer. The crowd was said to be very into this match after the action really picked up. Faith played to the crowd a lot, getting them to chant for her, while Sasha tried her best to get them to hate her - which they did. The finish came when Sasha Panzer smacked the Lil Boot(Big Boot) to the side and whipped Faith hard into the corner, before hitting the stink face, and then a pin. Mysteriously, Sasha held up the number 4.

    Kaige Chamberlain vs. Mike Hawk- This match is said to have been a rematch from EWNGP II. The match was said to be hard hitting, and high flying, a mix of two worlds. Both men were fairly familiar with each other, however, and the crowd was really into the match. It was very back and forth, with the men countering each other left and right. The finish came when Mike Hawk went for the Mayhem Driver, but Kaige blocked it. As Kaige turned around, he was met with a tornado DDT and then a big Phoenix Splash. Mike Hawk took the victory.

    Kaige got up a few minutes later and cut a promo about In Violence We Trust and said, “Soon, I’ll be up there and things will be different - come In Violence We Trust next year, I’ll have a title on my waist and the asshole shall reign supreme!” The crowd cheered for him, and then he went on to sign some autographs and tell everyone he hopes to see them at In Violence We Trust. He also put over tomorrow’s Axxess as a TWE Day, where the fans will really be able to get to the TWE talent as they talk about IVWT.

    The fourth, and final, match saw the team of Seraphim and HolyJose, mockingly going as ’The Holy Voices’ Take on The New Assault Program. The crowd was said to be very excited for the match. The match went a clean twenty minutes, not counting entrances. The end came when The New Assault Program set up for the ‘This Dimension’. As Seraphim was in the Electric Chair drop position, HolyJose went up and pushed Criz from the top rope. Seraphim dropped, and hit Sean with the City of Angels(Half powered superkick into an Irish Whip into a Full on Superkick). Right before the pin, he heard the crowd and tagged in HolyJose, who hit Sean with the Final Judgement(Spinning Reverse DDT).

    After the match, HolyJose and Seraphim went around the ring signing autographs and hyping IVWT!

    4) Extra Notes:

    Some of the other events included another set of matches across town; Quick Results: Hot Wasabi over the team of Leavitt and Rob Turne. Luke Turne over the Reaper. Carlin over Dingo Mac. Afterwards there was a meet and greet and Q and A. Carlin vowed to wow the fans with his stipulation choice, Dingo Mac said he’d defeat Ano Doom, and then take out Grind. Hot Wasabi talked about their hospital visit, and both Turne’s said they were excited for IVWT.

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    Day 3

    1) Meet and Greet with Nathan St. John and Jay Cracko.

    Jay and Nathan met with people in Fair Park to talk about IVWT and bring attention to TWE.

    Both men were said to play up their heel characters, with Nathan continuing to be cocky, and Jay toying with his baseball bat. Jay Cracko talked about losing the Ironfist Title to Mr. Smyth, and vowed that he would one day get it back - even if it meant taking Mr. Smyth out for good , even with a Baseball bat to the head. He mentioned IVWT fitting with those plans.

    Nathan talked about his winning streak, and how if he is ever beaten, it’ll be a cold day in hell. He says he’s a perfect fit for IVWT, and that next year, he plans to be in one of the matches, particularly one of the title matches. He looked over at Jay Cracko, and teased him about losing the title, which prompted Cracko to point the bat at him. The situation was cooled down by a small break. Both signed material

    2) Carter Krysys Radio Interview

    Gordon Keith: Hello, and welcome to KTKC SportsRadio 1310 AM "The Ticket", and we're your hoists. Gordon Keith, Craig Miller, and George Dunham. We're here with Titan Wrestling Enterprise's very own Carter Krysys! How are you doing, man?

    CK: Doing well, thanks for asking Keith. Just enjoying TWE Day here at EWNCW Axxess!

    Craig Miller: What do you think about Dallas and all the TWE festivities?

    CK: It's good, lets the fans see that TWE is more than just a Developmental Facility for EWNCW. TWE has some of the most talented wrestlers alive, and that is no doubt! I mean look at Van Darius, the TWE World Champion. This guy oozes charisma and talent. Than you got guys like Kaige Chamberlin, Ryku O'Ryan, and Mr. Smyth, guys who you just know will be EWNCW World Champions one day.

    George Dunham: Wow, that's very exciting. I've had the pleasure to check out some of the stuff going on and it's been great. However, can you tell us your whereabouts? I don't think I've seen you in a while.

    CK: I've been around, but not as much as I would like to be. I think it is due to the new Board of Directors and me not fitting their mold. I have also noticed I seem to get a bit of heat due to my brother being on the main roster. I have high hopes for 2013 though and plan on making a massive impact in TWE.

    Gordon: Well, that is all the time we have. We hope to see our friend here, Carter Krysys, one day in EWNCW and maybe as a world champion the next time he comes back here! Krysys, it's been a pleasure! Is there anything you'd like to say before you go?

    CK: Yeah, this is a notice to The Board and to all the members of TWE. My name is Carter Krysys, and I am officially putting you on notice and I promise that you will not forget my name!

    3) AshAttack Interview

    Johnathon Sanchez: Hello Ladies and Gentlemen, we're out here in Dallas, Texas, at the Cowboys Stadium. We're here with TWE Vixxen, Ash Attack. How are you doing, sweetheart?

    AshAttack: I am doing amazing, my first time in Dallas, my first TWE PPV Axxess and my first interview with yourself.. It is just such an amazing, enthralling and welcoming atmosphere...

    Sanchez: Well, I'm sure the folks of this town are glad to hear you are enjoying it! Are you excited for the In Violence We Trust PPV?

    AshAttack: Hell Yeah! I am a wrestling fan through and through, i enjoy watching brawling and i enjoy watching real talent take to the stage and showcase just how wonderful this company is...Also it is a stepping stone for legacies to be cemented...

    Sanchez: It very well may be. Now, we know, EWNCW Rage and Inferno don't have a place for women to wrestle, outside of TWE. Do you think, one day, you and the other Vixxen's can change that?

    AA: Yes, i really do, see some wrestling companies see men as more dominant, more talented and more worthy of the time in the ring, when really women are just as tough, determined and personally more dominant in the ring. Women are not just arm candy, there to look a man look good or do as he commands, women are better than that, they can step into a ring and set it alight, blow the minds of the fans and carry championships 10 times better than that of any man... One day the boundary will be broken and the Vixxens will be seen on the card for an Inferno or a Rage show...That i can guarantee

    Sanchez: Well, for one, I am excited for that day to come! Well, thank you, AshAttack. We look forward to the day when you grace Inferno or Rage!

    AA: You are very welcome and that is a day I look forward too also

    4) Victory Park, Live Event

    The Show kicked off with No Limits Champion, Scott Cage, came to the ring and cut a promo about IVWT. He mentioned being interested in that particular PPV, playing up that the No Limits Title had some interesting stipulations on it, that would fit with the No Limits Title. He hoisted the title and said since there is no cage here, he is issuing an open challenge in terms of a Falls Count Anywhere match. The challenge was answered by Sag. Blue - who came out to a surprising pop. The match was said to be good, with the finish coming went for the Sign of the Archer, but Cage escaped, and hit the Dead Drop for the win.

    The second match was Sasha Panzer vs. Faith LeFlur. The match went to a double Countout when Eden and Sasha didn’t answer a ten count. Pisces Pink, Bertha Ray, and other TWE Vixxen’s had to come in and break the women up.

    King Strem made an appearance and talked up his match at IVWT - citing that it was one fall, and the only way to ensure you don’t lose your title, is to be the one that isn’t put through a table.

    The third match saw Keith Andrews take on Ryku O’Ryan. Ryku won the match following a Superkick and then a pedigree. After the match, as he celebrated, he was blindsided by Xavier Hightower, until Leavitt came and chased them off.

    The fourth match was one of the main events. At the start of the show, Mr. Smyth’s statue was brought out. When Kaige was introduced, he put his signature fedora on the head of the statue before going into the ring. Mr. Smyth was announced next, however, he didn’t enter the same route Kaige did - instead, he was escorted to the ring while still inside his Perspex box, through the crowd. The crowd slapped at the box, but Mr. Smyth didn’t seem fazed, instead he smiled. The match was said to go thirty minutes and featured some of the best wrestling that Axxess has offered. The finish came when Kaige hit Flattery on Mr. Smyth, and then went for Ballad of an Asshole. Smyth was able to avoid, it and then went for ‘The Rule’ . Kaige kicked out, but Mr. Smyth, having planned for this, effortlessly, moved into a Texas Cloverleaf, forcing Kaige to tap out. After the match, Mr. Smyth got back in his box and was pushed out.

    The Main Event saw the TWE Champion Van Darius go head to head with EWNCW Champion Tommy Thunder. The match was said to be a very spectacular one with Van Darius being able to hang with Tommy Thunder throughout the duration. Before the end could come, Tommy had Van in position for the shining wizard, but before he could hit it, Adameus Frewin and King Strem came in and attacked both champions, leading to a No Contest. Tommy and Van were able to fight them off, after which, Tommy challenged them to a tag team match. The heels accepted. The finish to the impromptu tag-team match came when Tommy tagged in Van Darius, and then clotheslined King out of the ring. Frewin turned to watch it unfold, but as he turned back, Van Darius destroyed him with a spear. After the match, Tommy congratulated Van Darius and put him over, before both went to sign autographs and take pictures with the fans.

    5) Interview with the Frewin’s

    TWE's World Heavyweight Number One Contender, Amadeus Frewin, sat at a somewhat isolated table, with his wife closely seated next to him. Frewin sat in the constant three piece black pinstriped suit, having changed after losing to Tommy Thunder and Van Darius in tag action along with EWNCW star King Strem. Him and Elfreida kept constant eyes on everyone around them, from fellow stars to fans to media, until one such reporter finally decided to ask him a few things for a short period of time.

    The local news station journalist talked to Frewin over a few subjects, such as his past, including the all too common rumoured life of dirty deeds and jail times, to which he responded: "Not true, no idea what you're referring to. I've never done anything wrong in my life." The reporter tried to conceal a look that showed doubt, but wasn't quite fully successful. This drew a sharp look from Mrs. Frewin.

    Frewin was then interviewed about Van Darius, and the loss from earlier. He replied by saying he would "Hit him like a Mack 11, the previous loss meant nothing," and would "Succeed when the chips are down, just like I have my entire life." The reporter seemed to be somewhat taken a bit back by the automatic weapon reference from a man who's supposedly been on the straight and narrow his whole life.

    Frewin kept a watchful eye on the aforementioned Darius for a long duration of the talk, looking more at him then the man speaking with him. At one point, Mrs Frewin leaned closer and whispered in his ear, then she began to quietly laugh and show a huge smile. Frewin responded with simple nods, the emotion in his eyes hidden behind dark sunglasses. This inspired the press to attempt to ask Elfreida something, but that quickly stopped as Frewin instantly said: No, you don't talk to her, you speak to me. She wants you to know something she will say it. You know what, that said, we're done here. I have other more important things on my mind." The reporter thanked them for the time and begin to leave, before Frewin said after him: "And remember, I AM NOT A CROOK."
    Kaige Chamberlain
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    The Bull and Cowboy
    Do Mexico!

    *Where are live in a dusty part of Mexico. We can see EWNCW's resident redneck broadcaster "Cowboy" Bill Buxley. He seems to be coughing up a lot.*

    Cameraman: Are you okay Bill?

    Bill Buxley: *Cough* *Cough* Yeah. *Cough* Just this dam folk here have never heard of fans. They need to get rid of this dust. I'll blow a lung or something.

    *Just then Darren Bull comes in to the shot.*

    Bill Buxley
    : You aren't a patient fella, huh?

    Darren Bull
    : And you do like to complaint a lot, huh?

    Bill Buxley: I rather be doing a pie eating contest than be with some this Mexican'ts.

    Darren Bull: Tell me about it. I'm just doing this for the paycheck.

    Bill Buxley: Wait what? We're getting paid? I thought Dick said it was for some charity.

    Darren Bull: Hahaha..... You actually believed him. How about we finished this up fast and we can go get some food.

    Bill Buxley: Fine, but nothing too spicy.

    Darren Bull: Sure.

    Bill Buxley: Okay. Welcome everyone to an international event were one of our EWNCW superstars and I go to a foreign country and get their views on our upcoming PPV; In Violence We Trust. Joining me here today is EWNCW superstar Darren Bull!

    Darren Bull: It would be great to be here, but really it's not. It smells likes donkey shit around here. I mean what part of Mexico are we at anyways?

    Bill Buxley: Like I care. I just want some crub I'm dying of hunger.

    Darren Bull: Well how about we grab ourselves a local and get their thoughts on the PPV.

    *Bill quickly grabs a person and pulls them in front of the camera.*

    Bill Buxley: Shit! I just remembered I don't speak Spanish.

    Darren Bull: Good thing I knew one day I would be taken to Mexico and would need to learn Spanish. Don't ask how I knew about that.

    *The poor Mexican is still frightened.*

    Darren Bull: Nombre? Que es?

    ???: Juan.

    Bill Buxley: Of course it would be. Ask him if he knows about EWNCW's upcoming PPV.

    Darren Bull: Uste save de la PPV de EWNCW?

    Juan: Si.

    Darren Bull: He said yes.

    Bill Buxley: Ask him who he is rooting for.

    Darren: A quien le vas?

    Juan:........ MATT HARDY!!!!

    Darren Bull: Vede ala chincada!

    Bill Buxley: The fuck is a Matt Hardy???

    Darren Bull
    : I don't care, but I'm hungry. Wanna get some enchiladas?

    Bill Buxley: Sure. They ain't spicy right?

    Darren Bull: Nope.

    Bill Buxley: Let's go!

    *Both Darren Bull and Bill Buxley leave in a hurry in the truck.*

    Cameraman: What about me? Forever alone.
    Kaige Chamberlain
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    The Bull and Cowboy
    Do Mexico!

    *Just then the van returns to the cameraman guy's position.*

    Cameraman: You remembered me.

    Darren Bull: No. Fuck you! You can stay in Mexico. We just need the camera.

    *Darren Bull grabs the camera and both drive away.*

    20 minutes later......

    *Bill Buxley and Darren Bull both get off from the van with Bill holding the camera.*

    Bill: So, where the blue hell are we at?

    Darren: I have no idea what this place is called. All I know it has a great enchiladas recipe.

    *The camera turns over to show the sign off the place, "Enchiladas Para Todos".*

    Darren: Let's go in.

    Bill: This food better not be spicy.

    Darren: It won't be.

    Bill: Well, were is the freakin' waiter.

    Darren: I'll call them. Hey, wey quireo dos ordens de enchiladas con todo. La de el extra chile.

    *The Mexican waiter writes it down and goes to the cook.*

    30 minutes later.........

    *We can hear someone in the restroom who appears to have diarrhea.*

    Darren: I guess you got the extra spicy ones. Oh well, that is what you get for getting me to come to Mexico.

    Bill: FACK the Mexico!
    Kaige Chamberlain
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    Former RTE Tag-Team Champion(w/ Xavier Hightower[1])
    Current EWNCW Tag-Team Champion (Solo; 3/30/14) [1]
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