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    EWNCW: Bred for Combat

    *Pyro blast, fans go wild etc*

    Bob Daniels: Good evening everyone and welcome to Bred for Combat!! Our first ppv of 2013 is here and we have a stellar show to kick start the year off for you! We are live here from Tallahassee, Florida, and I'm joined at the table tonight as always by Pierce Kingmaker and EWNCW legend Bodom!

    Pierce Kingmaker: It's a big show indeed Bob, we have some great Championship matches coming up, some bitter feuds to settle, and I can't wait to see it all unfold in front of us here tonight!!

    Bodom: I don't know about you guys, but I'm looking forward to see how the champions perform tonight. Can K-Jammin retain the World Heavyweight Championship again? Ronaldo Romulus attempts to beat the odds!! Mark Dimension beat Ryan Wells at No Guts No Glory, but can he keep it as he faces former champion Ryan Wells tonight? Those two have torn their friendship apart in recent weeks! And can Hanz Gruber continue to build his legacy as he battles the masked luchador The Blue Flash with the Rage Ignition Championship on the line!

    Kingmaker: And from Inferno we'll find out if Tommy Thunder can retain the EWNCW Championship against long time rival Krystian Krysys! King Strem is the longest reigning of our current champions, can he keep that streak going by retaining his International Championship against Istvan Gretzky? And in the Ignition Division it's a triple threat for Inferno, as we see Andy Cannon defending his Championship against Mike Hawk and Johnny Rose!!

    Daniels: Some excellent Championship matches indeed! But we've also got so many other matches to come, including EWNCW veteran The Beard of Zeus battling against young upstart Shaz, newcomer Chris Divine against Daymian Bloodstone, Arthur Lansdale vs Billy McCoy Grind Bastard against Raden Blain and many, many more!!

    Bodom: And don't forget about Brutality Bob!

    Daniels: Of course not! On the table to our right here is the Brutality commentary team; Terry Murdock and Nick Newman, and I'll let them tell you what to expect from the best tag teams in the business right now! Take it away guys!

    Terry Murdock: Thank you Bob! And yes we have an excellent lineup being served to you red hot tonight folks! Brutality is where tag teams matter, and tonight, we're going to see some great matches no doubt!

    Nick Newman: That's right Terry! Tonight, we're going to see The Hardcore Championships on the line as we see Free from Poison defending against Black Blooded! WE'll also see a unification match as Mixed Emotions out their Grand Championships on the line against the Sexiest Alpha Males with their Intercontinental Championships on the line!! And for our final title match, we'll see TLC match as The Jesting Madness attempt to regain the Blacklist Championships from God's Grace!!

    Murdock: And if that wasn't enough, we're also going to see a triple threat tag team match between Mexican Nightmare, Fuegos Artificiales and The Bloodstone Empire, The Force of Greatness taking on Hot Wasabi, and a number one contenders match which will pit Crique de Freak against the New Assault Program! The winners will be the number one contenders for the Blacklist Championships!

    But that's all to look forward to, for now, back to Bob and co!

    Daniels: Thanks guys! A lot of exciting matches to look forward to there! So without any more delay, let's get things going!

    McManus: The following contest is scheduled for one fall and is for the Inferno Ignition Championship Contract. Introducing first, from Harlem, New York, DJ Williams!

    Daniels: So to start things off here tongiht we have a match pitting DJ Williams against Bam. The winner gets that contract that guarantees the holder a Inferno Ignition title match.

    Kingmaker: It all came about when DJ found out he won the contract, Bam decided that he didn't deserve it and wanted to take it himself. After a couple run in through the weeks we are here and I must say this will be quite a match.

    Bodom: I would have to agree with you. both men are on the come up and can break through at any time.

    McManus: And his opponent, from Osaka, Japan. Bam Virus!

    Daniels: And really if you think about it Bam shouldn't even be here. DJ won that contract fair and square.

    Kingmaker: Yeah but Bam showed that he really wants that contract and that is what put him here tonight.

    Bodom: and that's why I think he will get the upper hand tonight. He seems more hungry for that contract than DJ which will help him win.

    (Benjamin-Williams, Daniels-Bam) (Stop at 17:02)

    Daniels: Williams saving himself with a boot to the face.

    Bodom: Solid back and forth action bob.

    *Williams runs at Bam with a clothesline, Bam ducks it turns around and connects with a buzz saw kick*

    Kingmaker: BOOM buzz saw kick for the kill!!!

    Daniels: This might be all




    *Williams faintly kicks out*

    Bodom: Impressive that he kicked out, but his head has to be ringing.

    Daniels: What does Bam have to do to end this

    *Bam goes to the top rope and sets himself for a moonsault*

    Kingmaker: This could very well do DJ in

    *Bam takes off and connects with the moonsault*

    Bodom: has to be it for him




    Kingmaker: Unbelievable....

    Daniels: I'd say. Kicking out of the buzzsaw kick is one thing, but kicking of that and then the moonsault is remarkable

    *Bam is pulling his hair in anger, he begins to breath heavy as he looks around at what he can do to stop DJ. Bam gets up and sets himself up to deliver another buzzsaw kick*

    Kingmaker: He is looking to knock his block off

    *DJ groggy like gets to his feet, just as Bam goes for the kick, DJ ducks it and goes for a roll up*




    *Bam kicks out of it. and goes to charge DJ, who hits a gut punch on Bam which sets DJ up to do a vertical suplex stunner on Bam, it connects*

    Daniels: What a monsterous move by DJ!!!

    Bodom: He calls that the respect females

    Kingmaker: He's going for the cover!




    McManus: You're winner, DJ Williams!!!

    Kingmaker: It looked as if DJ wouldn't make it out of this but he kept fighting and pulled out an impressive win.

    And now the contract stays rightly to him, congrats on your win DJ

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    McManus: The following contests is a Punjabi Prison Match. The only way to win is by escaping both bamboo cages, and touching the arena floor with both feet.

    McManus: Introducing first, from Jerusalem, Israel, he is The Unholy Savior, Raaaaadeeeeeenn Blaiiiiiiineeeee!!!

    Daniels: This is going to be a brutal match, a demonic structure and two crazed monsters with no love for each other.

    Kingmaker: I'm sure I'm going to enjoy this!

    Bodom: No doubt about it, there is no love between Blaine and Grind, and this is going to be a one to remember.

    Daniels: I think Blaine comes with a bit of edge here, Grind has two matches to think about, while The Unholy Savior has only the monster from the Arkham Asylum in his mind.

    Kingmaker:Never count Grind out!

    *Raden Blaine emerges from the gorilla position and fans boo the hell out of him, but The Unholy Savior doesn't seem to notice. He goes down the ramp in a majestic fashion, slowly and with a military firmness. Blaine enters the structure and looks above, seemingly unimpressed. He climbs into the ring and passes over the ropes, ready to await for Grind's arrival.*

    *The lights go out and the vintage Toccata and Fugue in D Minor explodes in the arena.*

    *At the 1:10 mark, Bach music stops and Benediction takes its place.*

    McManus: And his opponent, from the Arkham Asylum, Grind Baaaaaasssstaaaaaaard!!!

    Bodom: And down the ramp comes my pick for the match. See, Grind Bastard has honed his skills in this kind of matches during 2012, and he seems focused on the task at hand.

    Kingmaker: But Blaine is bigger and vicious!

    Bodom: Like Abel wasn't, and Grind already defeated him.

    *The fans seem split with the masked monster, there are boos but some cheers too. Grind stands on top of the ramp in a trance like state, eyes closed and face lifted upwards, as if looking for some inspiration. He then opens the eyes and runs down the ramp, and when he is about to enter the ring, Blaine gives him a warm welcome going straight into the attack.*

    Kingmaker:Here we go!!!

    (Grind= Taker/ Blaine = Show. Start at 14:51, stop at 35:59)

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    *Grind kicks Blaine again, and starts looking for something under the ring.*

    Bodom: Don't waste your time like that, go and get the win!

    *Grind finally gets up with the object he was looking for: The barb wired baseball bat.*

    Kingmaker: This is going to get nastier!!!

    Daniels: Exactly what you want, ain't it?

    *Grind is ready to strike but Blaine manages to grab the bat and avoid getting hit. Both monsters use their two hands to gain the weapon. Blaine uses Grind as leverage to get up to his feet, and immediately kicks Grind in the mid section. Grind bends, but refuses to let go, and kicks Blaine too. But Blaine seems to be less tired by the whole match, as he starts kicking Grind repeatedly, until the masked man falls. Raden takes the bat with one hand and with the other, he grabs Grind's throat, and smashes him into the inner cage. Then, Blaine starts to castigate Grind's head with several shots of the barb wired bat, and finally rubs the wire in Grind's face, so the mask is partially teared.*

    Daniels: He is going to disfigure Grind forever.

    Bodom: It won't matter much if he is masked.

    *Blaine raises his arms in victory while yelling. He then takes Grind, lays him down on the floor, as if arranging a dead man, places the bat in his chest and yells: “You won't rest in peace!”. He then goes to climb the outside wall and get the victory.*

    Bodom: Not a wise move. Never, ever leave the bat near Grind.

    Daniels: He seems to be out cold.

    Bodom: He is a deceiving man.

    *Blaine proceeds to climb up, but the match is taking its toll and he is going up slow. Grind is stirring but doesn't seem to be up in time. Blaine keeps on on his climbing, and when he seems to be out of Grind's reach, the masked man is up and manages to swing the bat. Blaine was trying to climb, therefore his legs were separated, and the bat hits Blaine in the nuts.*

    Kingmaker: OH MY GOD!!! DID YOU SEE THAT?

    Daniels: Right in the manhood!

    Bodom: See what I told you? Jesus, I've punched many a lawyer in the dick, but that has to hurt a billion times more!!

    Kingmaker:*After an awkward moment of silence.* Tell me... you just didn't say that.

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    *Grind is trying to make Blaine go down, but the Unholy Savior refuses to do so. He goes one step down, but that's enough for Grind to put him in powerbomb position and slam Raden against the floor. Grind also falls next to his opponent.*

    Bodom: These two have given us a hell of a match, they can't have much more in the tank. But this can't end in a draw, so let's hope one gets up and wins this.

    *Grind is beginning to move. He is able to get on four legs, and as he sees Blaine starting to react, he goes to find the bat, which is not far away. Grind gets up, and Raden is in a sitting position. Grind turns around and smashes the bat in Blaine's forehead.*

    Bodom: This is over. Blaine won't move after that shot of the bat. Grind just has to climb up and get the win.

    *However, Grind is moving Blaine in a way that his opponent's body is laying parallel with the side of the ring. He then begins to climb the inner cage.*

    Kingmaker: What the hell is he doing?

    Daniels: No idea, Pierce. You win the match by climbing the other cage.

    Bodom: Trying to follow the train of thought of a madman is like trying to persuade a banned member of a forum not to create a fake lawyer and threat legal actions against that forum: pointless.

    *Silence now falls upon the commentary table after those strange words, while Grind is getting inch by inch closer to the top of the cage. Fans are yelling him to go to the other cage, but the man from the Arkham Asylum keeps climbing, his intentions obscure to everybody as he reaches the top and puts a foot on top of the cage. When he has both feet on top, he precariously manages to turn around.*

    Daniels: No way he is gonna do this. The wall will collapse!

    Kingmaker: It's not worthy, he is going to kill himself!

    Bodom: He has done worse and survived!!!

    *Grind stands up on top of the cage and immediately lets himself go down, going into a fetal position while grabbing his knees, and spinning forward, crashing on his back on top of Blaine's body.*


    Daniels: Grind has killed himself and Blaine in the process, no chance they can move after this impact!

    Bodom: I have faith in Grind, he has already performed bizarre stunts before. Let's wait and see.

    *None of them have moved since the collision. Seconds pass and officials outside the cage are debating to stop the match. Grind starts to shake like he is having an attack. He roars, and tries to grab the inner cage to get leverage. He fails in the first two attempts, but on the third he grasps the cloth that covers what's under the ring. He uses that to impulse himself up, then grabs the cage, and with a superhuman effort, the beast is back to his feet. However, he is confused and seems not to know where he is. He starts looking around to gain focus. He looks outside, to where the officials are, and that produces a twisted smile on Grind's face, who points out to the officials. He leaves the cage and stumbles to the other side, collapsing into the side of the outer cage. However, that's where the Prison doors are, so his weight opens them. Grind's own momentum impulses him forward and out, and he manages to tread on the arena floor before finally falling. Refs call for the bell.*

    McManus: The winner of this match, Grind Baaaaaassstaaaaard!!

    Bodom: He made it! I told you so and as always, you chose to ignore me!!

    Daniels: Congratulations Bodom. And congratulations to Grind, who has won this carnage of a match.

    Kingmaker: I wonder if he'll make it to the EWNCW Blacklist Championship match.

    Bodom: He will!

    *Doctors and EMT's are out to check on Grind and Blaine. They seem to be out cold, so they take them out on stretchers, while fans applaud in recognition for their valiant effort.*

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    *Mikkel Gunnar Freyr music hits and the Scandinavian wrestler emerges on top of the ramp, but he is not coming alone. The Great Cobra, Captain Amazing, Mint Berry Crunch and the Surgeon General accompany him down the ramp. The fans barely give them a reaction, except some “You are losers” chants here and there.*

    Bodom: What the hell are this bunch of nobodies doing here?

    Kingmaker: Beats me. They are probably masochists that like to be humiliated in public.

    Daniels: Maybe they are trying to catch Ano Doom's attention.

    Bodom: Fools. He erased them already in a ring, why should he care?

    *Freyr demands a mic.*

    Freyr: For weeks, that freakish creature named Ano Doom has been running amok Inferno, demanding for some competition. We answered his call, and even though he defeated us, he did it one on one. This time it will be different. You'll have to face the five of us at the same time, and pin us all if you want to get the win. What do you say, huh?

    http://<a href="</a>

    Bodom: He obviously says yes, you idiotic thing. Why shouldn't he accept?

    Daniels: He has no reason to refuse the challenge, really.

    *Doom enters the arena in his usual slow fashion, all intensity and determination. The lights seem to have an immediate effect on him, as he is sweating. His stare is cold and directed towards the man standing in the ring. He slowly climbs up the steps, and steps in, all in the same slow motion. He stands there, looking at the five opponents he has already taken down. All of a sudden, Doom lets out a roar, and charges on, using a double clothesline to take down Amazing and Cobra.*

    Kingmaker: Here we go! Destruction time!

    *The bell rings (ding, ding, ding) signaling the beginning of the match, but Doom has already started his carnage. He uses the ropes to bounce off and uses a flying forearm shot that almost decapitates MBC. He then turns his attention to the Surgeon General. He grabs the former tag champion and Irish whips him into a corner. Doom leaves him no time to react, as he comes crushing into the corner with a splash. Freyr sees his chance and attacks Doom from behind, raining lefts and rights to the upper section of Doom's back and a couple of them to the head. Doom tries to get Freyr away from him with an elbow, but Freyr refuses to leave the assault. Doom nails two more elbows before turning around and hitting a headbutt that drives Freyr into the mat. Mikkel rolls out of the ring and after checking that Surgeon is still dazed after the splash, he goes to grab MBC. Doom lifts him into a military press position and starts to gorilla press Crunch, before throwing him out of the ring. Crunch crashes hard into the outside of the squared circle.*

    Bodom: BOOM! Bye, bye Crunchy. You got BERRIED!

    *Doom focuses his attention to Amazing and Cobra, who have recovered from the initial clothesline. Both charge at the same time, but Doom raises his arms and easily stops them putting his hands on their heads. They desperately throw punches to the monster from the Netherworld to no avail: they do not reach the body of Doom.*

    Daniels: It seems that a machine like Doom has also a comedic side.

    Bodom: I doubt he thinks that's funny, he's just toying with his preys to humiliate both of them before the Cold Blooded Murder.

    *Doom keeps them in that position for a bit longer, before yelling: “Your arms are too shot to box with God!, and smash their heads together. Amazing and Cobra fall like a ton of bricks. Doom grabs Amazing by the head, forces him up to his feet, puts Amazing's head under his left arm and grabs Amazing's left arm and puts it around his colossal neck. He does the same operation with The Great Cobra, and when both are in the same position, Doom lifts them to his shoulders and hits the Cold Blooded Murder.*

    Kingmaker: *singing* Good-bye, Amazing Cobra, who could hang a name on you, when Doom destroyed it every new day, no one's gonna miss you!

    *Daniels and Bodom stare at Pierce with a look equivalent to the Cold Blooded Murder. Meanwhile in the ring, Doom has put together his two victims laying on their backs and has a hand on each chest. The referee who was standing next to the ring when all the action started, starts the count.*




    Captain Amazing and The Great Cobra have been eliminated!

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    *To add insult to injury, Doom starts to make push ups his his hands still on top of his opponents, while the two scream in agony. The referee demands Doom to stop and the big man obliges, but stares coldly at the official, who is damned scared. This is the moment Mint Berry Crunch uses to go back on the attack, yelling as he charges, but Doom turns around and hits Devil's Flame (KO Punch)*

    Bodom: Absolutely moronic. You charge against a man's back and you yell to announce your presence? Crunch got what he deserved.

    Kingmaker: That makes it 2-1, let's see how longer Freyr and Surgeon last.

    *Ref counts:*




    McManus: Mint Berry Crunch has been eliminated!

    *Doom grabs MBC and throws him away from the ring over the top rope. Crunch hasn't moved since getting the punch, so EMT's and paramedics runt op tend him. Doom is relentless, and has picked up the Surgeon. Doom stands at the back of his opponent, grabs his neck and throws himself backwards, locking into Blood Spiller (rear naked choke), closing the legs to add pressure with the bodyscissors. Surgeon yell in pain, and when he is about to tap, Freyr comes in and kicks Doom in the head to force him to release the hold.*

    Daniels: This is the first offense that any of Doom's opponents are able to connect on the beast from the Netherworld.

    Bodom: It won't last long.

    *Freyr keeps on the assault, kicking the Demon Cyborg in the head, and Surgeon joins with kicks in the ribs.- They are stopped by the referee, as the official has started the count and it has reached four. They resume the attack as the manage to lift Doom up, and while Surgeon grabs Doom's arms, Freyr connects with several punches to the ribs, using the enormous man as a a punching bag. Again the referee is forced to stop the onslaught, but Freyr wastes no time and kicks Doom in the mid section, forcing him to bend down. Freyr puts Doom in position for the Alabama Slammer (sit out powerbomb), but he is unable to lift his opponent up.*

    Bodom: As God is my witness, this guy's a moron!!

    Kingmaker: It requires to be another beast to try and lift Doom up. No chance Freyr is going to make it.

    *Freyr is not strong enough to do it, so the Surgeon helps him. Both try their best to elevate Doom, and with a titanic effort, they put their foe into position, and Freyr connects with the Slammer. Both men cover Doom and the referee counts.*




    *Doom kicks out with violence and Freyr and Surgeon go flying across the ring.*

    Bodom: I think Doom let those guys hit that move on him on purpose, just to give them the false hope of victory.

    Come on, Bodom, give some credit to them.

    Bodom: NEVER!

    *Doom is on a rampage. He grabs Freyr, who is closer, and hits a northern lights suplex. He then goes to the Surgeon, lifts him up into a military press position and drops him into a World Strongest Slam.*

    Kingmaker: He calls that move The Annihilator!

    Bodom: Wise name choice.

    *The Demon Cyborg chooses not to go for the pin, but turns the surgeon around, makes a leg scissors into his opponent's left arm, surrounds SG's head with his arms, joins both hands in front of the opponent's face, and lifts Surgeon's torso.*

    Bodom: CROSSFACE!!!

    Daniels: This is about to be over for Surgeon General.

    *The Surgeon manages to resist 10 seconds before tapping out.*

    McManus: Surgeon General has been eliminated.

    *Doom wastes no time and goes for Freyr, hitting some monstrous right hands to the head, before hitting the Devil's Trick (Discus Elbow Strike). Not happy with that, Doom lifts Freyr into the Cold Blooded Murder position and nails it.*




    Ding, ding, ding!

    The winner of this match, Ano Doom!

    Bodom: I don't understand why those guys tried again to vanquish the Demon Cyborg. He smashed them into pulp, and he did it again. Five opponents at the same time.

    Kingmaker: Think it's time to give Doom some real competition, isn't it?

    Daniels: No doubt.

    *The ref raises Doom's arm in victory and the Demon Cyborg starts to leave. The official is helping Freyr to his feet, and when the Scandinavian wrestler is on four legs, Doom returns to the ring, throws the official away and goes to the corner opposite to Freyr.*

    Bodom: Oh, oh, if he does what I think he's going to do, this is the last time we'll see Freyr in a bit of time.

    Kingmaker: He calls this the Kick of the Ancient Curse!

    Daniels: Come on, this is unnecessary!

    *Doom runs towards Freyr and hits the Kick of the Ancient Curse (Orton's punt kick)*

    Daniels: God! That was nasty and uncalled for.

    Bodom: No, it wasn't! It was a perfectly delivered message to his future opponents!

    Kingmaker: Yeah, you mess with Ano Doom and he'll send you to the Netherworld!

    Bodom: Exactly.

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    Lily Morgan: The following contest is set for one fall; Introducing the team Matt Elder and Tai Nights!!!! They are The Force of Greatness!!!!!

    *The crowd pops for The Force of Greatness as they swag their way to the ring looking set to face Hot Wasabi.*

    Nick Newman: Here come a bunch of over hyped deadbeats who think they're hot shit.

    Terry Murdock: They are trying to prove they can still make in Brutalilty, you may not like them but these fans do and that will lead to to big things happening for them soon.

    Lily Morgan: And their opponents the team of Malcolm Adonis and Kyojin........they are......Hottttttt Wasaaaaabbbbiiiiiiiiii!!!!!!

    *The crowd give Hot Wasabi a standing ovation as Adonis as per usual is dripping head to toe in body oil wearing his kamikaze headband as Kyojin follows him out to the ramp smacking him upside the head telling him to take off that stupid headband but Adonis states it looks good on him befor Kyo shakes his head in accepting he won't take it off and they head to the ring as the fans cheers and laugh a bit at what they just saw. Hot Wasabi enter the ring and decide among themselves who will start the match.*

    Terry Murdock: Hot Wasabi...quite possibly the hottest thing going for Brutality aside from our champions.

    Nick Newman: Bunch of no good fools, trying to make it in Brutality. I'll laugh my ass off when they fail.

    Hot Wasabi (Kyojin/RVD Adonis/Anderson) vs. Force of Greatness (Elder/Matt Nights/Jeff)
    (Start 2:22 End 10:20)

    *Elder and Kyojin are down, but Kyojin begins to crawl over to Adonis, reaching for the tag. Elder starts to roll his way to Kyojin and grabs him by the ankle, but Kyojin manages to just kick him away! Adonis is just a finger tip away from Kyojin, but Elder grabs Kyojin's ankle once more and drags him away from Adonis! Elder starts bringing hard elbow shots down into Kyojin's jaw and head, and then slams his head down to the mat. Elder gets to his feet and stomps onto Kyojin's leg a few times, and then drags him to his corner and tags in Nights.*

    Murdock: Looks like they are going to start focusing Kyojin's leg! They'll take the Truth Hurts right out of his arsenal that way!

    Newman: You've got that right, and at this rate he may not even be able to stand.

    *Elder holds Kyojin down while Nights scales to the second rope, and then jumps down and brings his knee down onto Kyojin's now injured leg! Nights gets back up to his feet and stomps onto Kyojin's leg again. Nights reaches down and grabs Kyojin's leg, and locks in a half boston crab! Nights applies massive amounts of pressure and pulls the leg back far, making Kyojin prop himself up onto his forearms and screaming "No!" as the referee asks if he wants to end the match!

    Adonis starts to stomp his foot on the steel steps on the outside of the ring, firing up the crowd to give Kyojin some support! Kyojin looks to Adonis, whose hand is extended into the ring as far as it can legaly be! Kyojin reaches for his hand but Nights just drags him away! Kyojin pushes himself up with his hands slowly, and then slowly starts to shift his body til he manages to roll onto his back and kicks Nights away! Kyojin crawls for Adonis and reaches for the tag ... And he gets it!*

    Murdock: Adonis got the tag!

    Newman: And Nights is in the middle of the ring!

    *Adonis jumps into the ring and charges Nights and brings him down with a heavy forearm! Adonis keeps the charge going and he shoulder blocks Elder, knocking him off of the apron and to the outside! Adonis stomps to the middle of the ring and picks up Nights and tosses him to the ropes, and then plants him with a spinebuster. Adonis gets riled up and stands over the downed Nights and looks all around the crowd. Adonis flexes his biceps and kisses each one, and then runs to the ropes, rebounds off of them and hits The Adonis Elbow! Adonis goes for the pin!*

    One! Two! Elder breaks it up last second!

    *Elder dives onto Elder from the top rope! Elder starts pounding down onto Adonis, ignoring the referees count, but then Kyojin scales to the top turnbuckle and dives down onto Elder with the Rising Sun!!*

    Murdock: Oh my god! What air!!

    Newman: That was insane!

    *Kyojin rolls out of the ring and drags Elder with him. Adonis gets back to his feet and grabs Nights by the hair and picks him back up to his feet. Adonis kicks Nights in the gut, and lifts him high into the air with the Malcolm XXX, and then plants him down hard onto his back! Adonis looks to his side of the apron and sees Kyojin getting back onto the apron, so Adonis drags Nights into the middle of the ring, and then tags in Kyojin. Kyojin scales to the top, and launches from it with the Rising Sun and connects to Nights! Kyojin covers Nights!*

    One! Two! Three!

    Lily Morgan: Here are your winners!!!!! Hot Wasabi!!!!!

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    Jason McManus: This next match is scheduled for one fall! Making his way to the ring, 'The Destruction', Darren Bull!!

    Bob Daniels: We're back here on Bred for Combat, and we've got off to a great start here so far!

    Bodom: And it's about to get even better because we've got a man coming out here that's been on a roll as of late! Darren Bull has blown away the competition on Rage since returning with a real drive that's brought him to Bred for Combat!

    Pierce Kingmaker: Well I've been watching Bull and I have to say I am impressed on how he's focused his talents, but he's also I think let all of this get to his head, because in my opinion, issuing an open challenge on a ppv like this isn't a wise move. He's left the door open here for him to be embarrassed by, well, anybody that comes out really!

    Daniels: That's right. And we can confirm that earlier in the week EWNCW managment and Rage GM John Cleverly were approached by a superstar who offered to accept the open challenge, and the match has been made! We don't know who it is, Bull doesn't know who it is, but we're all about to find out!!

    *Darren Bull is in the ring and he's grabbed a mic from ringside. The crowd are booing him profusely but he doesn't seem to care. He's about to start speaking when.....*

    Bodom: What?! Who the hell is that?!

    McManus: And his opponent, making his EWNCW debut, from Oakland, California, Malcom Cage!!!

    Kingmaker: Ohhhh boy! Now this guy right here is a great talent folks! For those of you who don't know Malcom Cage is young, but well seasoned superstar that has wrestled at many a promotion! I can guarantee you that Darren Bull has definitely bitten off more than he can chew here!!

    Bodom: For those of us who know?! You mean for those of us who only follow the independent circuit like you do Pierce?!

    Daniels: If you're in wrestling you should know the name Malcom Cage at least Bodom! What an exciting superstar to have on the roster! And it looks like he might have something to say to Bull!!

    *Malcolm Cage comes out and the crowd pops in cheers. The crowd recognizes the JBW start as Cage stands at the top of the ramp with a mic in hand.*

    Cage: Well well well. If it isn’t EWNCW! If you have no idea who I am, I am Malcolm Cage. I have spent most of my time in the 'other' company...

    *There is a mixed reaction from the crowd*

    Cage: Now now, I know that I might not have the best reputation here thanks to my association to them, but I don’t plan on keeping that reputation. While I have spent time in other companies, I have noticed that many of the most well done, well talked about, well respected matches have come out of EWNCW. Some of the best wrestlers, some of the most legendary people have wrestled here and have been a part of this company. And so know I am here. I want to be a part of those matches, I want to be a part of those feuds. I want to be a part of that company. And so here I am, standing on this stage. I am here to take EWNCW by storm.

    I have been in this profession for far to long and have gotten nothing for it. I have fought tooth and nail and gotten no honor, no glory. And so I am here in EWNCW to win your respect to win the honor that the likes of Tommy Thunder, TBOZ and all the greats have gained here in EWNCW. I have been doing this as long as they have and now I will become the great wrestler that I was destined to be!

    Bull, you talk a lot of shit, and I was listening when you sent out that open challenge. So I am here to shut you up and I accept your challenge. I plan on knocking you off your little high horse and put you back on the dusty shelf where you belong. This roll that you have been on ends tonight, and it shall end at the hands of Malcolm Cage!

    Bodom: What an ignorant guy! He speaks as if we all should know who this guy is!!

    Kingmaker: Come on Bodom! This man is a well known guy!!

    Daniels: Regardless of if you know Cage or not, he's now in EWNCW and he's going to begin his journey here tonight!!

    (stop at 10:35)

    Kingmaker: Did he get him?! Was that 3?!

    Daniels: I think that was just 2 for Bull, but what agility!! But look at how Cage is pushing him all the way here!!

    *Bull looks like he's had enough and he's signaling for the end as he goads Cage to get to his feet. As Cage is struggling up, Bull runs past him and springboards off the ropes looking for the springboard roundhouse*

    Daniels: Here comes the Awesome Punishment!!!! NO!!! Cage ducks!! SUPERKICK!!

    Bodom: Good scouting there, can he get the three?

    Ref: ONE!!



    Daniels: Bull kicks out at 2!! But the momentum has slightly shifted here no doubt!

    *Cage looks at the referee with a pleading look on his face, but he nonetheless gets up and fires up the crowd. He sees Bull making his way to his feet and runs past him, spring-boarding off the second rope and hitting a crossbody, before getting up and continuing to bounce off the opposite ropes. With Bull back up, Cage ducks a swinging fist from Bull and floats over hitting a float-over DDT, planting Bull again. He doesn't stop there, after he instantly heads to the top rope. After firing u the crowd again, he lets Bull get to his feet before hitting a high crossbody on him, and holding o for the pin*

    Ref: ONE!!


    *Bull is able to flip Cage into a pinning predicament, and applies more pressure by grabbing the tights, out of the view of the referee!!*

    Ref: ONE!!




    McManus: The winner of this match, 'The Destruction', Darren Bull!!

    Kingmaker: Sneaky tactics there from Bull, the referee didn't see the tights being pulled!!

    Bodom: What are you talking about? That was an excellent counter form Bull, just as he was looking down and out there!!

    Daniels: Cage had just hit Bull with some good quick offense there, ending with that high crossbody, but it didn't put bull fully down, and he reversed it into a pin of his own! But he had a handful of tights there as he did so!!

    Bodom: Come on Bob, let's not take away the shine from a fine win here!! Darren Bull remains undefeated for weeks now!!

    Daniels: Well that's true, but he had to play dirty here tonight, and I can't imagine that Cage will be too happy about loosing on his debut in that fashion!

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    Bob Daniels: We’re on to our next event of Bred for Combat, the match between Michael Archangel vs. Rain!

    Pierce Kingmaker: Yes we are, and these boys have been embroiled in a heated feud on Inferno!

    Bodom: Yes they have! Rain and Michael came to Inferno around the same time, Michael debuted, and Rain had his brand switched thanks to winning a briefcase at No Guts, No Glory.

    Daniels: Indeed, they both claimed that hey would be winning titles and not the other. It escalated as Michael cost Rain a match against Mikkel, who was then destroyed afterwards. Staples put them in a tag-team match, in which Landsale left Rain, getting a loss!

    Kingmaker: And then the following week, he lost to McCoy via DQ when Lansdale interfered in their match. He and Michael then had a verbal confrontation in the middle of the ring.

    Bodom: This match was a long time coming, Rain is going to be looking for some retribution, so let’s get right to the action!

    Jason: The next match is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, from Springfield, Massachusetts, RAIN!

    *Rain heads towards the ring, anger in his eyes, the crowd booing loudly. He does nothing fancy and simply slides into the ring and gets ready for his match with Michael Archangel.*

    Jason: and his opponent, from Washington, D.C, MICHAEL ARCHANGEL!

    *Michael comes out to the adoration of the fans; he rushes down to the ring and immediately gets in the face of Rain. The two get into a shoving match, before the referee sends them to their proper corners.*

    Kingmaker: Already this match is getting heated up!

    Archangel (JoMo) vs. Rain(Boogeyman)

    (Stop at 8:17)

    *As Archangel argues with the referee, Rain manages to pull himself to his feet. Archangel corners the referee in the corner, arguing with him. Before the referee can call for the bell, however, Rain hits Archangel in the back of the head with a superkick. The referee saw it coming and ducked down, but Archangel took that as a sign that the referee feared him. Michael Archangel crumbled to the ground, and Rain pulled him out away from the turnbuckles. He waved away the referee, and climbed to the top, executing a moonsault right down on the prone Archangel. The crowd boos loudly, but Archangel kicks out of the pin at two! Rain leans down over his knees before hitting the mat with the side of his fist. He comes back up and backs up, waiting for Archangel to get up. Rain goes to rush him, but Michael pulls down the ropes and Rain is sent outside! Michael holds on to the ropes and looks across the crowd, a proud, cocky look on his face. He drops to his back and rolls out of the ring after Rain, stomping him against the Announce table. The referee begins his count while Michael looks back towards him.*



    Daniels: Michael better start thinking about getting Rain back into the ring, unless he wants to win by count out!

    *Michael picks up Rain and hoists him into the air, dropping him face and chest first on the table.*


    Bodom: Wow, Michael is giving Rain the beating off a lifetime! How can Rain recuperate from this?

    *Michael grabs Rain, who is holding his chest and rolls him into the ring, following him to beat the count at 9. He immediately pushes Rain over for a pin, but only gets a one count. He grabs Rain’s head, and picks him up. The way his hands are positioned, allows him to keep Rain’s head down towards the ground. He walks Rain around the ring, letting the crowd get a good look at him. Suddenly, Rain knocks Michael’s hands up, leaving him open for a flurry of blows. Rain punches Michael with rights and lefts, Michael tries to answer back with his own, but Rain quickly blocks them and sends big rights to the side of Michael’s head. Michael falls back against the ropes, and Rain grabs his arm and whips him towards the opposite side of the ring; he follows him closely, and hits him with a running bulldog, as he bounces off the ropes, less than a second after Michael does. The crowd boos, and Rain goes for the pin.*



    *Michael kicks out with force, letting the crowd deflate, as he is still in this match! Rain pounds the mat, and then gets up, calling for the Devil’s Lock. As Michael gets to his feet, Rain grabs him up for the move, but Michael forces him off. Michael swings around with a big left, but Rain dodges and goes for the Devil’s Lock DDT again, but Michael avoids it once more. Rain clips him at the knee, and kicks him in the chest. He backs up and goes for the Shining Wizard, but Michael drops his knee causing Rain to stumble in the move. Michael rushes forward, bum rushing Rain’s midsection! He picks Rain up and holds him in the air for more than 10 seconds, the official total would be a whooping fifteen! The crowd is loud throughout! He drops Rain down with authority, but can only get a 2 count before Rain kicks out. Michael quickly picks him up and attempts the Savior’s Way DDT, but Rain holds on to the ropes, preventing the move! Rain answers by throwing Michael back against the ropes, and hitting him with a clothesline. Both men are down! Rain starts to move, dragging the body of Michael into position for another moonsault. He takes a moment to rest against the ropes. The crowd starts to hype him up and he slaps the turnbuckle padding. He starts his climb, taking his time. As he gets to the top rope, Michael leaps up, and twists, facing towards the ring, why Rain faces away from it!*

    Kingmaker: What is this? What is Michael doing up there?!

    *The answer soon becomes clear! Michael gets his balance quickly and wraps his arm around the chest and neck of a surprised Rain! Michael moves his foot out behind Rain, and drills him with a quick, fast, and in a hurry, Savior’s Way from the top rope! The crash is brutal, Rain’s legs bend back over his head, allowing Michael to move into a well placed pin! The referee counts!*




    *Michael lays there breathing deeply, the crowd cheering loudly before he gets up and steps on the chest of his fallen opponent. He looks downa t Rain, and then rolls out of the ring, the referee runs after him to raise his hand in victory. Rain manages to get up soon after, holding the back of his head.*

    Kingmaker: Wow, that was a huge win for Michael, that move was as devastating as one I’ve ever seen. Could he have been playing possum there? Giving Rain some false hope?

    Daniels: I don’t know, but whatever he was doing worked; he picked up the win in convincing fashion!

    Bodom: Wow, look at the replay of that.

    *A replay of the top rope STO is shown from multiple angles.*

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    McManus: This contest is scheduled for one fall and is for the Inferno Ignition championship. Introducing first, from Dallas, Texas. Johnny Rose!!

    Daniels: Great Ignition division match coming up next. Three of the top Ignition guys will face off in a triple threat match.

    Kingmaker: I have to put money on JoRo. He was riding high a while ago, then was gone for some but is back and hungry.

    Bodom: yeah and he looks better than ever too. He is ready to claim that title here tonight.

    McManus: On his way to the ring, from Tokyo, Japan, Mike Hawk!

    Daniels: If any of these guys wants that title more I would say it is Mike Hawk.

    Kingmaker: I'd have to agree a little, after losing to Andy Cannon for the title, Hawk believed he was deserved a rematch.

    Bodom: Yeah but after Rose got in the picture, he decided that if wasn't going to win the title, then rose won't win the title either.

    McManus: And their opponent, from Greensboro, North Carolina, he is the Inferno Ignition champion, Andyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy Cannnonnnnnnnnnnnnn!!

    Daniels: And out comes the champion to cheers that flood the arena.

    Kingmaker: he is a "People's" champion if you will Bob. Ever since winning that title he has being respected by so many.

    Bodom: and if you think of how far he has came it is a great story and I feel as though he will retain here tonight.

    (Jericho-Rose, Edge-Cannon, Swagger-Hawk) (Stop at 7:12)

    *Rose is laid out as Hawk slides back into the ring and beats Cannon down. he pushes cannon out of the ring and goes to attack Rose, who is on his feet and meets Hawk with a clothesline. Hawk back up and met with another clothes line. And a third one to keep Hawk down*

    Daniels: Rose has the momentum, and having only Hawk in the ring, he could end this.

    *Hawk goes to get back up and is met by a superkick by Rose*

    Kingmaker: Rose hits a super kick and goes for the cover




    *Just before 3, Cannon dives in and saves Hawk from getting pinned. Hawk slides to the outside and now it is one on one between Cannon and Rose, who go blow for blow in the middle of the ring*

    Bodom: Two fighting warriors not wanting to give up. I love it!

    *Cannon gets the upper hand, he runs off the ropes to hit a clothesline, but Rose ducks it and runs and hits a spear that flattens Cannon*

    Kingmaker: hard hitting spear, this has to be it.

    *As Rose goes for the pin, Hawk jumps back in and hit a canadian destroyer*

    Bodom: Mayhem Driver out of nowhere!!!! He has the win




    *Just before three cannon jumps on top of hawk and breaks up the pin. Rose and Cannon lay on the canvas as Hawk sits up and is laughing. He gets up and kicks Rose out to the floor, he grabs Cannon and sets up and signals for a Mayhem Driver*

    Daniels: He's going for a second Mayhem Driver!

    Bodom: If he hits it this is over

    *Hawk takes off for the Mayhem Drive but halfway through the flip, Cannon keeps his feet and has Hawk slung over his shoulder, he flips him around and hits a cradle shock*

    Daniels: Oh my god how did he do that!??

    Kingmaker: I....I don't know





    McManus: Your winner AND STILL Inferno Ignition Champion, Andy Cannon!

    Bodom: That was a cray set of moves that we just saw Cannon use to pick up the win.

    Kingmaker: While Hawk was flipping through the Mayhem Drive, Cannon caught him over his shoulder and delivered a hell of a Cradle Shock

    Daniels: That was truly crazy, congrats on the title retain Andy Cannon

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