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    EWNCW: Bred for Combat

    *Pyro blast, fans go wild etc*

    Bob Daniels: Good evening everyone and welcome to Bred for Combat!! Our first ppv of 2013 is here and we have a stellar show to kick start the year off for you! We are live here from Tallahassee, Florida, and I'm joined at the table tonight as always by Pierce Kingmaker and EWNCW legend Bodom!

    Pierce Kingmaker: It's a big show indeed Bob, we have some great Championship matches coming up, some bitter feuds to settle, and I can't wait to see it all unfold in front of us here tonight!!

    Bodom: I don't know about you guys, but I'm looking forward to see how the champions perform tonight. Can K-Jammin retain the World Heavyweight Championship again? Ronaldo Romulus attempts to beat the odds!! Mark Dimension beat Ryan Wells at No Guts No Glory, but can he keep it as he faces former champion Ryan Wells tonight? Those two have torn their friendship apart in recent weeks! And can Hanz Gruber continue to build his legacy as he battles the masked luchador The Blue Flash with the Rage Ignition Championship on the line!

    Kingmaker: And from Inferno we'll find out if Tommy Thunder can retain the EWNCW Championship against long time rival Krystian Krysys! King Strem is the longest reigning of our current champions, can he keep that streak going by retaining his International Championship against Istvan Gretzky? And in the Ignition Division it's a triple threat for Inferno, as we see Andy Cannon defending his Championship against Mike Hawk and Johnny Rose!!

    Daniels: Some excellent Championship matches indeed! But we've also got so many other matches to come, including EWNCW veteran The Beard of Zeus battling against young upstart Shaz, newcomer Chris Divine against Daymian Bloodstone, Arthur Lansdale vs Billy McCoy Grind Bastard against Raden Blain and many, many more!!

    Bodom: And don't forget about Brutality Bob!

    Daniels: Of course not! On the table to our right here is the Brutality commentary team; Terry Murdock and Nick Newman, and I'll let them tell you what to expect from the best tag teams in the business right now! Take it away guys!

    Terry Murdock: Thank you Bob! And yes we have an excellent lineup being served to you red hot tonight folks! Brutality is where tag teams matter, and tonight, we're going to see some great matches no doubt!

    Nick Newman: That's right Terry! Tonight, we're going to see The Hardcore Championships on the line as we see Free from Poison defending against Black Blooded! WE'll also see a unification match as Mixed Emotions out their Grand Championships on the line against the Sexiest Alpha Males with their Intercontinental Championships on the line!! And for our final title match, we'll see TLC match as The Jesting Madness attempt to regain the Blacklist Championships from God's Grace!!

    Murdock: And if that wasn't enough, we're also going to see a triple threat tag team match between Mexican Nightmare, Fuegos Artificiales and The Bloodstone Empire, The Force of Greatness taking on Hot Wasabi, and a number one contenders match which will pit Crique de Freak against the New Assault Program! The winners will be the number one contenders for the Blacklist Championships!

    But that's all to look forward to, for now, back to Bob and co!

    Daniels: Thanks guys! A lot of exciting matches to look forward to there! So without any more delay, let's get things going!

    McManus: The following contest is scheduled for one fall and is for the Inferno Ignition Championship Contract. Introducing first, from Harlem, New York, DJ Williams!

    Daniels: So to start things off here tongiht we have a match pitting DJ Williams against Bam. The winner gets that contract that guarantees the holder a Inferno Ignition title match.

    Kingmaker: It all came about when DJ found out he won the contract, Bam decided that he didn't deserve it and wanted to take it himself. After a couple run in through the weeks we are here and I must say this will be quite a match.

    Bodom: I would have to agree with you. both men are on the come up and can break through at any time.

    McManus: And his opponent, from Osaka, Japan. Bam Virus!

    Daniels: And really if you think about it Bam shouldn't even be here. DJ won that contract fair and square.

    Kingmaker: Yeah but Bam showed that he really wants that contract and that is what put him here tonight.

    Bodom: and that's why I think he will get the upper hand tonight. He seems more hungry for that contract than DJ which will help him win.

    (Benjamin-Williams, Daniels-Bam) (Stop at 17:02)

    Daniels: Williams saving himself with a boot to the face.

    Bodom: Solid back and forth action bob.

    *Williams runs at Bam with a clothesline, Bam ducks it turns around and connects with a buzz saw kick*

    Kingmaker: BOOM buzz saw kick for the kill!!!

    Daniels: This might be all




    *Williams faintly kicks out*

    Bodom: Impressive that he kicked out, but his head has to be ringing.

    Daniels: What does Bam have to do to end this

    *Bam goes to the top rope and sets himself for a moonsault*

    Kingmaker: This could very well do DJ in

    *Bam takes off and connects with the moonsault*

    Bodom: has to be it for him




    Kingmaker: Unbelievable....

    Daniels: I'd say. Kicking out of the buzzsaw kick is one thing, but kicking of that and then the moonsault is remarkable

    *Bam is pulling his hair in anger, he begins to breath heavy as he looks around at what he can do to stop DJ. Bam gets up and sets himself up to deliver another buzzsaw kick*

    Kingmaker: He is looking to knock his block off

    *DJ groggy like gets to his feet, just as Bam goes for the kick, DJ ducks it and goes for a roll up*




    *Bam kicks out of it. and goes to charge DJ, who hits a gut punch on Bam which sets DJ up to do a vertical suplex stunner on Bam, it connects*

    Daniels: What a monsterous move by DJ!!!

    Bodom: He calls that the respect females

    Kingmaker: He's going for the cover!




    McManus: You're winner, DJ Williams!!!

    Kingmaker: It looked as if DJ wouldn't make it out of this but he kept fighting and pulled out an impressive win.

    And now the contract stays rightly to him, congrats on your win DJ
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