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    *Ding, ding, ding! *

    Jason McManus: The winner of this match, “The Archangel” Kayden James!

    Daniels: Wow.

    Kingmaker: What a match!

    Bodom: amazing. But I think this means a 2 on 1 handicap match for the EWNCW Blacklist belts later on.

    *EMT's run out to check on Carlin. The 'Archangel' Kayden James stands in the middle of ring after his win over William Carlin. He looks genuinely broken up and emotional for some unknown reason. He asks for a mic from a stagehand at ringside and receives one. He goes to the middle of the ring and sits down cross-legged. He then raises the mic to his mouth to speak.*

    Kayden: It's finished....

    *James puts his head in his hands for a good minute, and the crowd is eerily silent. Even they have no idea as to what is going on and have never saw James so emotional*

    Kayden: As a man of God, I've always tried to keep my composure. I've had adversaries come and go, and I've always handled them with the same poise, the same control, the same calculation that has made me who I am. Led by and empowered by my God, nothing could stop me. But....this time is different.

    *Kayden drops the mic from his mouth and takes a look around the arena. The crowd there is still confused, but slowly begins to cheer as they realize that this isn't part of the show, but a man who is bearing his heart to them.*

    Kayden: I.....let my rage consume me. This man, this William Carlin, got to me above all others. I ate, slept, breathed, even lived revenge. I seethed hate for him from my every pore. Hate?! As a man of God I don't hate.....It corrupted me, consumed me, changed me.....made me less of a man of God. This is the main fuel for my decision...

    *The crowd in the arena grow silent, eagerly anticipating what James is about to say. James has tears in his eyes as he looks around the crowd in the arena.*

    Kayden: I have decided to retire from in-ring competition

    *The crowd gasps*

    Kayden: If I can't do this job as a man of God, if I can't do this job and not be impartial, not be the rock that my God demands me to be then I do not need to be here. I have fallen out of grace with my God, and I do not even deserve to be alive....

    *James stands up and looks around the arena one last time*

    Kayden: Goodbye EWNCW....I love you all

    *James drops the mic and slowly exits the ring. The crowd is cheering loudly for James.*

    "THANK YOU KAYDEN! *clap clap clapclapclap*
    THANK YOU KAYDEN! *clap clap clapclapclap*"

    *James stops at the top of the ramp, and turns around one last time to look at the crowd who is cheering his name. He waves one last time before going to the back to never be seen again.*

    Daniels: Unexpected turn of events after the match.

    Bodom: Well, what better way to say goodbye than this? He won an epic encounter and defeated a long time rival.

    Kingmaker: yeah, but it's a pity we won't be seeing more of the Archangel.

    *Meanwhile, EMT's have tended Carlin. He is able to stand up, but not to walk on his own, so medics help him out of the arena while the crowd applauds the valiant effort. *

    Daniels: What is this gut made off? He should be leaving in an ambulance!

    Bodom: The same as champions are made of. Either you kill them or they'll go on.

    Kingmaker: Love him or hate him, but you have to respect that guy.

    Daniels: Indeed. Now, let's move on to the next match.
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