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    Dick Thompson: Please join me in welcoming my guest at this time, War games main event class winner; Ronaldo Romulus.
    Ronaldo, first of all congratulations on winning the main event class of the War Games series. You must be very proud of your efforts?

    ::Ronaldo Romulus::
    “Does the owl not scour the landscape under the luminous veil of resplendent stars and the radiant moon? Are the sepulchers, corroborated by the dynasty of royalty, not embellished with stockpiles of treasure and adorned with redolence? Am I not the EWNCW Championship’s number one contender? Save for interference in the match that should have concluded in Kayden James’ subjugation, was my War Games chronicle not superlative and flawless?

    Such exorbitant prying, Thompson! Pride is the preeminent antecedent of my current elation! However, more importantly, the Father of all creation, is proud of me for faithfully serving as the beacon of His promise of eternity for humanity. The hour of His reformation is at hand and I, Ronaldo Romulus, along with the chosen brethren, humbly and proudly advocate that cause.”

    Thompson: We saw you compete in and beat many of the top stars this company has to offer over the past 4 weeks. Which match was the toughest for you, and which superstar have you beaten during this series do you see as your biggest accomplishment?

    :Ronaldo Romulus::
    “As if anyone of those meager vexations were of any trouble! Hahahahahaha! Mere blights, Thompson. Mere blights! Though, I must consent this much; the Wrath of Remus was rather arduous to execute onto Gillz. What a portly fellow that one was! A mother of swine would have exhausted last effort than that gelatinous mass of adipose! Hahahahahaha!”

    Thompson: Now let's hear from you why made the decision to face EWNCW Champion Tommy Thunder? You're a member of the Rage brand so many thought you'd go for World Heavyweight Champion K-Jammin, since he is all in all your polar opposite. So why chose to go the other way?

    ::Ronaldo Romulus::
    “The grip on morality and apotheosis for the Lord in EWNCW is rather…flaccid. In the instant that my constitution first merged with the debauchery emitted from these abominable confines, I knew that the rebellion and reckless indulgence, associated with everything polar to the will of the Father, was as common as the askew vilifications of politicians amongst the pious hypocrites that surround me and stain the otherwise impeccable canvas of our global accommodation.

    Such vanity and blasphemous bravado cannot manifest from the empty vacuum of incorporeal space or the convenience of sheer coincidence. No. A breeder, a heinous farmer with a green thumb and a corrupt docket that wished for the deprecation of the chaste and good-willed was the cause. But my own tunnel vision ironically precluded me from fathoming this reality. In my career thus far, instead of laying waste to the chief proponents of sin, as I originally envisaged, I merely tore weeds from their tainted soil, dancing around the genesis of this company’s moral plight.

    But now, with a year elapsed, the truth has now come to me. I could dutifully eviscerate one crony after the next but it would be a lost cause as my failure to elucidate their wickedness would allow their legacies to be erected in monuments and statues in place of my Lord as pity for my ruthlessness. K-Jammin, was suspected to be such a reaper but as the serf aphorism states “the grass is always greener on the other side”; the “other side” being the other brand! Inferno, out of all the crannies and havens, was the one outside of my sphere of influence, where haughtiness could be permitted without a vengeful eye. And who better to advocate such haughtiness than the two-faced, apocryphal bastard, Tommy Thunder, the EWNCW Champion? It is him that is responsible for EWNCW’s downhill spiral. Why? Many of EWNCW’s fanatics have hailed him as keystone entity in which this company was constructed upon, the “heart and soul” so to speak. Without such subsistence residing in us, we are nothing but hallow carcasses without aim or reason. The same holds true for the EWNCW. It’s ideals, it’s beliefs, it’s structure and most imperative, it’s morals, are all molded from that man.

    On the surface, Thunder resembles a kempt, well-mannered and articulate gentleman, champion of virtue and defender of the enervated. But it’s his dedication to altruism, to tolerance, that makes him dangerous, that makes him responsible. As EWNCW’s ultimate emissary, his influence spreads like wildfire and his messages of concession for the unrighteous must…be…stopped. At once. I would be fatuous to surrender any conviction for the sake of exacting pitiful revenge on that lout, K-Jammin, for his public abasement at my expense. Once Thunder has been annihilated, swallowed by the gaping, pitch black of oblivion, then salvation can be distributed at last.”

    Thompson: Finally, what can we expect from you if you win the EWNCW Championship? What kind of champion will Ronaldo Romulus be?

    ::Ronaldo Romulus::
    “Tch! I care not about representing the EWNCW Championship or for acting as an “admirable” champion! Servitude to the chosen race and to God is all I regard highly for and it shall commence as the new EWNCW Champion. However, I will promise that I will bulwark the title with the stamina of a Roman centurion and the wit of a wolf. Until every entity in the EWNCW realizes the will of the Father, the EWNCW Champion shall be a permanent appendage. Then, I can lose it with gladness…or even die in peace.”

    Thompson: Thank you for your time Ronaldo.

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    Bob Daniels: And now ladies and gentlemen, it’s time for the World Heavyweight Championship match!

    Bodom: Oh it’s time for K-Jammin to get what’s coming to him!

    Pierce Kingsmaker: Well K-Jammin will be facing old foe Jman, and with the World Heavyweight Championship on the line, both of these men will give everything here.

    BD: I have to agree Pierce. K-Jammin will be hoping to hold onto his championship, but Jman would love to take it from him.

    Bod: Well I would have preferred my boy TBOZ to get his title back, but when it comes down to it, I’d rather see anybody that K-Jam with the title.

    PK: Well he subjected you to a horrific attack, and you’re not the first guy he’s done it to either.

    BD: That’s right, ever since Vendetta when K-Jam debuted, he’s been destroying everybody in his path!

    Bod: Well he got lucky against me, but tonight, the reign ends.

    Jason McManus: Ladies & Gentlemen, the following contest is set for one fall, and it is for the EWNCW World Heavyweight Championship! Introducing first, the challenger, from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania...Jman!

    PK: And here comes the guy hoping to end that reign!

    BD: Jman has been a great addition to the EWNCW roster, but where do his loyalties lie?

    Bod: With himself Bob, Jman wants the EWNCW World Heavyweight Championship.

    PK: Well, he’s going to find it tough tonight to take it from K-Jam, that’s for sure.

    JMcM: And his opponent…he is the World Heavyweight Champion! From London, England, K-Jammin!

    BD: And here comes the World Heavyweight Champion!

    Bod: That will be the last time you say that Bob. Tonight, Jman takes that title.

    PK: K-Jam is looking as confident as ever.

    BD: This is going to be a hell of a match!

    K-Jammin (Jericho) vs. Jman (Michaels) for the World Heavyweight Championship

    BD: And K-Jam reaches the ropes, but you have to wonder, how much did that take out of him?

    Bod: Jman looks in full control!

    PK: What a match between two guys who know each other so well!

    *Jman walks forwards and grabs K-Jam by the hair, dragging him to a standing position against the ropes. Jman steps back and chops the chest of K-Jam, causing K-Jam to nearly double up in pain. Jman immediately places K-Jam up again and smashes him once more in the chest. He whips K-Jam across the ring and connects with a huge elbow to K-Jam’s face as he comes back off the ropes, sending the champion to the canvas.

    Jman grabs K-Jam by the leg and drags him into the centre of the ring, turning him onto his front, and using the leg to lift K-Jam into the air, smashing him into the canvas with force, causing K-Jam to pull up in agony, grabbing at his own leg.*

    BD: This is brilliant strategy by Jman, take out the leg and take out the Head Jam Superkick!

    *Jman looks down with a serious look on his face, before he places his boot onto K-Jam’s chest and steps across, placing his entire weight onto K-Jam’s chest. K-Jam comes up coughing, but is met by a kick to the chest as Jman quickly twists around. He drops down and covers K-Jam.*



    *K-Jam kicks out as Jman backs up to the ropes. He looks up to the top and climbs to the apron. He climbs up to the top rope and points to the sky, going for the elbow drop, but K-Jam moves at the last second and Jman hits the canvas with force!

    K-Jam climbs to his feet, limping slightly as Jman himself begins to get up. K-Jam runs forwards as Jman is on all fours, hitting a dropkick to Jman’s side, sending Jman under the ropes to the floor below. K-Jam climbs through the ropes and drops down, grabbing Jman’s head and slamming it into the apron.

    K-Jam rolls Jman into the ring and follows him in. Jman begins to get up as K-Jam lines up ready for the Head Jam but halfway through, his knee gives out, sending him to one knee. Jman turns around to see K-Jam climbing back up, and connects with Good Match Let’s Go Eat! He collapses onto the champion with a cover.*




    Bod: NO! That was three!

    PK: What a match!

    *Jman can’t believe it as he argues it was a three count. He turns around and grabs K-Jam by the head, dragging him up to his feet. He twists around K-Jam and goes for a T-Bone Suplex but K-Jam elbows Jman in the head and follows up with a quick armdrag as Jman runs at him.

    K-Jam turns the armdrag into an armbar, but Jman manages to twist out and hits a hiptoss. Jman bounces off the ropes and goes for an elbow to K-Jam’s chest. He connects and stays for a cover.*



    *K-Jam turns it over into a crucifix pin!*




    *Jman manages to throw K-Jam off. Both men begin to climb up in the ring and Jman goes for another Good Match Let’s Go Eat, but K-Jam ducks under and as Jman turns, hits the Head Jam! He drops down and covers Jman.*





    Bodom: That lucky SOB!!

    Kingmaker: What a match we've just seen here!! Another classic!!

    Daniels: Love him or hate him, you can't fault K-Jammin's tenacity since arriving in EWNCW. He's on a roll and he's continuing his reign as champion here.

    Bodom: This isn't right, Jman would have b=made a much better champion. At least that guy doesn't randomly attack people. K-Jammin is a vile bastard!!

    Daniels: That may be, but he won here tonight and come Rage next week, he'll still be champion.

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    Daniels: Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls, if wars make you squeamish, then you should leave right now. Our next bout is for the EWNCW Championship.

    Bodom: That’s right, this is our EWNCW Championship match and it shall feature the reigning Champion, Tommy Thunder, going up against the shooting star of EWNCW, Ronaldo Romulus! His rise to the top has been nothing short of spectacular, his matches nothing short of masterpieces, and tonight he plans on taking Tommy’s title and making it his crowning achievement.

    Daniels: The question is can this shooting star do it? Tommy has proven to be resilient, has proven to be the top dog of EWNCW, and will want to continue to exert his dominance over any and all comers.

    Kingmaker: Both men have everything to lose, but Tommy has just something more. What Tommy is going to fight his heart out to keep, Ronaldo is going to fight his heart out to earn. We promise you folks, that this match is going to be nothing short of World War III in terms of how brutal this match is going to be.

    Bodom: We don’t know what to expect here, aside from that when all is said and done, when the dust settles it will really prove who had the Guts, to get achieve Glory.

    Daniels: We might as well get to our main event, the folks didn’t come here to hear us talking, no they came to see a battle, a war - they came to see the action of No Guts, No Glory, and by god, by the matches we’ve witnessed tonight, this one is going to deliver!

    Kingmaker: I agree, now let’s get this underway!

    *The camera pans from the commentary team and heads towards Jason, who is in the ring with the microphone.*

    Jason: Ladies and Gentlemen, our next match is scheduled for one fall and is for the EWNCW Championship!

    *Ronaldo steps out onto the ramp, surveying the crowd as their boos. He gives them a boastful smirk and mouths, “Your next EWNCW Champion!” The crowd blows a gasket for this claim and start chanting for Tommy. Ronaldo makes hand motions to quiet them, but it doesn’t help, it only makes them louder. He heads towards the ring, mouthing that he has taken out Seraphim, and during War Games, that he only lost one match. He climbs into the ring and stands on one of the turnbuckles. “I AM GOING TO BE VICTORIOUS!” The crowd continues to boo and chant for Tommy, which allows for Ronaldo to soak it up.*

    Bodom: This man has proven he belongs here, in this match, and is going to do everything he can to gain that title. He’s taken out men who’ve fought for the title, and now he’s going for the one that Tommy proudly displays. What is it going to take to deter this man from his path?

    Daniels: Who knows, but he is going to have to fight Tommy, who is known for his determination. He’s going to try and keep that title by any means necessary, and Ronaldo is going to be hard pressed to take it away from him, even with his crafty tricks.

    Kingmaker: I guess we’re going to have to find out if Ronaldo’s ability is worth it’s weight in gold!

    *The crowd is on their feet as Tommy’s music hits, which brings out the Champion himself - holding the title over his head, letting the entire Arena see it. Chants for Thunder erupt in a loud chorus, as he walks down the ramp, holding the title high and looking at Ronaldo who is beckoning him on. Tommy starts hopping up and down outside the ring, He shoots into the ring as the referee backs Ronaldo up, and marches around the ring displaying the title. He tosses it on his shoulder and moves back towards one of the corners, his eyes now intently focused on Romulus, his opponent for the evening.*

    Daniels: There he is, the champion himself. You can see how focused he is and how much trouble Ronaldo is going to be in facing this man. Tommy is the perfect champion!

    Bodom: Tonight we’re going to find if ‘perfect’ truly is the pinnacle of greatness. If not, Ronaldo is going to find something that is better than it, pull it out and become the new EWNCW champion!

    Jason: Introducing first, fighting out of Sao Paulo, Brazil - the challenger - weighing in at 238 pounds - Ronaldo Romulus!

    *Ronaldo doesn't acknowledge the crowd as the boo him again. His entire focus being on the EWNCW Title. He looks across the ring at Tommy, and gets ready for a fight.*

    Jason: And introducing the champion, fighting out of Colorado Springs, Colorado - TOMMY! THUNDER!

    *The crowd erupts once more in a chorus of cheers, as he hoists the title up one more time, keeping his eyes on Ronaldo. As he soaks in the roar of the crowd, he hands the title over to the ref, who hands it to a ringside attendant.*

    Punk(Tommy) vs. Hardy(Ronaldo)

    (Stop at 17:15)

    *Ronaldo rolls out of the ring as Tommy kicks him; the crowd singing a chorus of cheers at the turn of events. Tommy poses in the ring before sliding out and Irish whipping Ronaldo towards the barricade. As Ronaldo crashes, Tommy is on him instantly, landing a brutal looking knee to his sternum. He slaps a five with one of the people in the crowd, who’ll probably go home and mark this as the best day of his life - right next to the time he had sex in the back of his dad’s F-250. Tommy leans down to retrieve the crumpled Ronaldo, and tosses him back in the ring, following closely behind him. As he climbs in, he stomps way at Ronaldo. With each stomp, the crowd cheers. Going for another stomp, Tommy finds his effort in vain, as Romulus grabs him and tosses him back via his foot. Tommy rolls through, and as he comes forward, he is met with a sudden spear from out of nowhere. Tommy crashes back, his head and upper body sliding beneath the ropes. Ronaldo grabs the top rope and slingshots himself over, landing with one foot on the apron and the other in a stomping fashion on Tommy’s chest. As the crowd boos, he jumps back in the ring and then shoot back out with another stomp. On the third attempt, he switched it up and went for a leg drop which connected beautifully; effectively sliding Tommy mostly out of the ring.

    Tommy attempts to pick himself up on the apron, using the ropes to pull himself up to a standing position. However, this seemed to be a mistake. As Tommy rose, Ronaldo hopped on the apron and moved forward - attempting a running Enzuigiri, but Tommy ducks, causing Ronaldo to fly back into the ring. Tommy crawls in and drops to a knee, trying to regain his composure before going back on the attack. He stalks towards Ronaldo, and they begin to exchange blows in the middle of the ring, with Ronaldo getting the best of the blows. Tommy gets pushed back and as he comes forward, Ronaldo catches him with the Enzuigiri, flush on the back of the head. Tommy drops to one knee, then two, and then falls. Ronaldo senses the end is near, and picks him back up - unaware of his positioning in the ring and hit’s a powerful Wrath of Ramus. The crowd goes quiet, as Ronaldo goes in for the pin.*





    *Tommy’s foot lands on the rope, and Ronaldo looks visibly upset. He argues with the ref, but goes back on the attack soon thereafter. He pushes Tommy off the ropes and catches him with a midsection kick, and jumped over him, catching him in a sunset flip power bomb off the ground. Instead of going for the pin, he watches as Tommy lays there, near motionless except for the breaths that lift his chest.*


    *The crowd boos and starts to chant. THUN! DER! THUN! DER! THUN! DER! Ronaldo starts dropping elbows on him, timing it with the DER chants. Upon the third one, he meets all canvas. Tommy rolled out of the way and began to lift himself up as Ronaldo nursed his hurt elbow. Seeing Tommy, he rushes forward, only to meet a boot, and once more for two boots. Just as Ronaldo moves to come in a third time, Tommy runs forward and catches a drop kick for his trouble. He rolls to the opposite side of the ring and climbs up using the ropes; only to find Tommy on him, who begins to give him knife-edge chops. Each one beckons a WOOOOO from the crowd. He pulls him out of the corner and executes what he calls the Eye of the Storm, a Spinning Headlock Elbow Drop. He falls down on him, and starts with a pin.*




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    *Ronaldo kicks out, causing Tommy to sit up, with his knees pointed towards the ceiling, his arms draped over them. He looks at the ref, sweat dripping off his face, motioning for a three count. Turning around, he kicks Ronaldo and thinks about what he needs to do to put the man down for good. As Romulus sits up, Tommy catches him with a shoot kick to the back, and then a low drop kick, forcing the man forward towards the turnbuckles. He backs up and urges Ronaldo to stand up, positioning himself for a running dropkick. When he goes to execute it, Ronaldo moves, causing Tommy to hit all air, injuring his lower body. Seizing the chance, he pulls Tommy into a kneebar, Tommy attempts to fight through the pain, doing everything in his power to keep from tapping out. Ronaldo applies more pressure, causing Tommy to scream out in pain - intensifying his efforts to get to the ropes and break the hold. He eventually does.*

    Bodom: There it goes! Ronaldo has done the damage, Tommy will be hard pressed to execute his famous Shining Wizard.

    Kingmaker: I have to agree with Bodom there, it looks like Ronaldo did what he needed to do and now Tommy is basically a crippled horse being prepared to be put down.

    *Ronaldo begins attacking the knee of Tommy, dragging it over the bottom rope. He slides out and begins pulling on the knee, only breaking when the ref gets to four. Tommy writhes in pain in the middle of the ring and Ronaldo motions for the end. He attempts to stand Tommy up, for another Wrath of Ramus, Suddenly, Tommy pushes Ronaldo’s hands off, surprising him - before he finds himself hit by Tommy’s Sitout Facebuster. Tommy finds it hard to stand up but manages. Seeing Ronaldo in the middle of the ring, he beckons the crowd to get loud, and when they do, he motions for the end of the match. When Ronaldo gets up to one knee, Tommy catches him with a killer Shining Wizard, knocking Ronaldo, and without wasting any time, immediately moves into applying the Anaconda Vice on Ronaldo. With nowhere to go, Ronaldo attempts to fight his way out of it, frantically looking for the ropes with his feet, but is unable to find it. Eventually he does, and the ref calls for the break. Tommy obliges at the count of three and waits for just a moment as Ronaldo gets his bearings. As soon as he is in position, catches him with a big boot to the face, knocking him down in the middle of the ring. The crowd chants THUNDER, and he falls to the mat, and reapplies the Anaconda Vice, this time holding it until Ronaldo taps out in the middle of the ring.*


    *Tommy stands up in the middle of the ring, favoring his strong leg; as to not apply unneeded pressure to his knee. As they hand him the belt, he hoists it up for the crowd to see, while the referee holds his other hand in the air. He makes his way out of the ring, walking backwards as he looks on at Ronaldo.*

    Daniels: Tommy truly is the perfect wrestler. Who else could have went through a battle like that and walked out as champion - especially one who walked in as champion? Ronaldo was crafty, but Tommy was the better man in this bout. Ronaldo is going to have to regroup, and try again later. But tonight, both men had Guts, but Tommy took the Glory!

    Kingmaker: Tommy walked in as champ and walked out as champ. Nothing more can sum it up better than those ten words.

    Bodom: He got lucky and that’s all there is to it. If Ronaldo is granted another shot, he is definitely going to be the victor.

    *As Bodom stops talking, the lights go dim, a mumbling sound filling the arena. The crowd is in a loud murmur, but the voices just get louder and louder..........

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    For anyone familiar, the voices are very similar to the ones that Seraphim would talk about when he spoke abut a match or what was going on in his head. As the voices reach their peak, the lights come on and the voices immediately stop. Ronaldo is still in the middle of the ring, though now a black feather lays on his chest. Just outside the ring, back turned to Ronaldo, Seraphim can be seen walking slowly up the ramp. His mouth moving as though he is talking to another entity. His movements were deliberate and his message obvious. Ronaldo had taken him out and now, the Seraphim, and his eerie voices, were out for revenge.*


    Daniels: It’s obvious isn’t he? The voices, the message? He’s back and he wants to exact his revenge on the man who dared attempt to take his livelihood, Romulus.

    Kingmaker: This is what people do not want. Seraphim is an amazing athlete, but he is not the one you want pissed off at you. Another man, maybe, but a man who hears ‘voices’?

    Daniels: I agree with you there.

    Bodom: It doesn’t matter, Ronaldo is going to have to make another example out of him if he has too.

    Daniels: If you think that, then so be it. We are now ready to move on to the main event of the evening.

    Bodom: That we are, Jesting Madness versus God’s Grace.

    Kingmaker: Two of the best tag teams today, and probably in history, are going to square off in this evenings main event!

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    This match was meant too be earlier in the night!

    Bob Daniels: No Guts, No Glory continues with a blockbuster singles match when The British Excellence Billy McCoy faces former EWNCW champion King Zero Krystian Krysys.

    Pierce Kingmaker: Indeed two top class athletes here, both have held gold during their stint in EWNCW and both are looking to be back into title contention in the near future.

    Bodom: While I agree with you two here, I have to remind you that none of them were able to make it during the War Games series, and therefore they aren't competing for the major gold around. However, I expect and A match right here, and anything less than that will be absolutely disappointing.

    Daniels: I've got the feeling that neither McCoy or Krysys will let you down.

    Bodom: I hope so.

    Jason McManus: The following contest is a singles match set for one fall! Introducing first, from Las Vegas, Nevada, he is King Zero Krystian Krysys!

    Daniels: The former EWNCW Champion finished War Games with only 4 points, and he's looking to regain his momentum here against Billy McCoy.

    Bodom: Don't forget that McCoy was in the playoff to challenge K-Jammin for the World Heavyweight Championship after Romulus announced he'll face Tommy Thunder, and Krysys cost him the match against Jman. Krysys looked focused on that moment, and he looks focused tonight.

    PK: No doubt about Krysys has got under McCoy's skin with that thunderous One Last Breath, now he has to keep on with the momentum he got on War Games.

    *Krysys is received with a chorus of boos that only make him smirk. When he is about to hit the ring, he spots a guy with a sign that says: “S.E.S. Straight Edge Sucks”. Krysys heads to the guy, takes the sign off his hands, and rips it off. This increases the level of boos, and Krysys and the fan have a heated exchange of words that King Zero ends by saying: “I'll prove you wrong, drunkard”. He then enters the ring, climbs to the top of one of the turnbuckles and gives the fans the X, only to increase the wind music he's receiving. *

    McManus: And his opponent, from Devon, England, he is The British Excellence, Billy McCoy!

    Daniels: After defeating James and Bloodstone in a Hardcore Submissions Count Anywhere match, McCoy was in a match with Jman to get the second world title match tonight, when Krysys interfered, depriving Billy of a title shot here at No Guts, No Glory.

    Bodom: That's the main issue I have with this chap here, as the Brits would say, is that he has all the tools to be a champion, both in ring and on the mic, but he can't get the job done.

    PK: I wonder how this has affected McCoy. No doubt he's pissed off at the missed chance, but will he be focused enough tonight, or has Krysys got under under his skin so much that his performance won't be top notch tonight?

    *The first notes of Madina Lake's Hey Superstar sound and the atmosphere is electric, but there crowd is still silent. When the main riff enters, the crowd unleashes a torrent of cheers for The British Excellence, who takes a few more seconds to emerge for the delight of his unconditional fans, making them scream louder. McCoy looks serious, but can't help cracking a smile when he sees a fan with a “We Want McCoy Crisps” sign. He poses with the fan, much to the guy's pleasure, before heading on to the ring. The moment he steps foot in the squared circle, Krysys goes nose to nose with him, but before the hostilities go further, the referee manages to separate them. McCoy goes to the closest turnbuckle, climbs it and raises his fist for a lot of love from the fans. Krysys imitates him, giving the audience the X, and only receives massive boos. When they are done and ready, the ref calls for the bell. *

    BD: This one is underway!

    (Punk = Billy / Ambrose = Krysys. Start at 3:05 of first video)

    (Stop at 10:10 of second video)

    Bodom: Great strategy by McCoy here to get rid of Krysys for a moment.

    Daniels: But he gave Krysys a low blow!

    Bodom: If the referee didn't see it, it's legal.

    PK: Yeah, Bob, you should have already got used to it.

    Daniels: It's not ethical.

    Bodom: Look, this isn't Plato's Symposium, if you want ethics, go to college, this is about winning matches.

    *The low blow buys McCoy some valuable time to regroup and catch his breath. When he gathers his strength back, he lifts Krysys and hits The Real McCoy. He pins Krysys, but the referee is still recovering, so there is a lapse of time until the official starts the slow cover. *


    (Seconds pass)



    Bodom: The referee was still dazed and confused, therefore the slow count. McCoy has to keep fighting.

    *Billy goes to check on the ref, and tries to help him to his feet, but Krysys, who is still on his knees, catches him with a punch in the mid section. McCoy falls to his knees too, but he's able to retaliate with a punch to the face of his opponent. This leads to an exchange of punches:










    McCoy changes to a forearm shot, and he gets the advantage, hitting a second, and a third, a fourth and a fifth that finally takes Krysys down. He then locks Krysys left arm into a crossface position, but instead of grabbing the head of his opponent and lifting it up, he goes for the right arm and wrenches it back like in an abdominal stretch, what he calls the Suicide Stretch. *

    Daniels: Suicide Stretch applied.

    PK: McCoy does not use this submission maneuver as a finisher, but rather as a way to wear down his opponent.

    Bodom: ands still, he can then go to the Cross Arm Breaker, in a sort of modified Double Bill Thrill.

    *As if he had heard Bodom's words, Billy releases the left arm, only to use wrap his legs around Krystyan's right arm and, turning his opponent into his back, locks into the Cross Arm Breaker. *

    Bodom: I told you so.

    Daniels: Then you should go and become an astrologer, shouldn't you, Bodom?

    Bodom: Nah, I'm above those frauds.

    *Krysys is suffering, yelling loud, but that only makes McCoy to increase the pressure. However, Krysys manages to plant his feet on the map and elevate the lower part of the body. He uses the free arm to push himself up. *

    Daniels: Will he lift McCoy in that position?

    PK: I doubt it, but let's see.

    *Krysys flexes the free arm a bit, impulsing himself towards his right side. Putting the weight of his body on his trapped arm, he barely manages to roll his body over McCoy's in a pinfall attempt: *




    *Billy escapes without releasing the hold, but now Krysys is all over him and connects with several punches to the head until Billy lets him go. Both are left down on the mat. The ref starts to count. *






    *Billy is up after recovering some breath. He lifts up a motionless Krysys for another dose of Real McCoy, but King Zero uses the momentum to grab Billy's head, and using his body weight, combined with gravity, manages to slam Billy's head into the mat. Without wasting any time, Krysys stands up, and waits for Billy, who is trying to get up to his feet with his back turned to his opponent. Just when Billy gets to a vertical position, Krysys hits a huge standing dropkick that sends his opponent face first into a turnbuckle. *

    Daniels: That hurt!

    Bodom: With McCoy dazed, this the opening Krysys needs to get the win.

    PK: Can he capitalize?

    Bodom: He will!

    *Krysys is in McCoy's opposite corner, waiting for him to get up and turn around, and when McCoy does, Krysys runs and hits One Last Breath like a freight train! *

    Bodom: This is it, pin him!

    *But Krysys refuses to do so. Instead, with an elegant, fluid motion, he locks into the Zero Stretch. *

    Bodom: Come on, McCoy, just tap! Don't jeopardize your own career!

    *Billy is fighting desperately to release the hold, and as he is close to the ropes, due to the position he was in when One Last Breath hit, he grabs the ropes. The ref starts the count and Krysys releases at 4. *

    Daniels: Don't count out McCoy so soon, Bodom.

    *But Billy seems to be still dazed, and Krysys is ready to end the match, so he grabs McCoy to hit the Zero Driver, and nails it, then goes for the pin. *

    Bodom: The leg is hooked!



  7. #57

    *Ding, ding, ding!. *

    McManus: The winner of this match, King Zero Krystian Krysys!

    Bob Daniels: Amazing comeback by Krysys after a hard fought match.

    Bodom: Well, they are top notch wrestlers and they didn't disappoint, great match up, but Krysys proved why he is a former EWNCW champion, and secures the win.

    PK: McCoy had the match controlled, but he didn't get the job done, so he paid for it.

    Bodom: That's why I don't like this guy so much, talented, but lacks the killer instinct.

    Daniels: But still, it takes two to dance and give Krysys a hell of fight.

    Bodom: Absolutely.

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    This match was meat to take place before the 2 title matches, but I forgot lol!

    Bob Daniels: Well, this is strange. James has not a match scheduled for tonight, but here's his music.

    Pierce Kingmaker: He'll probably has something to say, let's see what happens.

    Bodom: He's had his issues with William Carlin, so I guess this has to do with him.

    *The lights go out in the arena. When they come back on, the 'Archangel' Kayden James is shown at the top of the ramp. Before his music can even start, he heads down to the ring with an intent and highly angry look on his face.

    He grabs a mic from a stagehand at ringside, and slides into the ring. He paces back and forth in the the middle of the ring, his face turning red from the anger boiling inside him. He then raises the mic to his mouth.*


    *He drops the mic from his lip, grabs a handful of hair and pulls it, then paces a few more times in the ring before raising the mic back to his mouth*

    Kayden: You seem to want my attention, you've now got it. I've tried to pass you off as the annoying little fly that you are but yet you've come back again and again. If not for you, I have little doubt that right now I would be wrestling for a Heavyweight Championship. This.Ends.Now.

    You wanted my you've got my everything. My mind, body, spirit, and most importantly my rage are now all focused on you. You. Me. In a match to end this all. If you are even half a man, you'll come out here and accept this challenge.

    Daniels: Wish granted, James. You wanted Carlin out, you got him.

    Kingmaker: I'm wondering if it'll be wise by Carlin to accept this challenge.

    Bodom: Not at all. But Carlin doesn't duck a fight when the opportunity pops up. Let's hear the witty Techinician.

    *Purple Haze explodes and, paradoxically, such a great theme obtain a chorus of boos, because of the man that is about to come out from the gorilla position. However, seconds pass, an no one comes out. The boos increase, James is getting increasingly anxious, but still no one out. Hendrix starts to sing, and after the first three lines,a familiar voice joins in the fourth: *

    Carlin: 'Scuse me while I kiss the sky!

    *James starts to look around but can't see Carlin. The Superior Technician then calls: *

    Carlin: hey, up here!

    *Camera then zooms to Carlin, who is on top of the stairs that lead to the ring area, same position where CM Punk showed his WWE title before heading home after Money in the Bank. Carlin is holding the EWNCW Blacklist title and the mic. He starts to proceed downstairs. *

    Carlin: I was up there all time, but nobody was looking. By the way, I hate when people boo Jimi Hendrix. Such an amazing song should be either celebrated or heard in awe. You should not boo it, it is rock 'n roll at his best!

    *Fans show their disagreement. *

    Carlin: I don't mind you booing me, but Jimi? Come on! Are you going to tell me you are all brainless Justin Bieber fans?

    *Massive boos for Carlin. Somebody hits Carlin in the back of the head. Carlin turns around and says: *

    Carlin: What a display of bravery! If you were man enough you would have faced me, but as the best of your dad's DNA got dry between your mother's legs, you're just stupid enough to attack me from behind, you human reject!

    *This obtains a massive chorus of boos. Carlin finally reaches the ringside area, and climbs the steel steps. However, he stays there.*

    Carlin: Finally, I've got your full attention. I want you, and all of them, to know exactly why I wanted that attention. I already told you that I hated how you disrespect people here the first time you came here. But my main issue is that you want to impose your own theocratic dictatorship around here, and I won't accept that, no matter what!

    *Carlin gets booed again. *

    Carlin: But despite what you think, this is not a matter of atheism vs. religious beliefs. It is a matter of freedom. Our Founding Fathers created the legal basis of this country in order to avoid the predominance of one single religion. Therefore, people came here because they could profess the faith they had freely, contrary to what happened in their countries. And I will fight for that, so anyone can follow their cult, or not to follow any if that's their will,and not depend on the whims of a megalomaniac who claims to have direct line with God, but no physical proof of it. And if you think I've forgotten other religious fellas around, rest assured, they are on my list too.

    *Crowd is uneasy and don't give much of a reaction, as they value their freedom but hate the religious attacks. Still, there are boos and no cheers, but not as loud as previous ones. *

    Carlin: However, we have a little problem. You want a match but I still have to defend this precious thing *lifts the belt * against God's Grace tonight, two religious fellas too. And not in a regular match, but on a Falls Count Anywhere match. I want to be 100% for that one, so, the answer to your proposal is no.

    *Carlin proceeds to leave the same way he entered. *

    Kayden: Hahahaha! This has nothing to do with religion, nothing to do with my idealisms, and moreover nothing to do with you poor taste in music. As a man of God I've been used to people calling me out on my beliefs due to their lack of overall intelligence and inability to grasp the simple concept of a higher power. You, Mr. Carlin, appear to be no different. I don't fault you really for being too dumb to comprehend.

    *The crowd begins to boo James at his insult to their intelligence*

    Kayden: However, Mr. Carlin, what does make you different is the fact you use your religion or lack thereof as an excuse. You're AFRAID to face me again because you know what I'll do to you. You know how badly you'd be beaten. What's more, you're using the fact you have another match as an excuse. Awwww is the poor baby afraid to wrestle twice in one night? I wrestled two matches the Wargames before last and did so without fear.

    *Crowd has grown eerily quiet, and you can see what James is saying is beginning to get under the skin of Carlin*

    Kayden: But what I find amazing is the fact that you're too coward to realize your cowardice is what's keeping you from facing me. You see William, I don't like you. You know I don't like you. I've not hidden this from the beginning. Over the past couple of months this dislike has grown into rage. It's grown into hate.

    Kayden: I hate you William Carlin, and if you think that tonight is the last you see my face you are sorely mistaken. You'll see me in the arena, you'll see me on the bus ride home. You'll see me every minute of everyday from here on out if you do not accept this challenge. For lack of better words, grow a set of balls Mr. Carlin.

    *Carlin looks inside his pants, then at James, then inside his pants again: *

    Carlin: Well, I've got to admit one thing: my balls are not as big as Nacho Vidal's or Rocco Siffredi's, but they are more than the average size for an adult man!

    *That brings some laughter. *

    Carlin: But I know that you are implying metaphorical balls, those that a brave man is supposed to have. well, despite you thinking otherwise, I've got a full grown set. Big enough to prove everybody tonight that anything you did opr do, I can do better. As far as I recall, you lost those two matches. Tonight, I'm going to fight two matches, and win both! So, if you want a match, you have it!! right here, right now!!

    *Fans may hate Carlin, but they love the fact they are going to see Carlin vs James, so cheers all around the arena explode. *

    Kayden: Good....good.

    *James smirks briefly before returning to a serious demeanor*

    Kayden: What I failed to mention to you Mr. Carlin, is the type of match you've agreed to be in. I've been in talks with our general manager and he agrees. There's only one type of match that can put an end to this, to where there will be no more talking, where one man will be beaten until they can no longer function and that match is......A STREET FIGHT MATCH!

    *The crowd erupts in cheers at the sound that this match will take place*

    Kayden: So bring your snarky humor, and I'll bring my fists. Bring your best, and I'll have better. Bring your smiles and I'll bring my hate. Prepare to be beaten within an inch of your life. The Archangel has spoken. Let's end this. The match is NOW! Bring a ref!

    *A referee sprints down the ramp *

    Daniels: Good God almighty!! Get ready for a great match!

    Bodom: A silly move by Carlin here, he has a grueling match against God's Grace, this can cost Jesting Madness the belts!

    Kingmaker: Maybe, but this guy is really talented, he can recover for the tag team match.

    *Ref calls for the bell, ding, ding, ding! *

    Daniels:This one is underway!

    (Punk = James / Jericho = Carlin. Start at 11:11)

    Stop at 35:01

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    Daniels: Great resiliency by James!

    Bodom: No doubt about it, he ate a chair right in the face and still survived.

    *Carlin is visibly frustrated after nit getting the win there. He leaves the ring and gets into the barrier, throwing a couple of punches on top of it. He takes a moment to catch his breath, then he starts to rip the EWNCW sign of the barrier. *

    Daniels: What the hell is he doing?

    Kingmaker: Isn't it obvious? He's ripping the metal sign to use it as a weapon!

    Bodom: He has loads of more powerful weapons surrounding him, why use that?
    Kingmaker: Beats me. He's just mad.

    *Carlin rips the sign and tries to throw him over the top rope to no avail. He tries a second time, and the sign refuses to pass over the rope. Carlin then places the metal sheet on the floor, and starts to make some theatrical gestures before dropping the Elbow of Disdain! *

    Daniels: He's lost his mind!

    Bodom: You've got to love Carlin when he loses his mind! You don't know what is he going to do next! Although he should be focusing on James!

    Kingmaker: Carlin vs EWNCW sign, book that one now!

    *Carlin proceeds to stomp on the sign a bit more before yelling: “You don't mess with me, you fucker!”. He then slides the sign into the ring. *

    Daniels: a simple answer for the riddle.

    *Carlin follows the sign, and picks it up to hit James, who's barely able to get to his feet. Carlin awaits until the Archangel gets to a vertical base, he then lifts the sign, ready to strike, but James is faster and hits a standing dropkick into the sign, that crashes into Carlin's face, bringing the EWNCW Blacklist champion into the mat. *

    Bodom: that took too long, and James has the advantage right now, will he capitalize?

    *James wastes no time and goes for the pin. *

    Daniels: Right leg hooked.



    2,7989898989464683299 NO!

    Bodom: James did good on trying to pin Carlin, but it will take more to bring the Superior Technician down.

    *Carlin rolls out of the way into the ropes. James is frustrated, and starts to look around for a weapon. All of a sudden, his glance turns malevolent, and a huge grin comes across his face. *

    Kingmaker: This is going to get nasty!

    Bodom: Wasn't it nasty before?

    Kingmaker: Nastier!

    *James takes the EWNCW sign and puts it in the center of the ring. He then looks for the chair he ate minutes before, and places it exactly in the middle of the sign. He then goes to grab Carlin. James manages to carry him into the sign, and puts his opponent into a powerbomb position. *

    Daniels: Oh my god! He's going for the Alpa and Omega drop on top of the steel chair!

    Bodom: if he hits it, he wins the match. Carlin should better get pinned here and not prolong the suffering in order to get to his title match later on!.

    *James lifts Carlin up and drops the first powerbomb. He grabs his opponent again, but he's also suffering the effects of the brutal match, and it's talking longer than usual. However, the second powerbomb is nailed. Carlin has been motionless all the time, so it makes more difficult for James to lift him up, as Carlin is almost dead weight. James has to struggle to get the Superior Technician up, but the Archangel gathers all his strength to hit the third powerbomb and follow with the sitout pin. *

    Bodom: This is over, folks.



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    2,9999999999999999! NO!

    Kingmaker: What?

    Daniels: Carlin refuses to die!!

    Bodom: Great heart, but unintelligent decision.

    *James can't believe he didn't get the win. He has no problem in venting his frustrations with the referee, arguing loudly about how that should have been three. The ref is not intimidated and defends his call, but he can't do anything else as no DQ rules apply. James' attention is still focused on the official, so he doesn't notice Carlin crawling his way towards him,and managing to hit a low blow on the Archangel. *

    Bodom: Excellent strategy there! Your opponent makes a mistake, you capitalize.

    Daniels: It was a low blow!

    Kingmaker: This is a street fight, Bob, no matter if it is underhanded, it is legal! Good manners and sportsmanship are out of the picture in this kind of matches.

    Bodom: Well said, Pierce!

    Kingmaker: Thanks.

    *Carlin gets to his feet and starts punching James' head to wear him down. He hits 10 rights before stopping. He makes sure the Archangel is stays prone on the mat with a couple of kicks in the ribs and a club on the back. The Superior Technician turns around and grabs the chair that has weakened his back moments ago. But he is not using him against his opponent. Instead, he goes to the opposite corner and places it on the canvas. He then returns where James is. *

    Kingmaker: I think Carlin has something in mind here, and if I'm right, things do not look good for James.

    *Carlin helps James to his feet, holding him in a belly-to-back position. James fights his way out with elbows, but Carlin retaliates with forearm shots to the head. James yields, Carlin grabs him by the waist, and goes forwards, making James crash into the corner. Then Carlin takes two steps back before rolling James and then hit a German suplex on top of the chair. *

    Kingmaker: Chaos Theory connected, this one can be over!

    Daniels: Here's the pin!



    2,9999999999999999 NO!

    Bodom: Amazing resiliency here!

    Daniels: What else these two need to do to get the win?

    Kingmaker: Something really nasty and impactful, Bob. Big shit to make this one end.

    *However, it seems that the Chaos Theory has taken anything Carlin have in the tank, as neither wrestler is moving. Seconds pass, and the referee can't count them out,so he is checking on the condition of both of them. He seems to be pondering if he should stop the match, but Carlin is beginning to stir. The man from Toledo, Ohio, manages to lift himself up a bit, enough to roll out of the ring, same side as the commentary table. He then starts to search for a weapon under the ring. He seems to be unable to find what he wants,so he disappears under the ring. *

    Daniels: What the hell is he doing?

    Bodom: No idea, but he'd better hurry, James is starting to move.

    *James moves a slowly, and grabs the ropes for leverage. Meanwhile, Carlin emerges on the other side, and shows the object he was looking for with a proud smile on his face. *

    Daniels: Oh, my goodness!

    Kingmaker: The barb wire baseball bat!! The trademark weapon of his tag team partner Grind Bastard!

    Bodom: This can be the difference maker, and as Pierce said, a nasty one.

    *Carlin rolls into the ring, gets up and charges towards James, with the bat ready to strike, but he has not counted on James, who is waiting with the chair, and before Carlin lowers his weapon, he eats the steel chair in the ribs. Carlin bends over, and James hits two more strikes in the back of his opponent. Carlin drops the bat, and James throws the chair away. The Archangel makes sure the bat is right behind his opponent, and when he does, he lifts Carlin up and hits the Angels Among Us. Carlin's mid back lands exactly in the middle of the barb wire attached to the bat! *

    Daniels: Dear Lord!


    Bodom: Shoulders down, this is over!



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