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    Dick Thompson: Please join me in welcoming my guest at this time, War games main event class winner; Ronaldo Romulus.
    Ronaldo, first of all congratulations on winning the main event class of the War Games series. You must be very proud of your efforts?

    ::Ronaldo Romulus::
    “Does the owl not scour the landscape under the luminous veil of resplendent stars and the radiant moon? Are the sepulchers, corroborated by the dynasty of royalty, not embellished with stockpiles of treasure and adorned with redolence? Am I not the EWNCW Championship’s number one contender? Save for interference in the match that should have concluded in Kayden James’ subjugation, was my War Games chronicle not superlative and flawless?

    Such exorbitant prying, Thompson! Pride is the preeminent antecedent of my current elation! However, more importantly, the Father of all creation, is proud of me for faithfully serving as the beacon of His promise of eternity for humanity. The hour of His reformation is at hand and I, Ronaldo Romulus, along with the chosen brethren, humbly and proudly advocate that cause.”

    Thompson: We saw you compete in and beat many of the top stars this company has to offer over the past 4 weeks. Which match was the toughest for you, and which superstar have you beaten during this series do you see as your biggest accomplishment?

    :Ronaldo Romulus::
    “As if anyone of those meager vexations were of any trouble! Hahahahahaha! Mere blights, Thompson. Mere blights! Though, I must consent this much; the Wrath of Remus was rather arduous to execute onto Gillz. What a portly fellow that one was! A mother of swine would have exhausted last effort than that gelatinous mass of adipose! Hahahahahaha!”

    Thompson: Now let's hear from you why made the decision to face EWNCW Champion Tommy Thunder? You're a member of the Rage brand so many thought you'd go for World Heavyweight Champion K-Jammin, since he is all in all your polar opposite. So why chose to go the other way?

    ::Ronaldo Romulus::
    “The grip on morality and apotheosis for the Lord in EWNCW is rather…flaccid. In the instant that my constitution first merged with the debauchery emitted from these abominable confines, I knew that the rebellion and reckless indulgence, associated with everything polar to the will of the Father, was as common as the askew vilifications of politicians amongst the pious hypocrites that surround me and stain the otherwise impeccable canvas of our global accommodation.

    Such vanity and blasphemous bravado cannot manifest from the empty vacuum of incorporeal space or the convenience of sheer coincidence. No. A breeder, a heinous farmer with a green thumb and a corrupt docket that wished for the deprecation of the chaste and good-willed was the cause. But my own tunnel vision ironically precluded me from fathoming this reality. In my career thus far, instead of laying waste to the chief proponents of sin, as I originally envisaged, I merely tore weeds from their tainted soil, dancing around the genesis of this company’s moral plight.

    But now, with a year elapsed, the truth has now come to me. I could dutifully eviscerate one crony after the next but it would be a lost cause as my failure to elucidate their wickedness would allow their legacies to be erected in monuments and statues in place of my Lord as pity for my ruthlessness. K-Jammin, was suspected to be such a reaper but as the serf aphorism states “the grass is always greener on the other side”; the “other side” being the other brand! Inferno, out of all the crannies and havens, was the one outside of my sphere of influence, where haughtiness could be permitted without a vengeful eye. And who better to advocate such haughtiness than the two-faced, apocryphal bastard, Tommy Thunder, the EWNCW Champion? It is him that is responsible for EWNCW’s downhill spiral. Why? Many of EWNCW’s fanatics have hailed him as keystone entity in which this company was constructed upon, the “heart and soul” so to speak. Without such subsistence residing in us, we are nothing but hallow carcasses without aim or reason. The same holds true for the EWNCW. It’s ideals, it’s beliefs, it’s structure and most imperative, it’s morals, are all molded from that man.

    On the surface, Thunder resembles a kempt, well-mannered and articulate gentleman, champion of virtue and defender of the enervated. But it’s his dedication to altruism, to tolerance, that makes him dangerous, that makes him responsible. As EWNCW’s ultimate emissary, his influence spreads like wildfire and his messages of concession for the unrighteous must…be…stopped. At once. I would be fatuous to surrender any conviction for the sake of exacting pitiful revenge on that lout, K-Jammin, for his public abasement at my expense. Once Thunder has been annihilated, swallowed by the gaping, pitch black of oblivion, then salvation can be distributed at last.”

    Thompson: Finally, what can we expect from you if you win the EWNCW Championship? What kind of champion will Ronaldo Romulus be?

    ::Ronaldo Romulus::
    “Tch! I care not about representing the EWNCW Championship or for acting as an “admirable” champion! Servitude to the chosen race and to God is all I regard highly for and it shall commence as the new EWNCW Champion. However, I will promise that I will bulwark the title with the stamina of a Roman centurion and the wit of a wolf. Until every entity in the EWNCW realizes the will of the Father, the EWNCW Champion shall be a permanent appendage. Then, I can lose it with gladness…or even die in peace.”

    Thompson: Thank you for your time Ronaldo.
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