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    Jonathan Sanchez: I have managed to catch up with Holy Jose here who's just faced The Prophecy after answering his open challenge! Jose, first of all, what are you doing here?

    HolyJose: Jonathan what I'm doing in EWNCW is to put on the best damn match I can have. I also along with my brother Azrael we'll be competing for the EWNCW Blacklists Championships. But I've been singles competition everywhere I've been. Made a name for myself and well along with Prophecy we are two big names that have one yet to win the world title and two have that mutual respect for each other and the business. So I decided to have a singles match tonight as well.

    Sanchez: You came up short after answering the open challenge from The Prophecy, but it was far from a convincing win. Why chose to come out to face him?

    HolyJose: I chose to face Prophecy because, well he and I have a history dating back to the other fed we work for. We rose through the ranks and feel like we've made it so far but can't just grasp that World Title picture. I came out because Prophecy and I have always wanted to have a match against each other and well it was the opportunity I wasn't going to let go.

    Sanchez: Finally, is this a one night only appearance? Or is this the beginning of a singles run for HolyJose in EWNCW?!

    HolyJose: After I beat Carlin and Grind tonight. You can expect to see your future EWNCW Blacklist Champion competing in singles competition in EWNCW. I mean I think it would be a great accomplishment to win both tag team championships in JBW and EWNCW as well as win some singles championships in EWNCW. This isn't the last you'll see of me in a singles match. Count on it!

    Sanchez: Thanks for your time Jose.
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