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    EWNCW: No Guts, No Glory.

    *Pyro blast etc*

    Bob Daniels: Good evening everyone and welcome to EWNCW: 'No Guts, No Glory', LIVE from the Georgia dome in Atlanta!! As I have been for the past few weeks, I'm alongside Pierce Kingmaker and EWNCW legend Bodom, as we've arrived finally at the point that all members of the EWNCW singles roster have been working towards. They've put themselves through weeks of brutal War Games, and we've now got our final winners who will compete for the titles here tonight!

    Kingmaker: That’s right folks, we have a super line up for you all tonight. We’ll see Jesting Madness take on God’s Grace in our main event. Tommy Thunder takes on the ever crafty Ronaldo Romulus for the EWNCW Championship, and the EWNCW World Heavyweight Championship being contested between K-Jammin and Jman!

    Bodom: As well as several other ‘must-see’ matches, like Gillz vs. Nightmare in a steel cage, and King Strem vs. Gretzky for the EWNCW International Championship! And besides that, we have a Five Man-Draw match to kick off the show! Daniels, do you want to explain how our first match is going to work?

    Daniels: Gladly. Five men are going to enter that ring and fight for four briefcases which shall be hanging high above the corners of the ring. One case contains a number one contender’s contract for an ignition title shot, which one is completely up to the carrier of the case. two of the cases contain brand switch contracts, which means, whoever grabs them is officially going to be one another brand, and the final is dire. It’s a suspension slip, which can derail any momentum you currently have and sit you on the bench for an unknown amount of days!

    Bodom: Well, that can be a major boost or detriment depending on how lucky you are. It’s like playing Russian Roulette with your career! If you get suspended then all the momentum you’ve had heading into this match can go away and you may never recover it again! On the other hand, however, it can really give a career a much needed make over, or elevate it to the next level!

    Kingmaker: Yes it can, and that’s what these men are fighting for. It’s a shame one of them may be put out to pasture like a crippled horse, but at the end of the day, that’s the nature of the beast! These men are going to not only count on skill, but hope that Lady Luck is on their side! The only sure fired way to maintain your position is to not go for a belt, but that can be as bad as a suspension! Lack of motivation, simply standing by while nature takes its course. Anyone who does that should not be in this business!

    Daniels: Well boys lets get to the match and see who shall truly reign supreme in this Five-Man Draw! Shall it be DJ Williams, with his lovely Rosita, shall it be KJ Punk, who fell victim to a monumental Moonsault, shall it be Rain, or Bam, or maybe even the fifth man himself, Mike Muir!

    *The camera heads to the crowd that has packed the house at Sunlife Stadium, before settling on Jason who is standing in the middle of the ring.*

    Jason McManus: Welcome, ladies and gentlemen to No Guts, No Glory. Our first match is a Five-Man Draw match, where five men enter the ring and four walk out with a briefcase!

    *He motions towards each turnbuckle, each of which has either a green, blue, red, or purple briefcase above it.*

    McManus: Introducing first, from the Woods of Mississippi, KJ PUNK!

    *KJ rushes from the gorilla position onto the stage, and then heads down towards the ring. He slides into the ring and poses for the crowd for a moment before looking up, at each one of the cases, mentally deciding which one may be better for him.*

    Jason: Introducing next, from Springfield, Massachusetts, RAIN!


    *Rain steps out onto the ramp and looks down at KJ Punk, mocking him going through a table. He nonchalantly walks down to the ring and uses the steps to enter. For a moment, he does the same thing Punk did, but his focus soon turns to Punk and partly towards the stage.*

    Jason: Coming out next from Osaka, Japan, BAM Virus!

    #Bam Virus#

    *Bam walks out onto the stage quietly and looks at the fans for a long moment before making a bee-line towards the ring. He slides in and sizes up his current two opponents, and then the cases. Moving to the far left corner, he stares towards Jason, and then the ramp.*

    Jason: Following him, from Harlem, New York, ‘The Ladies Man’ DJ WILLIAMS!

    *Dj comes out, accompanied by the ever-lovely Rosita. She holds his arm tight as he stands at the top of the ramp. Turning towards her, he places a kiss on her lips and motions for her to go to the back and get ready for him. As she leaves, he heads down the ramp, stopping outside for just a long enough period to stare at each case. Once he enters, he stands next to one of the turnbuckles.*

    And finally, from Mississippi! It’s MIKE! MUIR!

    *Mike comes out and heads straight towards the ring. Paying little to no attention to the crowd, all business. As he enters, he looks at each of his opponent and then the cases. When his gaze returns, he makes the cuttthroat signs and points to each of the briefcases.*

    All five of these men mean business it seems. This match is dangerous, not only physically, but on a career level as well!

    *The match starts with all five men eyeing each other, waiting on one of them to make the first move, the first mistake. As it so happens, that mistake is made by all five. Instead of going for the briefcases, they attack each other to thwart an attempted obstacle in their path. Bam manages to break free from the herd and makes a dash for the nearest turn buckle. Once he gets there he begins to climb. Seeing this, Williams dashes after him and uses the ropes to send him aloft. At the peak of his rise, he catches Bam flush with a Enzuigiri, knocking him over the ropes and down to the hard mats below.*

    That was uncalled for! He could have seriously injured Bam with that deadly maneuver, what was he thinking?!

    He was thinking about securing a victory and potentially a number one contender’s shot! No telling what was in that case!
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