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    Backstage with EWNCW reporter Jonathan Sanchez

    Jonathan Sanchez: Please join me in welcoming my guest at this time, Gillz!
    Gillz, first of all, welcome back to EWNCW! How has it been since returning from your suspension?

    Gillz: Its been nice, but of course with my attitude previous to my suspension obviously means some of the guys in the back are less than thrilled, intact they were thrilled that i wasnt here but im back and peoples opinions of me dont matter at the moment, if i need to tag or something then i will be inclined to make more friends but untill then ill focus on my match.

    JS: Now since returning, you've set your sights on a rather large target in the form of Nightmare! You gave us some insight on Inferno, but tell us more as to why you're going after him?

    Gillz: I dont know what else there is to say, i made my feeling towards Nightmare very clear, he is one of the things i have began to hate, because before my suspension i has became a horrible person, and in a way Nightmare embodies what i once was, a hateful man, although back then i didnt quite have the size he has now and he has used it to shorten mens career and well im going to make special case tonight and make sure i shorten his.

    JS: Tonight, you're going to be facing him one on one. Many aren't really giving you a chance, so what is your mindset going into this match? Nightmare's really re-focused and revitalized since returning. Do you have a game-plan going into this?

    Gillz: Well as you should know, every opponent i ever face i have a gameplan for, even the big man himself Nightmare, see every man has a weakness, big or small they all do, and i do my best to see what it is and exploit it as best i can, Nightmare could be the run of his life, if i see something i can make advantage of i will do it and make him pay.

    JS: You also seem to have come back refreshed following your suspension. Was the break good for you in your opinion?

    Gillz: My time away let me evaluate myself and where i was going in the company, when i lost the title i lost sight of myself and no man should not know what to do or what they are doing and this enforced break helped me figure out what do and ill leave it up to the fans to decide whether to take me back into this company with open arms or make it difficult but either way ill give it back to them and be a champion once more, but first ill deal with Nightmare

    JS: Finally, with a major announcement that's been reported about recently scheduled for later in the week, an announcement that will affect all singles talents on the Rage and Inferno roster, what are your thoughts on what that announcement could be?

    Gillz: Its definatly interesting, i mean something that affects all the talents has to big, i mean it could change how i go about things tonight it could make no difference to tonights events and be geared towards Inferno and Rage so honestly i cant say what it is but if i know EWNCW management then its sure to be big and exciting

    JS: Thanks for your time Gillz.
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    Bob Daniels: I'm now told folks that we're going to hear from an EWNCW superstar that isn't scheduled to compete here tonight, but one that's been granted some time to address the audience here!

    *An unfamiliar tune plays as the crowds reaction is calmed at best. Various colorful lights are flashing around the arena before a man donning an entirely black attire with a red dragon on the back of it along with a hood steps out from behind the curtain. The crowd goes wild as it is revealed to be Bam. Making his way to the ring Bam slid into it and removed his hood to reveal a new hairstyle. Revealing his eyes they were an odd purple color that gave them a very mesmerizing appearance. Bam began walking around the ring allowing the fans reaction to sink in before reaching for a microphone and hold it near his mouth to speak.*

    Bam: "I have let you guys down long enough! It is time for the Japanese Dragon to rise up from the ashes and to be the best that I know I can be. Spending so much time in Japan I became a very decorated athlete while performing with my THEN tag team partner IPITS. After coming back I have been lacking so much. I lost my aggression along the way. Well starting tonight and going forward I will be a better man.. I will pounce on any opportunity I can get my hands on and I will train until the sun goes down. There is no buts about it! I have arrived at the arena tonight as a changed man. Completely anew with my entire being in every shape and form!"

    *Pauses to listen to the fans chant his name before continuing.*

    Bam: "I may have had a weak start, but I have grown stronger over time! I guess you can call me a Virus of sorts. A Virus defines my whole evolution in EWNCW. Once I am in your system I will just keep getting bigger and bigger until I pose a serious threat to all parties involved. I will have that special moment that has been escaping me for so long. I will make Ric Flair proud by picking myself up and brushing off the dust that had begun to gather upon me. All challengers! ... Prepare yourselves for the dawn of a new era.. One that all will be proud of and remember for every year that passes us by as the greatest era in ALL of professional wrestling.

    I am the eager hand on a clock that just keeps on ticking while the other hands have become obsolete. I am the Eagle soaring through the air on a rainy day. I am the gleam in the eye of a prideful man.. I AM THE FUTURE OF THIS COMPANY!! All of these people go around speaking about nightmares and gruesome experiences.. I offer something so much different.. I will offer you all a DREAM. One with excellence included at every twist and turn imaginable. Just remember the name... "The Japanese Dragon", Bam Virus!"

    *Drops microphone*

    BD: Wow, 'The Japanese Dragon' Bam there with a striking message!!

    Bodom: It's Bam VIRUS now Bob! Get it right!! Didn't you listen to a word that man just said? Do you know who he is even?! That man is the former protege of 'The Nature boy Ric Flair!! The greatest of all time!! The....

    Pierce Kingmaker: Oh boy, here we go...

    Bod: The wrestling GAWD!! The MAN!! NAITCH!!!
    Bam Virus beat Tommy Thunder, yes THE Tommy Thunder at last year's Destiny's Calling!! This man is and always has been destined for great things here in EWNCW, and we're going to see that in the coming weeks as he just promised us!!

    BD: Well, I agree that I'm impressed with his confidence here tonight. I look forward to seeing more of Bam Virus here in EWNCW!!
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    Bob Daniels: Time for Gillz vs Nightmare!

    Pierce Kingmaker: I marked like hell when Gillz returned two weeks ago on Inferno! It's great to have him back!

    Bodom: No doubt that Gillz is an amazing competitor, the only wrestler to have hold the EWNCW championship and the World Heavyweight championship, an amazing feat, but still, he has to face a brutal enemy in the form of Nightmare.

    PK: Indeed, Bodom, Nightmare has been destroying his way up into EWNCW ranks, and he's a force to be reckoned with.

    BD: Will Gillz be able to defeat the monstrous Nightmare? Or will the Mongolian superstar be too much for the former champion? We are going to find out right now!

    Jason McManus: This match is set for one fall!!! Introducing first, from the misty mountains of Mongolia, and accompanied to the ring by Sir Gunther Wigbert, he is Nightmareeeeeeeeeeee!!!

    *The pair gets a torrent of boos*

    BD: He's a dangerous individual, we have witnessed him destroying two opponents at the same time on Inferno without breaking a sweat.

    PK: Let me tell you something: he has been impressive, no doubt about that, but he has never faced a guy the caliber of Gillz before.

    Much to my dismay, I have to agree with Pierce here. It's very impressive to defeat two unknown Jimmys at the same time, yeah, but we are not talking about a common idiot looking for his chance in the big ones, he's facing one of the most decorated stars in the business, and even though you can say Gillz has never faced a guy like Nightmare, the opposite is true too.

    BD: Indeed those are some true words!

    Bod: Because if Bodom says it, then it's the truth!

    BD: That's Dick Thompson's phrase, Bod!

    Bod: Like I care about that mustached prick. And that's the Bodom line!

    JMcM: And his opponent, from Glasgow, Scotland, Giiiiillzzzzzzz!!!!!

    *Big pop for the former champ*

    PK: Here's the winner of the match!

    Bod: Maybe, but I would not underestimate Nightmare. I told you, when I was talking about Nightmare. But Gillz is a seasoned competitor and that plays in his favor.

    BD: I'm with Pierce here, Gillz will have to suffer a lot, but he will overcome the odds and get the win tonight!

    *Before the match starts, the referee makes signal to Sir Gunther to go to the back *

    BD: Good call by the ref!

    PK: Yeah, no shenanigans needed for this one. They are both capable of managing on their own!

    *There's a lot of protest, but in the end, sir Gunther leaves *

    (Punk = Gillz / Henry = Nightmare)

    (Stop at 13:08)

    *The referee has counted to seven. Gillz makes a huge jump and manages to get next to the ring*


    *Gillz steps up and looks ready to enter*


    *Gillz rolls in!*

    BD: He's done it!

    PK: The match is still on!

    *Nightmare helps Gillz to his feet, then Irish whips him into the ropes, when Gillz bounces back he gets a clothesline. Nightmare then picks up Gillz and DDT's him

    BD: Here's the cover!



    2,76883938938 No!

    Bod: Not enough to keep Gillz down. Nightmare has to try harder if he wants the win.

    *As Gillz gets up, Nightmare signals for the WMD punch *

    PK: The end is near!

    *When Gillz gets up, Nightmare goes for the WMD, but Gillz ducks, and when Nightmare turns, he eats an enzuigiri*

    BD: That one turns the momentum and Gillz now is in control!

    *Gillz follows with a series of punches to grant nightmare is down. He then goes to the top turnbuckle and hits an amazing 450 corkscrew splash!*

    BD: Excellent move by Gillz!

    Bod: Will he do it?



    2,91228282 No!

    PK: Not enough!

    BD: It was close!!

    *Gillz laments not getting the pin. However, he recovers from shock soon and goes for the Crippler's Crossface*

    Bod: It will be a huge win for Gillz if he manages to make Nightmare tap!

    *Gillz has it locked tight. Still, Nightmare's a mountain of a man and he's able to, inch by inch, get to the ropes*

    PK: Still not enough!

    *The ref starts the count and Gillz releases the hold when it gets to 4. He then tries to lift up Nightmare to put him in the torture rack. However, that was too much for him and the both crash into the canvas*

    BD: Gillz ate more than he could chew there, let's see what happens now.

    *Both men manage to get to their feet, but this situation does not last long as Nightmare clotheslines Gillz. He then calls for the WMD and when Gillz gets up, he nails it.*

    PK: Bye, bye Gillz!



    2,9999999999! NO!

    PK: That was three!!!

    BD: According to the ref, it wasn't!

    Bod: Gillz is showing some heart here!

    *Nightmare goes crazy. He lifts Gillz, who's barely able to stand and goes to the corner. When Gillz manages to get to vertical position, Nightmare tries to spear him, but Gillz moves and the giant meets the ring post*

    Bod: Bad move from Nightmare, this is Gillz's chance!

    *Gillz immediately goes to the Crossface, pressuring the arm that collided with the post. Nightmare yells in pain, but he's able to hold on. Finally, the Mongolian behemoth gets to the ropes*

    BD: Both men showing loads of resiliency here!

    *Gillz continues the attack kicking Nightmare hard on the head, once, twice, three times!! The giant looks stunned, but he's still able to get to his feet, only to get another enzuigiri that knocks Nightmare down *

    BD: This may be the opening Gillz needs to get the win.

    *Gillz goes to the top of the turnbuckle again, and hits a second 450 corkscrew splash *

    BD: Cover!




    JMcM: Here's your winner, Gillz!!!

    *Crowd pops for the Glasgow gladiator Gillz!!*

    BD: He did it, in the end!

    Bod: He's a seasoned veteran, and used his experience to overcome Nightmare!

    PK: Great job from the former champion! I hope he goes to higher targets from now on!
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    Lily Morgan: This match is set one one fall and it is for the EWNCW Grand Championships!!!!!. On there way to the ring at this time, the challengers representing Cirque de Freak; Payne and Torcher!!!

    *Cirque de Freak head to the ring to the ring to a great reception from the crowd and they enter the ring and bash each other's head against the turnbuckles.*

    Nick Newman: These freaks get weirder every time I see them.

    Terry Murdock: That's why they are in Cirque de Freak and show they can be very unpredictable.

    Lily Morgan: and their opponents, they are the current reigning and defending EWNCW Grand Champions the team of Prince Chamberlain and Prince Alex Foyt.......The Blacklist Royalty.

    *The EWNCW Grand Champion head to the ring wearing light silk blue robes and flaunt the gold for the crowd who give them a mixed reaction as they enter the ring.*

    Terry Murdock: It seems the crowd has come like The Blacklist Royalty even if some of their actions have made the fans hate them from time to time.

    Nick Newman: These people don't know what they want, but I do and that's to see The Blacklist Royalty kick the crap out of these freaks.

    *Referee Mitch Sanders raises the gold and calls for the bell.*

    Start at 2:22/End at 7:11

    Terry Murdock: Foyt just saved the match from being over right there as Torcher pinned Chamberlain.

    Nick Newman: Good thing too, I do not want to see the gold on those abominations.

    *Payne now looks to attack Foyt but Foyt is one step ahead and kicks Payne squarely in the gut before planting down hard to the mat with a big DDT before signaling to Chamberlain to end things with The Royal Treatment. Chamberlain picks up Torcher in a Belly-to-back inverted mat slam aka Styles Clash Position as Foyt has climbed to the top turnbuckle of his nearest corners hits Torcher a huge dropkick. Chamberlain makes the cover and Mitch Sanders counts....1.......2.........3!!!!!!*

    Lily Morgan: The winners of this match and still EWNCW Grand Champions..........The Blacklist Royalty!!!

    Nick Newman: Yes, now that is why I think no matter who they face these guys will champions for a very long time.

    Terry Murdock: That we'll see now let's continue the action here tonight on EWNCW's Rise from the Ashes.
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    JMcM: The following contest is for the EWNCW Evolution Championship and is a two out of 3 falls Match introducing firs the reigning and defending Evolution Champion, from Boston, Massachussets, Ryan “The Freak” Wells!!!

    BD: One month ago, EWNCW Pain for Treasure, Ryan Wells beats Ronaldo Romulus to capture his first ever EWNCW championship belt, but he’d barely come down of that cloud, when Istvan Gretzky got in his face, and command himself a title shot.

    PK: got to ask yourself, has Wells been put under such pressure before, he’s always been the hunter, now he’s the hunted, and nobody wants to be hunted by “Red Hot” Isty baby!

    Bod: Will he thieve or die under that pressure, we are about to find out.

    BD: The proving time is now for Ryan Wells!

    *The fans in attendance wait with anticipation for Istvan Gretzky's entrance, when suddenly the lights in the arena go out. After the initial screams and gasps, a few lighters can be seen flashing up amongst the fans. All attention then turns to the TitanTron, as an image of a star is shown, and a smothly spoken narators voice can be heard.*

    It was the brightest star in the sky, yet it was the most lonely.

    For a millennia it was surrounded by the lushest planets in the entire universe, and as such, it had no need to comunicate with the other stars--to the brightest star in the sky, they were beneath it, and to them, it was almost considered royalty, and as such, they dared not to speak with it. Unfortunately for the brightest star in the sky, a catastrophe occured that was so devastating, it caused all of its the planets that surrounded it to die out, leaving it without his beloved companions.

    The star could still lay claim to being the brightest, though, and for another millennia it shone as bright as it had on the day it was born to life. It continued to shun the other stars out of pride--it was the brightest star in the sky, and, although it longed for companionship once again, it was still beneath it to lower itself to allow itself to be seen approaching them. It was, however, all too keenly aware of the other stars awareness of its lonely predicament, and, even though it was too proud to admit it to itself, it began to get too much for it to take.

    Another millennia passed, and throughout that whole time, it remained vigilant in its efforts to avoid conceding to the grief that was eating away inside of it.

    The day finally came when it all became too much for it, and the brightest star in the sky decided a change of scenery was not only desired, but necessary. It reached out with its omnipresent mind. Far across the universe its mind traveled in search of a new start--a new life. It finally came across a solar system that housed ten planets, and a star of its own, and began to scour the planets for life. It didn't take long for it to find a planet that was very much to his liking. As its scanned the planet named Terra Firma, though, a force entirely as powerful in its own right became aware of the probing stars mind. Ignorant of this fact, and entirely dead set on replacing the star that this Terra Firma orbited.

    A God felt a rip in space, and knew that its planet, and all of its population were in trouble.
    The brightest star in the sky took in the sights, sounds, and smell of its surroundings for one last time, and then... Let go.

    The brightest star in the sky fell.

    It was on the path to a new salvation, and it had never been as elated. It was going home... A new home. A place where there would be no mocking, a place where the other stars had only seen it in all of its glory from a distance.

    A man lay on the cold hard floor of an abandoned warehouse in downtown Warsaw, Poland in a sickening pool of blood. Both of his arms were missing, leaving only a barrel of a chest that was seemingly taking its last few breaths.

    A God began to plan.

    The star travelled at what could only be described at lightspeed, and in no time at all it was upon the solar system it was dead set on calling home. It intended on colliding with the other star and destroying it. As it neared, it could begin to feel the heat that this star generated, and it made his elation intensify, for if it could feel this weaker, duller, and smaller, stars heat, then the heat that itself generated must have been roasting it alive.

    Its target became almost within touching distance.

    Collision was imminent.

    At the last split second, its trajectory was altered, and it felt as if somehow it had been enveloped in a firm, yet somehow completely and utterly soothing cocoon.

    It felt as if it had been wronged, yet at the same time.. Righted.

    Its destiny had been changed.

    Or was it, as the star pondered, his destiny from the moment it was born.

    It soon realised that his new path now ran directly towards the planet that drew him to this solar system in the first place--it was on the path to Terra Firma.

    It entered the planets atmosphere, and the excitement of the uncertain future it was feeling suddenly doubled. Literally.

    It had become two separate entities, and it was now a pair of stars, equally as bright as each other. Though one had become two, the two stars still shared one mind, and the brightest star in the sky had never felt so... Alive.

    A man whos arms had been not so long ago forcibly removed took his last breath. The man had been a great champion who had been wronged, and prematurely robbed of a promising life.

    A God was unhappy about this, and with the force only a God could muster, it drove the two stars it had in the palm of its hand down onto the ground where the armless man lay.


    An old warehouse exploded, its wreckage creating wreckage of its own as it woke up a whole town with start.

    Within minutes, the explosion site was surrounded by a huge crowd of onlookers. The medics, and authorities claiming that anyone inside would definitely not have survived the blast. Many began to grieve for the potential loss of life, when all of a sudden, a rock moved, apparently of its own violation. Another mover, and then tumbled into the wreckage. Then another, and another, and it became clear that the rocks were moving, because a huge part of a wall was being somehow lifted into the air. The huge piece of the wall then took flight in a cloud of dust, and a few seconds later it had landed a hundred metres south from where it started.

    The dust began to settle.

    A man walked into plain sight, and the crowd of onlookers gasped in unision, before letting out a huge roar of appreciation at the sight of their beloved hometown hero.

    They began chanting his name, as he looks down at his new arms made from a fallen star.

    *The lights in the arena come back on and "Red Hot" Istvan Gretzky is standing in the middle of the ring ready for a fight.*

    BD: My God!! What an entrance!!

    Bod: So THAT'S the story of Istvan Gretzky!! What a hero!! What a national treasure!!

    BD: That was quite inspiring you have to admit!

    Bod: Inspiring?! Are you kidding me?! That was amazing!! The story of how the vascular arms made from fallen stars were born!! The story of how 'Red Hot' Istvan Gretzky was born!!

    PK: Here comes perhaps the scariest man you have over on Rage, “Red Hot” Istvan Gretzky, I am glad he’s not on Inferno because Bob would probably say something stupid and get himself pummelled by those vascular arms of his.

    Bod: I laugh, I laugh, Istvan is a big a physical competitor, but he's also a technical genius, and he is out to prove that he is better that “Rodney” Wells has he refers to him.

    BD: Of course the reason this match is two out of three falls match is because of the time limit draw these two men fought to, Ryan Wells who had Gretzky beaten claimed he was robbed, Gretzky claimed he was going to kick out, both are valid arguements.

    PK: No need to worry about time limits tonight, its time to find out who is the better man who will walk out as EWNCW Evolution Champion!?

    2 out of 3 falls match
    Ryan Wells/Chris Jericho vs Istvan Gretzky/Chris Beniot

    Stop at 4:35

    PK: Istvan gets the knees up and the Evolution Champion has taken a big fall in the early goings.

    *Ryan Wells gets back to his feet, grabbing at his ribs a little, he charges at Istvan who catches Wells and locks him in a bearhug!*

    BD: That is locked in tight, and imagine the pressure on the ribs and back of Ryan Wells.

    Bod: Let me tell you Bob when your in that position the hardest thing is breathing, Ryan Wells has got to try and relieve the pressure of escape the hold, or otherwise considering giving away the first fall as a tactical move, in order to save himself.

    PK: Relieving pressure isn’t going to be easy when your locked up by Vascular Arms made from fallen star, ha ha.

    *Well is trying to fight out, he tries to punch Gretzky but he can’t bring his arms back for any kind of real force, meanwhile the polish grappler tightens the grip and stenches in the hold, Wells cries with agony.*
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    *the crowd starts to come into the match, willing on Ryan Wells.*

    *Wells starts firing elbows into the head of Istvan, finally Gretzky is getting rocked, Wells hits stiff elbow shots to the head of Gretzky over and over before finally Gretzky breaks the hold. Wells must capitalize he hits the ropes and comes back with a clothesline, that rocks Istvan but doesn’t send him down, Wells goes for a second clothesline, again it rocks Gretzky but doesn’t send him down, Wells goes for a third clothesline, Gretzky ducks and drives Wells back into the corner, driving the shoulder into the ribs, Gretzky hits 3 painful shoulder blocks to Wells, then pulls him back to the middle of the ring and locks on the bear hug once more.*

    BD: Oh god, Gretzky has got it again, and Wells is back at square one.

    Bod: Istvan, baby, squeezing the life out of this crowd pandering muppet.

    *Wells is reviving in agony, he has no way to break this move the second time round, the elbow shots are weaker and ineffective, Wells has no choice he taps out giving Gretzky the first fall*

    Winner of fall No.1: Istvan Gretzky (1)

    Bod: Well that’s the smartest thing Wells has ever done, that move not only could’ve ended the whole match, it could have ended Wells career.

    BD: Wells certainly won’t be the same after tonight, can he fight back and win the next two falls, he’ll have to, if he is going to hang on to that Evolution Championship.

    PK: I don’t think he can, he’s hurt and now Gretzky has the advantage he can slow down the pace, take his time, and pick apart Ryan Wells, strategy wise, this is going perfectly for the challenger.

    *Wells is using the ropes to slowly pull himself back to his feet, but with his back turned, Gretzky hits a cheap shot, punch to the back of the head, sending Wells out between the ropes and down to the floor*

    BD: Now was there any need for the cheap shot?

    Bod: Look Bob, shut your mouth, there are no breaks between the falls here, Gretzky was being kind letting Wells recover at all.

    *Gretzky gets out of the ring and stalks Wells...*

    stop again at 10:16

    *...and Gretzky grabs the ropes*

    Bod: And Gretzky forces the break.

    BD: Wells has done a good job of fighting back into this match

    *Wells waits for Gretzky to get back to his feet, then hits him with a huge right hand, then a left, then another right and so on, with Gretzky dazed and confused, Wells whips him across the ring, Wells hits a kick to the guy then a swinging neckbreaker*

    The leg is hooked here.




    BD: Gretzky survives here.

    Bod: If Wells is going to succeed he is going to have to keep this pace quick.

    *Wells picks up Gretzky and goes for a right hand shot, but Gretzky blocks and goes for a shot of his own, but Wells ducks out, Gretzky turns around and his hit with the sitout FREAKBUSTAHHHH!!!!!*

    PK: He nails it! Will this level the score?




    Winner of the 2nd Fall Ryan Wells


    BD: Ryan Wells draws level here, it’s all square, it’s time to find out once and for all who the better man is!

    Bod: C’mon Gretzky!

    http://<a href="</a>
    stop at 3:40

    PK: Great ring awareness from Gretzky, he breaks the pinfall without exerting energy, which because all the more important as we head towards the 20 mineut mark in this match.

    *Wells picks up Gretzky, but Gretzky stuns him with some huge right hand shots to the mid-section*

    Bod: Clubbing blows must be taking the wind away from the champion.

    *Gretzky grabs the double underhooks and hits a Tiger Driver!!!*

    BD: The catch-as-catch-can-grapples bomb connects, we have a new champion!

    PK: New champion?




    PK: NO! Somehow, someway, Ryan Wells manages to kick out.

    *Wells and Gretzky get back to their feet, Gretzky fires off a sick chop!, but Wells fires one right back, Gretzky tenses up and dares Wells to chop him, Wells makes a sickening noise of the chest of Gretzky. Wells then tenses up and invites Gretzky to chop him, but as Gretzky pulls back Wells tricks him and hits another huge chop on Gretzky.*

    *The crowd loves that.*

    *Wells hits the ropes and comes back at Gretzky, Gretzky counters with a backbreaker, Wells remains on his feet, Gretzky comes off the ropes and hits Greetings from Warsaw!!!, a brutal clothesline from hell.*

    Bod: People do say the closest place to hell is Warsaw, and Gretzky just took Wells there, now this one HAS to be over!





    PK: Oh so close, but no cigar there!

    Bod: Do they smoke cigars in Poland?

    PK: How the hell would I know.

    BD: Well actually Cigars became a regular export to Polan...

    Bod: Nobody cares bob!.

    *Wells and Gretzky, once again back to their feet. Gretzky goes for a second clothesline but Wells ducks and hits a clothesline of his own, knocking Gretzky down.*

    BD: We are in the 3rd and deciding fall in this EWNCW Evolution Championship match.

    PK: Who wants it more?

    *Wells focuses in on Gretzky, he stalks him, preparing to strike, as Gretzky reaches his feet Wells spins him round and hits another FREAKBUSTAHHHH!!!!!!!!*

    BD: cover him Ryan!

    *Wells doesn’t go for the cover instead he waits for Gretzky to get back to his feet and hits a second FREAKBUSTAHHHHH!!!!!!*

    PK: Now he goes for the cover.




    Winner and STILL EWNCW Evolution Champion: Ryan “The Freak” Wells!!!!

    BD: Ryan Wells cements his place as Evolution Champion and proved that he is better than Istvan Gretzky.

    PK: A great exchange between two warriors carrying on from their time limit draw on Rage, they left it all in the ring here tonight.

    Bod: I’ll admit that Ryan Wells beat Gretzky here tonight...

    BD: You don’t need to admit it, it’s a fact we all just saw it, this is Ryan Wells moment, two PPV’s in a row, this man has had a spectacular moment, one month ago he stands tall as the new champion tonight he stands tall still the champion!

    *Wells stands with the title above his head atop of the ramp, Istvan looks on from the ring.*

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    JMcM: The following contest is a Triple Threat Match, scheduled for one fall, introducing first, from Ider Alabama, The Archangel...Kayden James!!!!!!

    Bod: Here comes “The Archangel” Kayden James, ever since he touched down in EWNCW and on Rage, he has set about living in the fast lane, quickly making enemies and not a lot of friends, he had that amazing match with William Carlin on EWNCW Warzone, and on Rage he has become embrollied in a dispute with Seraphim and Ronaldo Romulus over beliefs and ability.

    PK: Well a man named the Archangel was always going to clash with Ronaldo Romulus, but Seraphim is also involved a wild card perhaps, he’s also been outspoken.

    BD: And you both saw it, but let’s say it now, Kayden had a great showing against William Carlin, picking up a win over an EWNCW World Champion, albeit a tag team champion, is almost unheard off.

    Bod: Indeed such a huge win, ever since, Kayden James’ confidence must have gone through the roof, but tonight it’s about more, James is not content winning he wants to crush Ronaldo and Seraphim and henceforth their views as well.

    And his opponent, coming...Straight down from heaven, this is Seraphim!!!!!

    BD: Seraphim is a top, top level competitor, fresh off a run at TBOZ and his World Heavyweight Championship, unfortunately, Serpahim unable to win the title, but he has made it clear its time to refocus and head back for that title, but standing in his way is Kayden James and Ronaldo Romulus.

    Bod: Look there is a reason Seraphim didn’t win the World Heavyweight Championship because he is a LOSER! Get it, LOSER!

    BD: Nothing to do with some of TBOZ’s dirty tricks I am sure, but just as TBOZ is slowly turning away from his underhand tactics Seraphim too hopes to get out of this losing streak and pick up a huge win here tonight.

    JMcM: And their opponent from Sao Paulo, Brazil, This is Ronaldo Romulus!!!!!

    PK: Now here is a man destined for the Main Event.

    Bod: His style and his manner befitting of a champion, Ronaldo was on the losing end at the last PPV as well, dropping is Evolution Championship to Ryan Wells, in what many touted as the moment of the night. He looks to turn that round tonight and get a victory over his two worthy opponents.

    BD: A tremendous competitor with all the tools but can he assemble the furniture as it were here tonight.

    Bod: What the hell are you talking about Bob? What a God awful metaphor!

    Seraphim/Rey Mysterio vs Ronaldo Romulus/Alberto Del Rio vs Kayden James/The Miz

    Stop at 11:00

    *With James on the outside Seraphim gets up, and springs off the top rope and hits a senton onto James. Seraphim might have tweaked something there because he is having trouble getting up, Kayden James comes up form behind and shoves Seraphim straight into the steel ring steps!*

    BD: Seraphim was getting up gingerly there, he may have tweaked something, but no doubt he’s hurt after Kayden James sends him full force into the steps.
    PK: Well I am starting to like Kayden James, he takes no shit!

    *Kayden picks up Ronaldo and rolls him back into the ring, Kayden follows him in and lifts him up for a tombstone he goes for it, but Ronaldo grabs the heel, rolls through into a heel lock, but quickly transitions into a knee bar!*

    Bod: Tremendous counter, from Ronaldo, that is awesome!

    *Ronaldo cranks up the pressure, as Kayden considers tapping!*

    BD: Will he force the archangel to tap out here?

    Bod: Oh I am torn, I am just glad that loser Seraphim hurt himself.

    BD: from a man that’s just come out of hospital that’s a little insensitive.

    Bod: I will punch you straight in the ovum Bob!

    BD: I don’t have a...

    PK: Leave it Bob!

    *Kayden is in trouble, however he manages to roll through, and kick off Ronaldo, Ronaldo comes straight back, but Kayden manages to hit several punches to the head, giving him enough time to get back to his feet and deliver a clothesline to Ronaldo, Kayden goes for a powerbomb, putting Ronaldo in position...*

    PK: Well we have seen this before from Kayden James, he can hit 3 powerbombs in a row and he calls it The Alpha and Omega drop!

    *Kayden goes for the first powerbomb and nails it, he lifts Ronaldo up to deliver the second crushing impact, when Ronaldo counters out, jumping off Kayden’s shoulders, he runs the ropes and goes for a clothesline on Kayden, but James ducks and hits a T-Bone suplex!!!*

    BD: And Kayden rolls into the cover!




    *Seraphim back in to break things up with a dropkick to the head of James. Seraphim picks up James and drives him head first into the turnbuckle, he whips James across the ring to the opposite corner, Seraphim charges and hits a roundhouse kick connecting to the Jaw of James, Seraphim grabs at his knee a little, Seraphim turns his attention back to James lifts him to the top of the turnbuckle and follow him up he is going for a top rope german suplex but James holts him but delivering two elbows to the temple, Seraphim regains composure with two clubs to the back, just as Seraphim is ready to hit the German suplex, Ronaldo is back up he slides in under and powerbombs Seraphim who German suplexes Kayden James!*

    BD: A tower of doom!

    PK: Bodies scattered everywhere.

    *Ronaldo is first back to his feet, he puts the boots to James, kicking him under the ropes and onto the apron, he then turns his attention back to Seraphim who still lay prone, Ronaldo waits for him to get up to his knee’s then delivers a running enziguri!*

    Bod: Ronaldo has him here.




    BD: No! Somehow Seraphim kicks out.

    *Romulus and Seraphim back to their feet, Seraphim hits a huge kick to the side of Ronaldo’s head sending him down, Seraphim turns into a kick to the mid-section from James, then a powerbomb, but James keeps the grip lifts Sera up and hits a second powerbomb, the grip remains and James picks him up again, and this time hits a sit-out Powerbomb!*

    BD: Shoulders are down!




    *The pinfall is broken up by a Ronaldo coming in with a Randy Orton type Punt to the head off James, James falls to the mat and rolls to the outside, Ronaldo wastes no time in lifting up Seraphim and connecting with The Wrath of Remus!!!*

    Bod: Romulus has got him, he’s going to win it.




    Winner: Ronaldo Romulus

    Bod: Ronaldo has one the battle!, Ronaldo has proven that he is indeed better than Seraphim, Better than James, he was able to take his chances and that is why he is the man!

    BD: Indeed it was very impressive stuff from Ronaldo Romulus, Seraphim took a risk with that high flying move, perhaps he tweaked his knee or something, because he just didn’t seem the same after that, and as for Kayden James he will be waking up with a headache tomorrow.

    PK: Hey Ronaldo won and he’ll feel the effects tomorrow that was an intense match-up and a big win for Ronaldo.
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    JMcM: This match is set for one fall, and is for the International Championship!

    JMcM: Introducing first, from Devon, England, Billy McCoy!

    BD: Here’s McCoy! You just have to feel that, in this arena, on this night, it’s his time to shine!

    PK: Well, I think that King is simply too difficult to beat. Yeah, McCoy’s on a roll, he’s beat and competed with some true stars in the past few weeks, but King is a step too far.

    Bod: I have to agree, althought Billy really brought it to the likes of Krysys, he didn’t win and I think King takes the title back tonight.

    JMcM: And his opponent, from Spring Grove, Pennsylvania, the current EWNCW International Champion, King Strem!

    PK: Here is a real superstar, a spectacle for us all to behold. I mean, this guy, is someone who will really take it to the top!

    Bod: He’s a hell of an athlete, Pierce, a real talker on the mike, and I think he could handle anyone on his day. His day could be again tonight, I just can’t see Billy doing enough.

    BD: It’s going to be one hell of a match, here we go!

    (King = Barrett / McCoy = Orton)

    (Stop at 12:10)

    BD: Oh my! What a reversal by McCoy

    *McCoy lifts up King, shoves him into the corner and starts teeing off with lefts and rights, before lifting up to the top and hitting a wonderful superplex!*

    BD: Pin!




    Bod: He was close!

    PK: Not enough to put King away though, haha!

    *Billy looks at the ground as he sets up for The Real McCoy, and spots the chair on the ground. He throws the chair out of the ring, turning round into King Strem, who hits him with a perfect Powerbomb into a facebuster*

    BD: Oh my.


    Bod: He never saw it coming!




    JMcM: Here is your winner, and still EWNCW International Champion, King Strem!

    PK: He did it! You didn’t believe me Bob, but King went out there and got the victory he deserved!

    BD: McCoy was getting a chair out of the ring, one that King had put in himself, the referee should have dealt with it earlier!

    Bod: It’s an old saying that has come true tonight gentleman, keep your eyes on the prize. Billy didn’t and in the end he payed heavily for that mistake.

    PK: Long live the King! What a sensational championship victory!
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    Jason McManus: The following is a one on one match scheduled for one fall!!

    JMcM: Introducing first, from Chicago, Illinois, ‘The Amazing One’, Andy Amazing!!

    Bob Daniels: You join us back here as we get ready to hopefully see a match between Andy Amazing and Daymian Bloodstone get under way, with the hometown hero Andy Amazing coming to the ring!! But Bodom, tell us more about what’s been going on with these 2 on Rage recently.

    Bodom: Well both Amazing and Bloodstone have shown admiration and respect for each other’s skills in recent weeks, and they’ve been trying to put on a great match for the EWNCW fans, but each week they kept getting interrupted by a mysterious individual. The mystery man was eventually revealed to be none other then The Prophecy. However, Amazing and Bloodstone are here tonight to try and give the fans the match they want. Let’s see if they actually manage to get it done!

    JMcM: And his opponent, from Boulder, Nevada, ‘The Pint Sized Rocker’, Daymian Bloodstone!!

    Daniels: And here’s Bloodstone, he’s not really had the rub of things since dropping the Rage Ignition Championship, is he finding stepping up hard you think?

    Pierce Kingmaker: I don’t think it’s that. I just think that this business with The Prophecy has rocked him, and indeed Amazing. You have to say that Prophecy seems to be in both guy’s heads.

    Daniels: Well, we’re ready to go here, so let’s get the match under way!!

    (Mysterio = Bloodstone vs Christian = Amazing)
    Start at 2:50)

    (stop at 5:05)

    Daniels: this has been a good start to the match thus far, Amazing is firmly in control of the smaller Bloodstone tough!!

    Bod: Both guys are quality superstars looking to break the glass ceiling, the outcome of this match will make or break one of these guys.

    Kingmaker: I have to agree. I..... what the....

    Bod: God damn it, again already?!?!

    *the lights go out, and the audience let out a mixture of groans and cheers. After a few seconds, the following music hits*

    *after a few lightning flashes and strobe lighting, both Amazing and Bloodstone are standing up and looking towards the ramp, expecting The Prophecy*

    Daniels: Where is he?!?! Where is The Prophecy!! He’s here tonight!!

    *The lights suddenly come back up and The Prophecy is seen standing in the ring behind both Amaxing and Bloodstone!*

    Kingmaker: where the hell did he come from?!?! I didn’t see him enter!!

    *Both Bloodstone and Amazing bail the ring, and circle round to the commentary table side of the ring, and they then enter a discussion with each other befor ebloodston grabs a mic.*

    Bloodsotne: Prophecy! Before you try and ruin yet another match between Amazing and I, and although we both said that we’d be ready to take you out if you showed up tonight, we have a proposition for you.
    How about you officially participate in the match. Let’s make this a triple threat. If you really want to get involved, then how about you try and prove to these fans how good you really are and try and beat us 2!!

    *after a brief moment, Prophecy slowly nods in agreement as the crowd cheer.
    Bloodstone and Amazing re-enter the ring along with the referee, and they get ready to re-commence the match*

    Daniels: So we’re now going to get a triple threat match here!! Bloodstone vs Amazing vs The Prophecy!! His first match in EWNCW!! This should be a great watch!!

    Bodom: We’ve never seen him in action before, who knows how good he really is. Perhaps that Bloodsotne and amazing have walked into a trap here!!

    (Kane = Prophecy vs Punk = Amazing vs Bryan = Bloodstone)
    (Start at 4:37)
    (stop at 10:50)

    Daniels: What a matchup we’ve had here so far, as we see The Prophecy stalking Andy Amazing here!!

    Bod: I’ve been very impressed by the Prophecy here tonight, and he’s surely got this one in the bag here!!

    *Amazing slowly gets up, as The Prophecy lifts him upside-down and onto his shoulder, before shifting him into a belly to back piledriver position and dropping him on his head!*

    Daniels: TOMBSTONE PILEDRIVER!! This one’s over!!!

    Kingmaker: An Infamous move!! The Prophecy surely has it won!! With Bloodstone down on the outside, there’s nobody to stop him!!!

    *Prophecy drops to the cover and the referee counts...*




    Daniels: No!! Amazing kicks out!!

    *Prophecy gets up and protests with the referee, who reinterates that it was only 2. He then looks at Amazing still lying prone in the ring, and looks to the turnbuckle, before making his way towards it with intent, goes out onto the apron and starts climbing to the top*

    Bod: What the hell is this man doing now?!

    Kingmaker: This could either be really smart or really stupid!! The match could be won or lost right here!!

    *The Prophecy is at the top turnbuckle as he steadies himself, but before he can go on to do anything, Daymian Bloodstone re-appears on the apron with lightnight quick pace, and goes to hit The Prophecy*

    Daniels: Bloodstone!! Where did he come from!!

    Kingmaker: He’s back up and he’s not going to let Prophecy win this one!!

    *Bloodstone clibs up to join The Prophecy on the top rope. He then hits him with a frankensteiner, sending The Prophecy crashing on top of Andy Amazing!!*

    Bod: What a move!! Bloodstone just crashed Prophecy on top of Amazing there!! He’s out for the count for sure!!

    *Bloodstone instead of going for the pin, points to the sky and then to the turnbuckle before climbing back up to the top rope!!*

    Kingmaker: Why isn’t he going for the pin!! Both men are down!!

    Daniels: He wants to finish this one off in style!!

    *Bloodstone is on the top rope facing away from the ring, and he then stands up before hitting a reverse 450 splash on The Prophecy!!*

    Daniels: OH MY GOD!! WHAT A MOVE!!

    Bod: That’s surely it now!!





    JMcM: The winner of this match, ‘The Pint Sized Rocker’, Daymian Bloodstone!!

    Daniels: Bloodstone did it!! What a match from all 3 participants though!! Incredible stuff!!

    Kingmaker: You have to hand it to them, Amazing and Bloodstone wanted to put on a match, and that’s exactly what they did!! The Prophecy added that third wheel to things, but it only added to the occasion in my opinion!!

    Bod: Bloodstone’s finally won a match that could prove to be a breakthrough moment for him. He’s been looking for that moment since dropping the Rage Ignition Championship, and he might now have got it. I want to see if he can use this as a springboard going forward.
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    Dick Thompson: Please join me in welcoming my guest at this time; World Heavyweight Champion, K-Jammin.
    So, K-Jam, you've been in EWNCW for a fair time now, how would you assess your time here thus far?

    K-Jammin: If I had to pick one word to describe my time here in EWNCW, it would be domination. I've dominated the entire roster and I did it all with ease. I've ended careers and won championships, what more could a guy want? Well those and the three hookers I have in my hotel room.

    DT: Tonight you're facing off against The Beard of Zeus in your first defense of the World Heavyweight Championship. How do you rate your chances?

    K-Jammin: I think It's more fun to rate TBOZ's chances of ever having kids after I repeatedly kick him the nuts tonight. Listen to me, tonight I will be leaving still World Heavyweight Champion. Is TBOZ tough? Sure, of course he is. But tough isn't enough to prepare for what I have in store for him tonight. I'll let you in on a little secret here Dick. You, the fans, the rest of the roster, and everyone else hasn't even seen me perform at half of my full potential. Why you ask? Because there is simply no need, I'm just that fucking good.

    DT: A man that you know all too well, or so you thought, is officiating the match; Jman. What are your thoughts on him and the attitude that he's shown towards you and others since he appeared here?

    K-Jammin: Jman's been waiting to hit puberty for fucking years now, the poor boy has more important things to worry about, such as trying to figure out whether his first pube is actually just his dick. Jman has been going around like he's some sort of badman for the past few weeks, when anyone who has followed his career knows he's just a scared little boy. Try to be bad all you want Jman, but don't fuck with the original badman! As for him refereeing tonight, it's quite simple, if he gets in my way, I'll break his fucking neck.

    DT: Finally, a huge announcement is expected later in the week. An announcement that will affect all singles stars of Rage and Inferno. Any thoughts on what this announcement could be?

    K-Jammin: I don't care, now fuck off.

    DT: ..... Ok..... Thank you K-Jammin.
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