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    Backstage with EWNCW reporter Jonathan Sanchez

    Jonathan Sanchez: Please join me in welcoming my guest at this time, Gillz!
    Gillz, first of all, welcome back to EWNCW! How has it been since returning from your suspension?

    Gillz: Its been nice, but of course with my attitude previous to my suspension obviously means some of the guys in the back are less than thrilled, intact they were thrilled that i wasnt here but im back and peoples opinions of me dont matter at the moment, if i need to tag or something then i will be inclined to make more friends but untill then ill focus on my match.

    JS: Now since returning, you've set your sights on a rather large target in the form of Nightmare! You gave us some insight on Inferno, but tell us more as to why you're going after him?

    Gillz: I dont know what else there is to say, i made my feeling towards Nightmare very clear, he is one of the things i have began to hate, because before my suspension i has became a horrible person, and in a way Nightmare embodies what i once was, a hateful man, although back then i didnt quite have the size he has now and he has used it to shorten mens career and well im going to make special case tonight and make sure i shorten his.

    JS: Tonight, you're going to be facing him one on one. Many aren't really giving you a chance, so what is your mindset going into this match? Nightmare's really re-focused and revitalized since returning. Do you have a game-plan going into this?

    Gillz: Well as you should know, every opponent i ever face i have a gameplan for, even the big man himself Nightmare, see every man has a weakness, big or small they all do, and i do my best to see what it is and exploit it as best i can, Nightmare could be the run of his life, if i see something i can make advantage of i will do it and make him pay.

    JS: You also seem to have come back refreshed following your suspension. Was the break good for you in your opinion?

    Gillz: My time away let me evaluate myself and where i was going in the company, when i lost the title i lost sight of myself and no man should not know what to do or what they are doing and this enforced break helped me figure out what do and ill leave it up to the fans to decide whether to take me back into this company with open arms or make it difficult but either way ill give it back to them and be a champion once more, but first ill deal with Nightmare

    JS: Finally, with a major announcement that's been reported about recently scheduled for later in the week, an announcement that will affect all singles talents on the Rage and Inferno roster, what are your thoughts on what that announcement could be?

    Gillz: Its definatly interesting, i mean something that affects all the talents has to big, i mean it could change how i go about things tonight it could make no difference to tonights events and be geared towards Inferno and Rage so honestly i cant say what it is but if i know EWNCW management then its sure to be big and exciting

    JS: Thanks for your time Gillz.
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