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    eWN Presents: Upcoming Cards.

    The Dream Team Invitational

    A show promoted by our very own Dennis!

    First round matches for The Dream Team Invitational!

    Transatlantic Alcohlics Anonymous(D-boy/Ma$$) vs Third person galore(Divine/Black)

    The Vandals (VHX/Vand) Vs H.O.T.T. (Carter/Ryder)

    Swazzy Swagg Vs The Reckless Nightmares (Alexander/Krysys)

    The Rapid Warriors(Shaz/Kyojin) vs Jman/Flucker

    Ambition(Jones/Williams) vs Black/Grind

    Team Endurance(Layman/Diamond) vs Primetime Predators (Hawk/Dixon)
    Ma$$Dinero... We're shootin' now, bruv!

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    Kash; calling it 4 years before Robbie.
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    Bodom is our John Cena.
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    I hate you.
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    Nerds are awesome though!
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    I'd like to announce that I am moving forward into promoting my own card. Here's what it will be (try and keep up )

    eWN Presents:
    The GodFathering -
    ~Showdown in Little Valhalla~

    Bracket 1;

    Freddie Krueger vs Dumbledore

    Michael Myers vs Frankenstein

    Jason Vorhees vs Wonder Woman

    Chucky vs Ash

    Dracula vs Candyman

    Pinhead vs The Joker

    Blade vs Batman

    Alien vs Voltron

    Bracket 2;

    Leatherface vs He-Man

    Darth Vader vs Pennywise

    Damien Omen vs Carrie

    T-800 vs Iron Man

    Gremlins vs Superman

    MMPR vs Powerpuff Girls

    Beetlejuce vs Voldemort

    Predator vs Megatron

    Bracket 3;

    Harry Potter vs Jeannie

    Samantha Stevens vs Luke Skywalker

    Boba Fett vs Wolverine

    Obi Wan Kenobi vs Professor X

    Judge Dredd vs T-1000

    Optimus Prime vs Spiderman

    Conan The Barbarian vs Skeletor

    Gandalf vs Magneto

    **Card subject to change**


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