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    Jack Swagger deserves better!

    This guy is talented! If you don't agree, try to find a better Olympic style wrestler on the whole flippin roster! What I don't get is that they push him to the top of the mountain and give him an unsuccessful feud with big show and them he's demoted back to obscurity. First off, who actually has success when feuding with big show? When was the last time a big show feud was entertaining? The only time I took any interest at all in him is when big boss man was feuding with him. Ray trailer took being a heel to a whole nother level there and made him look good, something previously and post have yet to have been accomplished. Between that and all the hassles that come with being a mid carder, hell I'd be frustrated too! And the fact that he's been jobbing for what feels like forever now is really aggravating! Jack is a diamond! Let him shine! Push that mother fucker to the top!!!!

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    They should bring the aggressive but little bit goofy Swagger back. He was awesome at ECW, won MITB and got decently over but when he won WHC, the camera zoomed in and all of sudden his face went totally serious. That was the moment that in my opinion killed everything Swagger had going for him. Then add up the lackluster feuds with Show and Mysterio and we have another shitty build up leading to nowhere and a talent which is somewhat wasted. It's a shame really. Nowadays Swagger mainly bores me because when you look the midcard heels, they all act the same. They have gimmicks but they portray the "heel" like every other wrestler there.

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    If wrestlers like Swagger, Mcintyre aren't pushed and managed rightly then its completely WWE's loss.

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    Totally agree, they dropped the ball on him when it came to his reign as WHC. If he had stayed as the cocky superstar when he was the WHC, then the reign would probably have lasted longer. But he started to wear a suit and talk slllooowwwlllyy... Just like Jericho did

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    Jack swagger was at his best during his ECW Champion reign. I really enjoyed his feuds with Christian and Tommy Dreamer.
    His WHC reign to begin with was pretty good. I enjoyed stuff like him displaying all of his accolades in the ring and stuff. However, the actual feud with Show was piss poor, along with the rest of his WHC reign.

    I'd like to see WWE having Ziggler dropping Vickie Guerrero and then have Guerrero pair up with Swagger. He could do with a good heel manager like here to get some of his heat back. Then have him win next year's MITB or something.

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    They are obviously hating on his hair.

    ''Ricardo Rodriguez is the best character on WWE TV.''

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    Quote Originally Posted by Automatic View Post
    They are obviously hating on his hair.
    His combover is rather ridiculous lol!

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    swagger show quit and go to ROH, TNA or Japan. If he stays with WWE his career will be ruined from staying with the company too long. The guy is a pretty good wrestler and does deserve much better. Instead they push storylines like Santino and his Cobra. They are wasting Swagger and Nattie Neidharts talents more than any other wwe wrestler

    Rest in Peace Eva "Ezra"

    ah, Renee Young

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    It's good to see that a good portion of the iwc shares my point of view! Shave swaggers head and push him like you're giving birth!

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    What about poor Otunga, he's on a bigger losing streak!


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