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    Hey Guys! I'm new here

    I'm excited to be here and I hope this turns out to be a great forum!

    And about me I cohost a Wrestling Web Show called SMARK vs MARK

    We can also be found on Facebook

    Give us a shot and leave some feedback.

    Terry of SMARK vs MARK

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    Welcome Terry! The more the merrier. I'm pretty new myself but I've been using forums for almost two decades and the quality of people here is much higher than most others these days. I'd love it if we could get more people in here and posting more regularly, this forum is already quite good but I think it has the potential to be even greater.

    I checked out a bit of your show before replying, not bad! I was wondering though, why post an audio show to youtube instead of release it as a podcast?

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    Welcome and have fun!

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    Hello there.

    A STAR WAS BORN!!!! #ThankYouBrock

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    welcome to the boards!

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    Welcome aboard matey!

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    Right now I'm just trying to see if we can build enough interest to see if this is really worth taking to that level before we start putting any real money into it. We enjoy the hell out of doing this and we will keep posting regaurdles of whether we go to a podcast or not. If people are liking what we are doing and they want us to do the podcast then that will be our next step.

    Thanks for the feedback to, that's been the hardest thing to get.

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    Hiya Everyone is really nice here, so you will be helped if you need it,i was

    IWA Revolution Creative Team


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    Welcome Welcome! Hope you enjoy it here.
    RIP Eddie Guerrero. One of the greatest wrestlers of all time!

    Raise your hand if you're on drugs!

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    Welcome to eWN dude. I'm checking out your youtube show right now!!

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