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    DVD Discussions/Show reviews??

    I've got some Shows coming in the mail within the next week or so, (10 dvds to be exact.)

    I have coming in:

    PWG Card Subject to Change III
    PWG Rock N Roll Decadence
    PWG Steen Wolf (gonna rewatch/watched it online a long time ago.)
    DGUSA Historic Gate
    DGUSA Open the Untouchable Gate
    DGUSA Uprising
    ROH Manhatten Mayhem 4
    ROH Joe vs. Punk (re-release from this year)
    ROH Final battle '11

    shows I have already that I want to review/discuss once Im don watching and/or someone requests:

    PWG Kurt Russell 2
    PWG BOLA 06 N1 (rewatch)
    PWG BOLA 06 N2 (rewatch)
    PWG BOLA 06 N3 (rewatch)
    DGUSA Freedom Fight 2011
    ROH Richards vs. Daniels
    ROH Supercard of Honor V
    ROH Davey Richards DVD

    And I thought I'd just go ahead and make a thread for Indy DVDs like, for people to update, share collections, ask for suggestions, etc.


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