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    EWN noob checking in.

    Hey everyone. Earlier this year I got back into wrasslin, and when I fell for it again I fell hard. I was a huge fan all through high school ('98-'01), but after I graduated and started partying and meeting girls and working, with all the hobbies I'm a huge nerd for something had to give. But now I'm old and I'm engaged and I quit drinking a long while ago, so I took my poor abandoned baby wrasslin back. A friend of mine on tumblr was always posting WWE gifs and especially CM Punk stuff, so I decided to check out some recent RAW and Smackdown episodes just to see how the WWE was doing and find out more about Punk, and I was sold instantly (both on WWE and Punk). Since then I've started watching Impact as well, and I feel like it's gotten really great recently. I'm really enjoying the Aces & Eights storyline, it reminds me of the emergence of the NWO back in the day, and to a lesser extent the WCW invasion storyline when they were bought out by the WWE. I've got some ROH stuff queued up to watch as well, but I haven't gotten to it yet. I have seen some ROH matches on youtube though and I'm pretty excited to check it out and add a bit more to my wrestling plate. If there is anything else good I'm missing out on please let me know!

    So that's...practically my life story I guess. Hi, I'm Bryan, nice to meet you guys.


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