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    Non Wrestling Related Blogs

    Hey all, just wanted to throw a little suggestion out there.

    eWN is all around one of the best wrestling news sites out there bar none. Not only does it have the main news boards, but it also has one of the best forums/e-fed section around. I'd like to add onto this by suggesting an area be added for topical/non wrestling related blogs.

    Here on eWN we talk about everything and I do mean EVERYTHING and I feel that there should be an outlet for someone if a member decides they want to write a blog about any topical subject that may come to mind. Top 5 Favorite Movies, Actors, even favorite animals for that matter. Just anything that would come to mind.

    Of course when you write a Wrestling related blog it appears on the front page after approval. Non wrestling related blogs wouldn't/shouldn't go on the front page, but rather a special designated spot in the Tea Spot or another spot of the Webmaster's/Mods choosing. It could be viewed just like the main page blogs are now, showing total views and allowing for comments on it. Also since it is a blog, maybe have it add to that blogger's total blog number.(?)

    This idea may not get any further than this thread, but it's something I've had in my head for awhile now so I figured it was at least worth a try in getting to happen. I personally think it would make a great addition to this site as well as make the overall enjoyment of this site that much better.

    Thanks for your time,
    The PootedHair


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