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    WWE Stable

    If you had the chance to make your own WWE stable who would be in it?

    You could pick one person for WWE champ, World Heavyweight champ, US champ, Intercontinental champ, Divas champ, and one person for the Manager spot. Also two people for the Tag champs. For the manager you can pick anyone that has ever been in the WWE and is still alive. You can also pick the group theme song and name. The superstars in the championship spots have to be current WWE superstars.

    My stable would have:
    WWE champ- JTG
    World champ- Drew McIntyre
    Divas champ- Kaitlyn
    US champ- Heath Slater
    Inter. champ- Damien Sandow
    Tag champs- Prime Time Players
    Manager- Edge
    Theme- Wastleland by 10 Years
    Stable Name- The Cartel

    So who would yours be? Let's talk about that.

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