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    A New Alliance (The Cartel)

    This is how I would do it...... One night on Smackdown or Raw I would have Vicki and Dolph in the ring and Vicki tell Dolph now he's future holds the World Heavyweight Title. She wants more and there need more someone to watch over her and His MITB case..... Dolph Looks at Vicki and replies what more do you want??? Vicki looks at him and Say I want Tag Team gold along with My Future World Heavyweight Champion Dolph Ziggler. So she will debut a new tag team in the near future.

    At a PPV:
    I would Have Sheamus retain the title in a hard battle, i would have to mask men jump the railing and drop all over Sheamus beat him down and Music hits "Here To Show The World" Dolph Ziggler Runs Out wit Vicki and a Ref. Dolph jumps in the ring and hands over His MITB case to the ref. as Sheamus is getting to his feet boom the Zig Zag and 1,2,3. Dolph wins.

    Next Night On raw:
    Vicki and Dolph are in the ring talking about how the hired to guys to take a put Sheamus and Dolph says what Vicki wants Vicki gets and out comes one of the mask men...... Vicki says she been all over looking for a tag team and how Dolph and her had a plan all this time and calls out Kofi and R-Truth.... As there come to the ring Vicki Yells we want what Yall have and thats the WWE Tag Team Titles. Dolph looks at Vicki and tell him to explain there plan. Vicki proceeds to unmask one of the men and its Jack Swagger. Vicki Says she has never stop looking over swagger as this was the plan all this time. Kofi and Truth goes on to she there will get there Shot tonite.

    Later WWE Tag Team Titles:
    As Swagger has look defeated the only mask man jumps the railing and attacks both men as the ref is down. Swagger hits his power bomb for the 1.2.3. Vicki jumps into the ring with Ziggler, Swagger, and this mask man who Swagger has handed the other tag belt to.... Vicki says now its time to name the new tag team champions along with the new world heavyweight champion

    Ladies and Gentlemen here is your new
    World Heavyweight Champion: "The Show Off" Dolph Ziggler
    The WWE tag team champions: Jack Swagger and ?????? The man unmask and Its Alex Riley

    Vicki Yell I present to you The Cartel!!!!!

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    Any reason why they're called Cartel?

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    The name "Cartel" will never happen with Linda's Senate run.

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    At least if they tour Mexico they will meet the real Cartel. I'm sure they would like some royalties

    Is it racist if I thought ADR, Rey and Sin Cara was going to be in it?

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    Nope! Wrestling is about stereotypes so not racist. Now to the original post. WHY? I mean come on really a new alliance and the only new person is Alex? I mean Zig/swag were already a team and adding one new person does not really make an alliance. If you really want a cartel with Vickie as the voice/leader. You would have her split from zig by when Zig is about ready to cash in the mitb case for an easy win ADR makes the save along with swagger costing the title for Dolph. The Cartel would have Vickie/ADR as the lead Swag as the muscle bring in antonio and bring up Bo Rotundo and memo or teamboat as the fresh blood.

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    well it could be called whatever i could come up with a name

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    Still Dolph and swag in an alliance has been done reforming them by bringing in alex riley is now a new alliance

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    The story was ok mate.
    The team of Swagger and Riley is a geal good idea, have seen a fair few others say so too.
    The idea of the MITB holder hiring goons to add an extra beat down to the title holder is a top idea.

    Why not instead of a new stable Vikki goes behind Dolphs back to hire Swagger and Riley, who she has had a history with both, to get them to beat down the title holder, would love it if it was not Seamus but Del Rio who recives the beat down just after winning the belt.
    Later on Swagger and Riley decide on their own to become a tag team.
    Vikki going behind Dolphs back could be the catalist for him to turn face and ditch Vikki. As now she has tarnished another title reign of his. He feels cheap and dirty and its all because of Vikki!

    Maybe Vikki could end up representing Swagger and Riley, and prehaps use them in her battle against the newly face Ziggler?

    Or Ziggler could be proud of Vikki for her creativity and forward thinking, and stay a dirty #HEEL

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    i do not get one thing why are people trying to build new tag teams? while they already have some why add swagger to ziggler? when you can have the talented underrated usos or tyler reks & curt hawkins? or you could add a midcard great talent mcintyre or mcgillicutty or both? why swagger & riley? i just don't get it the reforming of a tag team in stables they are usually a tag team before they are added to the stable not in evolution but true in dx and nwo dangerous alliance etc.
    Damn I need a better catchphrase

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    So you see Vicky RUNNING to the ring


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