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Thread: Family Ties

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    Family Ties

    Lately I have found it interesting observing how WWE deals with the 2nd and 3rd generation wrestlers they hire. I wonder if there is any rhythm or reason into who they let have the family name and who they do not.

    On one hand I completely understand why WWE wouldn't want a bunch of young guys running around with last names that were made famous years ago. It could potentially devalue the famous name, make the young stars feel unnecessary pressure to live up it the name, or make the WWE seem like a place that is only trying to rehash the past. It is really amazing all the talent they have that are 2nd or 3rd generation these days. (please feel free to try and name them all below)

    On the other hand I feel it is a little messed up that the WWE doesn't give the talent the chance to keep their famous last name.

    When it comes down to it, I wonder why they let Randy and Cody keep their names. Why DiBiase Jr. got to keep his but his younger brother couldn't. I would think Flair's daughter would be named Flair even though "The Nature Women" sounds terrible.

    What are your thoughts?

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    The company has moved to a more money driven model and by creating a new character name prob makes it easier for licensing.

    For me if i was a second or third gen wrestler I would like a new name. My family name gets me in the business with a new stage name I can make a name for myself and not ride on daddies coat tails once I got in the bigs.

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    You'd think that this connection with the 2nd and 3rd generation stars to their fathers/grandfathers would be a money maker. I'd think that it would help introduce the younger generation watchers to dvds that the could release on the older stars. I'm sure some of these guys get to keep the names because there's still a connection with their fathers/grandfathers to the company. Not sure what it is with Joe Hennig though. I will say at a recent NXT they were talking about his dad and he did the Hennig/Perfect Plex in which they made sure to comment on that. Maybe they are coming around to letting him have the family name back.
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    I have a feeling that by using your name/a name you own, you are entitled to a higher % of merchandising than if you were given a stage name. They would essentially be paying you royalties for your intellectual property. When they give you a name, they skip this, which is probably why it's claimed that they make more money from giving you a name, rather than letting you use your old one.

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    Agreed that it adds pressure to them.

    And lol at The Nature Woman!!


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