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    The next champion has to be Chavo!

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    Quote Originally Posted by PSOjedi View Post
    Jesse Sorensen is the next X Division champ. No doubt about this.

    But as long as Sorensen is not returning, I think they should continue with Kenny King until the next ppv perhaps. Kenny King is good and has good reaction from the crowd.

    As for RVD or Jeff Hardy, NO, they should not be involved with the X Division.
    I have yet to be impressed with Sorensen. I'm with you though on Kenny King. I didn't know him previously but have been impressed with the last couple matches I've seen him in. I'd love to see a great back and forth over the next couple months between him and Ion.
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    In a dream world i'd say Jimmy Rave or Johnny Devine, but it's gonna be Chavo i think, even tho it would suck really bad.

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