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    Who should challenge Zema Ion for the X-Division title at BFG?

    I'm going to hope Ion's reign lasts at least towards BFG as I expect it to. Who should face Zema Ion for the belt at the biggest ppv of the year? I did something like this on here before, but asking who should challenge Aries. For me, I prefer guys who havn't had the oppurtunity for the gold for a while. Possibly use a top guy to get Ion over on the big stage of BFG. When I look at the roster on TNA's website, you have very few guys who jump out of you and say he should challenge Ion for the title. My top 3 candidates I'm thinking of at this time to challenge him for the gold is Dinero, Chavo, and RVD. Let me remind you Sabin and Sorrenson are likely out and not be able to compete on that ppv. Obviously if they were healthy, theyd be the top candidates. With them out, hard to pick. Why Dinero? I like him a lot and is one of my favs that isn't used that often. If not that match, he'll likely not get on the ppv. RVD? He has faced virtually everyone which is why I'd just have him put over Ion. He'll likely face someone else though. According to reports is that RVD may be on his way out. Be good to have Ion get that rub. Chavo because he is one of the best cruiserweight champions of all-time. Certainly top 5 when talking about just WWE cruiserweight champions. Beating the ultimate lightweight champion on the biggest stage like BFG would be good for Ion obviously. Likely wouldn't happen because he has now formed a team with Hernandez. May go after tag gold for a while. Possibly be the team that takes the gold off of Daniels and Kaz. What other face team is out there? Got to do something with the tag team titles and other tag teams like Gunner/Kash and Robbie E/T. Probably go with Dinero.

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