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    Did ECW have a negative effect on wrestling

    OK so anyone who has seen me around this website before knows I like to post my views in videos, if you don't like this idea feel free to check out some other threads.

    On to the subject the question is did ECW have a negative effect on wrestling or rather the wwe.

    Before you comment this is not as a whole. I am talking about one certain subject . Watch the video below and you will understand what I'm talking about them please leave you're response below.

    If you would like feel free to leave a like or even a comment on the video, if you like my content make sure to watch more and maybe subscribe P.s My last video was a RAW review
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    Absolutely wrong! It's insane to blame the lack of wrestling in WWE on Paul Heyman, the reason there's no wrestling in WWE is Vince McMahon. Take a minute to actually think about the last time you saw a good wrestling match on either Raw or Smackdown. The last good wrestling match I can remember watching on Raw was Cenacle vs. Michaels the night after Wrestlemania 22 & on Smackdown it was the Iron Man match between Brock & Angle back in '02 or '03. Vince promotes "entertainment" not wrestling so the only person to blame is Vince. He's a total control freak, he tells the announcers what to say, the wrestlers exactly what moves to use( Cena's 5 moves of doom) or (Hogan's corny ass leg-drop), to having a clown like Santino(who can really wrestle) as the U.S. champion. He made the statement year before last I believe about how wrestling is a bad word in WWE & how the performers should be called either superstars or divas never wrestlers. Good thought but you blamed the wrong person.

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    In short no. ECW was the catalyst for making wrestling in the 90's not only 'cool', but exciting again. ECW actually had quite a bit of technical wrestling, as well as the more extreme stuff. So I feel your point is somewhat invalid.

    Wrestling (in WWE) isn't as technical anymore because Vince, and the other powers that be, don't think that kids want to see technical wrestling. They seem so focused on it being an entertainment now, that they forget that the 'wrestling' part actually IS the entertainment.

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    Ecw never hell Ecw new is better than wwe now
    Ur comment makes me think

    Not removing till alex riley is pushed
    Dean ambrose makes his debut
    Bray wyatt scares a kid on raw
    Aj lee wins divas title
    The miz turns face
    Mick foley goes in Hof
    Paige brings her sexiness to wwe

    Money in the bank-tied 19th

    I've been a miz fan since the real world

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