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    If there was no stone cold ?

    If there was never Stone Cold?

    I was watching DVD of scsa in which it saw his gimmick of original stunning Steve Austin . So it got me thinking what if he had kept that as his gimmick instead of turning into or fav beer drinking toughest Sob in wwe? I mean honestly how different would wwe be? Would it be that different would he have same Career as he had as scsa ? Imo I think that wwe would been different you would maybe not seen them take risk on characters like hhh , y2j, the rock, mankind , edge , etc with the bigger than life characters of their day see stunning Steve Austin *I think maybe be int or tt or european champ but I couldn't see them makin him world champ . In side note his character reminds me of Bobby rhode and Austin with long blond hair funny*

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