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    Damien Sandow Vs Brodius Clay

    I'm sure this match is happening at summerslam and with these two being undefeated, I wonder who will take their first loss in the WWE, I can see Damien Sandow king out Brodius Clay's leg and having him tap out but I can see Brodius Clay getting an upset victory over Sandow.

    I want Sandow to win but WWE may throw us a curve-ball in give Sandow his first loss this Sunday at summerslam..


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    Brodus Clay is not undefeated. and I see Sandow winning, its the only way to go.
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    Sandow wins. WWE is looking to change Clay's image. Sandow needs to have Lanny (The Genius) Poffo as his manager.

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    Lol Brodius is it now? Sandow to go over, probably with ease. The leg helps Brodius look not so bad in losing

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    Quote Originally Posted by CMRyder View Post
    Brodus Clay is not undefeated. and I see Sandow winning, its the only way to go.
    He isn't? Ha I missed it who did he lose to

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    Oh wait Big Show ha found it nevermind

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    IF anything i would like to see this and many other feuds last a lil longer than one month or less. Would totally love to see Sandow take out Clay and take shots and him dancing and bringing the lil kids into the right to dance. Something along the lines that children should be expanding there brain power and not dancing like fools.

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    I miss the days of old when you had guys feuding for more than a month at a time. I think a longer feud between these two would be great. However, if we are just talking about Summerslam, then I see Sandow taking this one. I think it's going to be the thing that helps Brodus move away from his Funkasaurus character. While I've been outspoken about having the veterans working with younger talent, I also like the idea of two of the younger guys working together. You get a chance to see how well they can do with carrying each other. So far I like what I see between the two.
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    Quote Originally Posted by AWrestlingGod View Post
    Oh wait Big Show ha found it nevermind
    Was about to say it haha

    Yeah it should be Sandow going over anyway!!

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    I get alot of ppl been hearing they wwe wants to do something diffrent with Clay and more power to em my thing is why? If he was not selling much merch then ok i get that, gimmick failure. Or if he asked to be moved into an other direction then ya more power to them.

    But if neither is the case, that Clay is ok where he is at and hes selling to the kids then why move him elsewhere. The WWE being what it is now would think if they hit something good with the kids they'd keep it going. Which i am sure most ppl are at this point "fuck the kids give us Attitude Era", but if we still in this pg shit they make that money while you can...just dont show the kids dancing on tv just cut to commercial


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