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Thread: Perfect timing

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    Perfect timing

    Hey guys. I have been thinking about this whole WWE midcard situation. I know that the wrestlers are scared of being released, but there is always another company they can go into. Someone out there is going to like them. I know the wrestlers are scared to make a statement but they have to remember that their life is more important than the company. The wrestlers need to put food on their tables and WWE is taking that away. There is a statement that needs to be made by them. I know i rambled on so here is my point:

    Summerslam is coming up. This is the perfect time to make a statement. What better way for a midcard statement to be made than Santino going out there and pulling a Jarrett v Hogan. He could go out there and lie down and have Cesaro pin him like that. No wrestling. What's the worse that can happen? No T.V. time? He still isn't getting tv time. The midcarders could all come out and just stand there. If they are fired, Lynda McMahon will look bad. The wrestlers are used to not working RAW or Smackdown! so that wouldn't affect them. Vince would think twice about jobbing out a midcarder. What do you guys think?

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    Not going to happen in a million years.

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    So Santino.. US champion should lay down because he's jobbing out? I think some people are forgetting most of these superstars enjoy working for the WWE, they are just not happy with pay and travel arrangements at the moment.

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    But them been fired for that wouldn't look bad on Linda, as they would be violating their contracts and not doing their jobs properly so WWE would be well within their rights to fire them.

    And if they were fired, no other company would go anywhere near them in case they pulled a similar thing with them.

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    It would be good if the mid-carders came out ala nexus... but most of the mid card is there for a reason.

    I could buy a revolt by some talents that aren't being used that much currently (none of the supposed frustrated);
    Mcintyre, Rhodes, Ryan, Riley, Swagger, Reks, Hawkins, Baretta and even JTG.

    People like Ryder and Santino are jokes though. Their characters sell merchandise because they are just catchphrasey and cheesey. I'm sorry but if you are going to have a cheesy, joke gimmick, you need to look like you can back it up. Ryder is probably less cheesy than The Rock (early rock) but the difference is the Rock has the audience in the palm of his hand, plus he looks like he could bitch slap you without much of a problem.

    What you've proposed;
    Santino coming out and lying there, going against script. Cesaro would probably mutter something to the ref, who has production in his ear, who would probably be told "Let cesaro stiff shot him" or lead to Aj being sent out to strip Santino of the title, which would defeat the object of what Santino was trying to do.

    About getting fired; if the talentless stood on the stage and disrupted the card, they would be fired on the spot as they are disrupting a LIVE PPV, that fans have paid money for. There's a definite breach of contract there, especially in the case of santino who would be essentially refusing to even have a match he's being paid for. They may not be used on Raw or Smackdown but they are still CONTRACTED employees, most of which get paid good money to train and travel around the world whilst STILL living comfortably.The issues people like Ryder and Santino have is that they sell A LOT of merchandise and also they were earning money from youtube, which WWE has now taken off them and are getting tiny cuts of those sales (under 10%) whilst Cena is getting 40%+.

    What i'm trying to say is this; If you worked in Burger King and refused to serve/stood in the door, they'd fire you. If you worked in the WWE and refused to compete or stood on the ramp/in the ring and did nothing, you are cutting into the companies profits and stopping the company putting on a show for the fans (who paid a lot of money to watch) which gives them plenty of reason to fire you without it affecting Linda's campaign. What would happen if they did this, however, is that media attention would be glaring on the WWE's treatment of mid-carders (and those who were fired would essentially be martyrs by essentially ruining their wrestling careers - i would never hire someone who isn't a team player and a trouble maker). I don't think even TNA would want people who are happy to bring negative attention to their company or go off-script to make their former employees look bad.

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    let me be the next in line to say this...dumb idea! Sorry

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    I don't care how that match goes as long as santino loses the title.
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    They could fake injuries or be sick. This way they can't be released unless WWE wants major lawsuits, but still must be paid.

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    Vince would laugh, because not only would he not fire them, but he wouldn't use them for anything. Sure they would still be with the company, but they wouldn't be doing any press, jobbing or have any mention of them anywhere. If they think there pay sucks now wait until that happened.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DK Wrestling Savior View Post
    They could fake injuries or be sick. This way they can't be released unless WWE wants major lawsuits, but still must be paid.
    Only problem with fake injuries or being sick is WWE has trainers and doctors on payroll. I'm sure Vince would have them checked out and find out they are lieing.


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