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    Quote Originally Posted by Donsburt View Post
    Tensai won't go. Who else wants him???
    Um, he could go back to Japan where he apparently was having a pretty successful career. If you look at what I said I said he's not a long term guy but won't be going anywhere right now. I see him being around for like a year longer before they feel they've used him enough and release him. Bloom will head on when Tensai runs his course.
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    Good Q

    Zack Ryder, Reks after he turns on Hawkins and becomes a good guy (am I the only one who thinks this ?), Kofi, Bourne, Mark Henry and the diva's (they are just filling time on the show)

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    well yeah, with Bray Wyatt out with an injury they would not call him up now. I was talking about when he was Husky, they called him up, then moved him back to FCW in no time. For a big guy, he worked great, better than most big guys on the main roster. Plus he was just different. Now his Bray character is even better, but i am thinking too many injuries and you are gone. Unless you are a top teir guy. Look at how many times Batista was out, Rey out, UT out, HHH, out, HBK, Orton out- always had a spot. Ken Anderson gets hurt a few times he is out. Now Rey has one more suspension and he is gone- i think he would be released because of that before yet another injury.. And any that do get released, i hope they go elsewhere and do great. At least they will have time to actually have a life

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    McGillicutty and McIntyre won't get released.

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