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    Top 10 Underrated wrestlers in wwe history part 2

    Part 2*

    Let's start out with a blast from our past
    Somebody thats in the hof so you ask what is it that he be on the list well he never won the big one and to be honest he should been multiple time champ his name well the million $ man Ted dibiase look he was prob one of the most hated man in the wwf during the 80s question why wasn't he ever ... Given the title the closest thing was when he tried to buy it. He had the whole package he was great on the mic he was hated by the fans he could wrestle so why was it that he was not given the title let me tell you why brother! Yes hulk hogan because he was god like because the faces had to be pushed down our throats honestly think about that time in wrestling how many times did we see a heel win the big one I could only think Yokozuna other than that I can't think of that many? If he was in the 1990's or today I think he be a world champion he could been a lot greater than he was given*

    4- Matt Morgan can you say this man this giant has been disrespected have you looked at this guy he is huge . He has it all size speed technique a will power he is a man great on the mic . He can play heel or face so tell me why when he debuted he was give he was give he was given a speech problem gimmick are you kidding me and having him face cena and lose. Then what he's on heat because he can't get any steam u ever think it was because maybe he wasn't allowed to be himself.then what he's release . He goes to tna as management with Jim c then he gets to start as a single wrestler and he goes on to do things in tna like getting over he is over he wrestlers better than a lot of guys his size on the roaster and tell me tna do you give him any chance to win a title yea u do tna tag title say you know this guy is big he is fast gets over with crowd but let's give the title to sting 10000 times and Jeff jarrett disrespect this guy is a good guy I met him he was very nice compared to others were*
    He's just that guy I would want bein the face of company I mean you had worse guys as face of company cough cough jj*

    3- Matt hardy hardy brothers came in and reevented tag team wrestling in the 90s he was also invented the tlc match he put his body on the line me Jeff is my fav wrestler but not enough credit was given to Matt he was a promoter and he was a man that kind of made the hardys honestly think about if there was no Matt Jeff would been nothin but another high flyer. Matt was never given as much glory as his bro he's a multiple time tt champ cruiserweight and us champ but he was never given the big one when him and edge were in the storyline with lita he was giving great matches and he had the fan support he should been champ the closest thing he is ever got to a world title was ecw title and by that time it was the equlivent of winning the fcw title to be honest it's a shame he wasn't given chance

    2. Goldust- yes goldust I agree with a comment mean gene or Mick foley said w/o goldust you might have never seen an attitude era . I mean he was the man that started it pushing the envelope you never saw anything like it I mean you didn't know what he was gonna say or do next. He not only should be on there because of that but because he deiced to take himself out of bein dusty son. He was also very good in the ring and I always just wondered that if it wasn't for back stage polticd how far he could of gone. Goldust was able to draw heat and gain fans especially during his rivalry with lawler and his team up with Booker t. Goldust will never get the credit he deserves - Cody Rhodes. I agree with that he never will I honestly think he should be IMO in the hof .

    1. Raven - yes raven this guy was deeply disturbed he wore all black and looked like he would kill you and in his mind he prob was. Raven IMO is singlely the most underrated underutilized character ever! Raven was this character that could go in many different directions . He was an Ecw hardcore legend he put on some of the most extreme matches in ecw history with Tommy dreamer *. Look at the promo work he did to he was able to be well worded with his work to he was able to run with emotions that IMO I believe other wrestlers look back and look to feed on. The funny thing is this guy could work the heel so well his character was made for it but he was able to get the fans behind him. In wwe in tna in wcw in ecw jcw this guy had a gift maybe because deep in our minds we understand him. He won quite a few titles but when he got into wwe it seemed like they were to scared to push him I would loved to see him and Kane or undertaker feud I really would .
    Ur comment makes me think

    Not removing till alex riley is pushed
    Dean ambrose makes his debut
    Bray wyatt scares a kid on raw
    Aj lee wins divas title
    The miz turns face
    Mick foley goes in Hof
    Paige brings her sexiness to wwe

    Money in the bank-tied 19th

    I've been a miz fan since the real world

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