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    Whole thing would be a non-issue if they had even done half a good job of building some young, especially sizable stars. One of them could have scored the "massive upset" of Taker or Lesnar and become H_U_G_E instantly thereafter. I know this sounds laughable considering their current positioh/booking, but say Tensai or Clay were booked like badass monsters from Day One. It wouldn't be inconceivable that one could beat Taker/Lesnar, especially with their mass. Now, however, forget about it. They've been clowned far too much (though Clay's career could be saved if he does a really nasty heel turn and buries the gimmick.)

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    I am probably alone in thinking this but, I feel Undertaker vs Brock Lesnar would be terrible. Undertaker is too old and Brock sucks. Besides, Brock is gonna lose to HHH at SummerSlam...and rightfully so. Then hopefully, WWE will realize what a waste of money and resources he is, and just cut their losses there. Let him sit the rest of his contract, and accept the mistake they made.

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    If Triple H wins at Summerslam, WWE should do this on RAW

    Triple H & HBK are in the ring talking about Triple H's victory and HBK's sweet chin music to Heyman. Brock & Heyman comes to the ring
    and finaly Brock Lesnar destroys both of them for a few moment............DONG !


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