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Thread: I Have To Know

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    Height: 6ft2in

    : 240lbs.


    Ring style: Brawler/Technician. Will knock you out as soon as make you tap out

    Finishing Move: Rolling Elbow, Southern Discomfort (Anaconda Vice)

    Signature Moves: Neckbreaker variations, Dawg Pound Rock (Triple H Spinebuster), Taker dive over the top rope, Tribute (Macho man elbow drop), Superplex, Shining Wizard, Flying lariat, Rock Bottom

    Other moves:
    Fisherman suplex, Yakuza kick, Mississippi Crawdad (Boston Crab), Gutwrench powerbomb, Seated elbow strikes to the side of the head

    Theme tune and JabeTron video


    Promotions worked for (EFeds)
    : HWA, TCW, ICW, JBW

    Titles in EFeds held: HWA Extreme Championship, TCW Resistance Championship

    Twitter account: @ChickenDinner

    Groups/Tags: none


    Bio (before JBW): KJ PUNK grew up in Mississippi and was always a fan of wrestling, so after college he decided to give it a try. He started out in his local shit bag indy fed before moving up to the bigger feds in the south. Now he's ready for ICW. He's straight edge like his namesake and he's blue collar. He prides himself on not giving up on himself no matter the situation and will fight till the end. Once the bell sounds, he turns into a beast that won't stop until he's won.

    JBW Character Timeline: (to come)
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    You fucking legend.
    First IWA World Champion

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