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Thread: I Have To Know

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    “TheDevilsAdvocate” – Performance name. Professionally shortened to TDA.

    Alias': The King of Demons.

    Hometown: Unknown.

    Height: Almost 7 foot.

    Weight: 390 lbs


    Ring style: Size defying highflyer, Dominant powerhouse, Bare knuckle brawler.

    Finishing Moves: Sinner bomb(Triple powerbomb), Devil’s clothesline (Clothesline from hell).

    Signature Moves: Sidewalk slam, Running big boot, Side effect,

    Normal Moves: Endless. Spending many years in the sport he knows every move by heart. He is known in the professional wrestling world for having one of the many largest move-sets.

    Theme tune and JabeTron video:

    Promotions worked for
    (in order): EWNCW, JBW, AWF(Two appearances).

    -Successfully saved Warfare from Five Star Attraction with the help of SuperNova after the FSA took over the
    show and renamed it to their liking.

    -Year long feud with Snair.

    -Best Fedder without a Championship (reward).

    -Inducted into the E-fed Hall of Fame, presented by Broc.

    -Became number one contender for the unified World Heavyweight Champinship. (2012)


    Twitter account: @DevilsAdvisory (Ran by JBW officials).

    Sponsor: Big Booty Bitches.

    Bio (before JBW):

    TDA performed for countless companies (One time appearances) without drifting off into the big leagues. This was a personal choice at the time as TDA wanted to spend time with his family since his Son was growing up and he did not want to be like other Wrestlers who missed out on the raising of their own flesh and blood. TDA was only 18 years old at the time. Due to these part time appearances TDA was forced to take a job as a Club Bouncer. TDA would juggle Wrestling, his family, and his Bouncer position for years before a terrible incident occurred. At the age of 29 TDA had began gaining muscle to support himself as both a bouncer and a wrestler. However, a man came into a club one night while TDA was on the job and tried to start a fist fight with him. TDA was beyond stressed out so he ended up fighting the man back and left him brutally beaten. The man would later die in a hospital which would lead to the club to terminate TDA’s contract before he was thrown in jail and trialed for what he was being charged with. When the trial went under way TDA spoke on the fight and viewed it as self-defense and that the mans death was simply an unfortunate accident. The Judge ruled in favor in TDA but forced him to spend 48 months in jail. Once he got out TDA spent years away from the Wrestling scene and finished raising his Son until’ he believed the time was right to step back inside of the squared circle.

    Pushing the age of 35 TDA returned to the Independent wrestling scene, and decided to devote himself to his local wrestling company only. While there TDA gained more of an image and was featured in several wrestling documenteries based on the Independent wrestling scene. It would be a promo that TDA made that would catch the attention of somebody who was in the audience of one particular event. It was EWNCW’s own TJHawkes who exclusively offered TDA a contract right there on the spot following his promo and match victory. He was told to sit on it for a few days, and TDA did just that. He eventually agreed to the contract and inked a deal after fulfilling the dates on the remainder of the other companies contract. At this point in his life TDA was more than prepared to tackle what he had been avoiding all of his life… The big leagues. It was a tremendous moment in TDA’s life, and he was estatic to finally have his career take off. He planned to keep it off of the ground as well for as long as he possibly could.

    When his first EWNCW appearance was scheduled, TDA appeared at the event and performed a match on the card. The crowd loved him and TDA loved the overall reaction that he had received.The contract he signed was for just one appearance and when that contract was fulfilled he had blown up even more as a wrestler over-night. TDA was now a hot free agent and as time went on TDA returned to the independent scene for a few more years, selling out every company that he worked for during that time due to his steadily growing fanbase. During this time Dubs was recruiting talents for his show which was on the rise after having a successful few episodes that scored some sky high ratings. It was called JBW: Just Brilliant Wrestling. Dubs met TDA who was 39 at the time and offered him a 1 year contract. TDA signed this contract and from there TDA promised to help the company rise to heights that nobody imagined was possible during that time.

    JBW Character Timeline:

    - TDA debuted on JBW’s first ever Pay Per View, Blood Harvest.

    -TDA became the Leader of SuperNova.

    -Went into semi-retirement following a hell-infested match at Rampage of the Titans.

    -TDA briefly became General Manager of Warfare.

    -Returned to action and won his return match (Battle royal for number one contendership to the unified World Heavyweight Championship).
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    Hey.. I'm not telling you anything that you don't already know.


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    I'll give JBW a shot I guess. Can't hurt.

    Name: Van Hooligan X
    Description: His gimmick is being a very violent sports hooligan of beating the holy hell out of anything that he feels is insulting or just even looking at what he supports, cares for or wants to do. He doesn't care who he is against. Whether its someone Andre the Giant sized or someone of Hornswoggles height. He'll beat them down regardless. He also using a few weapon gimmicks like Baseball bats, Cricket bats, Tennis Racquets that sort of thing.

    I'm also semi thinking of a different gimmick (for maybe later on if ever used as a main eventer) with him believing no-one is better or on par with his abilities and he's a wrestling diety. I only have this 1 because Van is short for Vanity and I can think of a lot of Van-related puns for moves and that sort of thing. But whichever you think I could use better really (unless you could think of a way to mix them together) But this gimmick can be for later on, just posting it now so its on the table. The sport gimmick is fine for now
    face/heel: He is a heel.
    Backstory: He's from the England and been wrestling since he was 13. He properly trained at GPW (Garage Pro Wrestling) in 2006 when he was 16 and is now 20 and trying to move into the big leagues.
    Height: 6 foot exactly
    Weight: 216 pounds
    Submission move - The Vantastic Clutch

    Finisher move #1 - The Vanhammer

    Except I don't take hours to do it
    Finisher move #2 - The Vanguard

    So basically the same finisher but 1 is from behind
    Entrance song:

    Normal moves:
    Arm drag
    Somersault Leg drop (Houston Hangover)
    Sunset flip
    Belly to back
    German suplex
    Bridging northern lights Suplex
    Tornado DDT
    Spinning Sitdown Sleeper Slam
    Shining Wizard
    Moonsault DDT
    Van Hooligan X
    4 time World Champion
    Only 2 time dual World Champion
    Won more awards than your best character has had #1 contender matches
    APW co-founder
    Hall of Famer

    Most successful wrestler of all time
    1 of the most successful managers of all time
    Member of the greatest faction of all time (The Clique)
    1/2 of the great tag team of all time (The Infection w/Carlos Alberto Ramon)
    The destroyer of EFeds (w/Dennis)

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    Well since HWA is no longer, here is my character from Total Resistance:

    Superstar Name: Chase “The Ace” Walker

    Entrance Song:

    Finisher Moves: Ace in the Hole (Olympic Slam); Ace of Spades (Ankle Lock)

    Signature Moves: Snap suplex, Snap scoop powerslam, Abdominal stretch, Side belly to belly suplex, Running knee, Rear naked choke, Stinger splash, Springboard clothesline

    Attire and Color: Singlet, Knee pads, and boots. Black singlet with gold trim, Gold knee pads, black boots.

    Physical Looks: Short hair almost shaved (Randy Orton), Jack Swagger body type and skin tone, In shape, no real abs, defined muscles.

    Nick Name: The Ace

    Weight Class: 6’ 2’’ 225 lbs.

    Gimmick: Face, Champion Amateur Wrestler, Motivates others

    Bio: After a troubling childhood of being bullied, Chase Walker is a former wrestler for the U.S. Naval Academy, who pursued a job in professional wrestling after being a collegiate champion. He has had many doubters throughout his career, but always seems to pull the wild card and pull out a win, hence the nickname “The Ace.” He is here to prove people that he is a diversified athlete that can succeed as a professional wrestler. Walker has trained with former collegiate standouts Kurt Angle and Jack Swagger, both of whom were successful in the WWE. Fan favorite due to the constant doubting of others. Will take some reckless risks that can win or lose him a match.

    Extremely Lethal (Carbon & Venomous) - PWR
    1X IWA Tag Team Champions

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    GtotheGtotheGGG, we'll take you dude. JBW that is.


    2x HWA Supremacy World Champion

    2x JBW WARfare Tag Team Champion (with thedag and Ryusuke "Shuriken Blade" Serra)

    JBW WARfare World Heavyweight Champion

    AWF IronMan Champion

    Worked for IWA, EWNCW, HWA, SWA,
    JBW, EWA, ICW, and AWF

    EWN E-Fedding Hall of Famer

    A proud member of the EWN E-Fedding Community

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    Quote Originally Posted by thejman93 View Post
    GtotheGtotheGGG, we'll take you dude. JBW that is.
    Dammit you Ninja'd me! I see our roster getting that bit better
    JBW WARFare World Television Champion-1 time
    JBW WARFare World Tag Team Champion-1 Time
    First Dual Champion in JBW History
    Alpha Revolution North American Heavyweight Champion-1 time
    EWNCW Blacklist Champions-1 Time
    JBW Champion-1 Time

    JBW WARFare World Tag Team Champion-1 time
    EWNCW Blacklist Champions-1 Time

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    Superstar Name: Chase “The Ace” Walker

    Alias: The Ace

    Hometown: Providence, RI

    Weight Class: 6’ 2’’

    Weight: 225 lbs.

    Heel/ Face

    Attire and Color: Singlet, Knee pads, and boots. Black singlet with gold trim, Gold knee pads, black boots.

    Physical Looks: Short hair almost shaved (CM Punk short), Jack Swagger body type and skin tone, In shape, no real abs, defined muscles.

    Ring Style: Amateur college style wrestling. Takes the occasional high risk move. (Almost like Shelton Benjamin with a little less highflying and a little more Kurt Angle/ Jack Swagger)

    Finisher Moves: Ace in the Hole (Olympic Slam); Ace of Spades (Ankle Lock)

    Signature Moves: Snap suplex, Snap scoop powerslam, Abdominal stretch, Side belly to belly suplex, Running knee, Rear naked choke, Stinger splash, Springboard clothesline

    Entrance Song:


    Twitter: @AceWalker

    Promotions Worked: HWA Total Resistance

    EFed Titles: None

    Gimmick: Champion Amateur Wrestler, Motivates others

    Bio: As a young child in school Chase was bullied, was never included in anything and never had any real friends. Upon graduating high school Chase entered the U.S. Naval Academy where he is a former NCAA collegiate wrestler. While in training for the Navy Seals, one of his comrades noticed that he had a lot of pent up anger when people doubted him, or bullied him, so he suggested Chase try wrestling. He was successful as a collegiate wrestler and despite not being the favorite, Chase went on to win a NCAA Division I Wrestling Championship at his weight class, and from there pursued a job in professional wrestling. He has had many doubters throughout his career, in school or the Navy, but despite that Chase would work hard and was determined to prove the doubters wrong and achieve success. Chase was known for pulling out an ‘Ace’ move out of nowhere to pick up the win, hence the nickname “The Ace.” He has come to prove to people that he is a diversified athlete that can succeed as a professional wrestler and prove his doubters wrong. Walker has trained with former collegiate standouts Kurt Angle and Jack Swagger, both of whom were successful in the WWE. Walker is a fan favorite because he can relate to those that try to prove their doubters wrong and he hopes to inspire people to overcome and prove their doubters wrong by using hard work and determination to achieve their goals.

    JBW Timeline: (to come)

    Extremely Lethal (Carbon & Venomous) - PWR
    1X IWA Tag Team Champions

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    Superstar Name: Darius

    Alias: The Innovator of Insanity

    Hometown: Albany, New York

    Weight Class: Heavyweight

    Weight: 235 lbs


    Attire and Color: Darius wears a trench coat (similar to Edge's) for his entrance, and in ring he wears black tights with white elbow pads and black finger-less gloves (similar to Undertaker's)

    Physical Looks: Long blond hair, icy blue eyes

    Ring Style: Technical Style, similar to a combination of Edge & Punk

    Finisher Moves: The Hell fire ->
    (Submission) One-Eight-Seven - >
    (Grounded Opponent) Spear - >

    Signature Moves: Running Big Boot, Fireman's Carry Cutter, Scoop Slam, Double Underhook Suplex

    Entrance Song:

    Sponsor: N/A

    Twitter: N/A

    Promotions Worked: HWA, ICW, EWA, TWE

    EFed Titles: ICW Insanity Champion (Six times)
    Voted Best Newcomer

    Gimmick: Wrestles for the respect of the fans and other superstars he works with

    Bio: Darius grew up idolizing Edge and always wanted to be like him, and when Darius tried out for WWE he was turned down, so he turned to ICW who helped him get to his feet, and now he his branching out to other companies like JBW who are willing to give him the chance to prove himself as championship worthy!

    JBW Timeline: Noobie?!
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    There is always a place at icw for u g.g.g

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    Name: Mike Hawk

    Alias: Mr. Mayhem, The Phoenix, The Bird from Hell

    Hometown: Tokyo, Japan

    Height: 5"8

    Weight: 225 lbs


    Ringstyle: High flyer, Martial artist, Occasional Technician. (Low Ki meets Homicide meats Jack Evans basically)

    Finishing Moves: Phoenix Splash (Corkscrew 450 splash), Mayhem Driver (Fisherman Driver)

    Sig Moves: Grounded Dragon Sleeper, Dragon Clutch, Shining Wizard, enzuigiri , a variety of suicide dives, belly to belly suplex

    Other Moves: Dropkick, crossbody, multiple DDT variations, martial arts kicks, flying forearm smash


    Promotions Worked for: EWA, ICW, EWNCW

    Titles: 1st and only EWA Carnage World Champion, Current ICW Tag Champion

    Twitter: @PureMayhem


    BIO: Hawk has grown up with nothing but Mayhem in his life which hardened him. When he discovered wrestling in Japan, he set out to conquer it but failed. He was taken in by a local dojo who saw potential in him and trained him to be even tougher. Hawk now travels the world in order to beat the very best there is in order to make them suffer the same pain he went through.
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    Mike Hawk
    EWNCW World Champion (11-12-13 to 5/1/14) Vacated
    Current IWA World Champion (12-15-13 to Present)
    IWA Blackout Champion (3-24-13 to 4-27-14)
    Former JBW Television Champion (12-2-12 to 8-2-13)
    Former ICW Tag Team champion
    1st and last EWA Carnage World champion

    Mixed Emotions (Pride and Sorrow)
    Current EWNCW World Tag Team Champions (4-19-13 to 4-26-14)
    Last EWNCW Grand, Hardcore and International Tag Champions

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    Decided to dig this thread up. Look through it and see if any of the matches you wanted happened. Got any more dream matches?

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