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    Here's a question for you. I play ultimate team with an all England, all Premier League team. I did have the Chelsea version of Sturridge who was set at RW. Since the transfer window opened and he moved to Liverpool, i've got his Liverpool version in a pack (his stats are a lot better btw, he's now an 80) Only thing is he's now a ST. I want to keep playing him on the wing though so my question, which position modifiers would I have to buy to get him from ST back to RW? I know I could just play him out of position, but that would fuck with my little bit of OCD. Obviously there's no direct ST > RW card, so I'd have to buy a few different ones. But which ones?
    The best you could do is switch him to CAM or CF and just play him there, there's no getting him from central to a wide position, it's something I've wanted FIFA to do, switch LB to RB or CF to LF etc. Would be a great addition.

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