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    Ufc 118

    So Randy Couture proved what we all knew was true - boxing and MMA are very different beasts. Credit to James Toney for stepping up but can you say outclassed in every way? He made Kimbo look like GSP!!! Good for a laugh though.

    Did BJ Penn bother showing up? I know that it looked like him but WTF? He reminded me of the way Diego Sanchez looked in HIS last fight - like the fire has gone out. Penn thrives on ego and trash talk and until now has had the abilty to back it up, but woah - Frankie Edgar was all over him. Edgar definetly deserved the win but I thought it'd be closer.

    Anyone else think Kenny Florian should maybe hang it up? I like the dude and all but he seems destined to be mediocre in ranking. I think he'd make a great commentator as he has already shown. Maynard performed averagely yet still won.

    Diaz was impressive. That cut on Marcus Davis was brutal - as Joe Rogan constantly reminded us.

    Decent show but nothing for the highlight reel.

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    Couture destroyed Toney.

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    yeah i loved the couture toney match it proves to all them boxers out there who think they are the best and toughestatheltes that mma rules but all credit to toney for havin some balls butthn gtn them chopped off

    I dunno WTF is wrng with BJ< that is surely the same bj we saw against GSP and not the BJ we have all come to know, he looked so average and looked like a normal fighter.
    i think there is just someone out there who you cannot beat, its a styles clash

    No, florian lookd outstanding against clay guida and gomi and he wil be back i love tha guy

    i think if marcus ddnt get cut the fight would be totally different but i would love to see diaz face some1 like fitch and get his ass kicked lol

    was an overall great show

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    118 was meh compared to 117, but the toney couture fight its obvious couture would win i thought toney would at least be able to keep it standing with him knowing couture is a wrestler who can ground and pound, the penn edgar fight was boring, edgar is an awesome striker and i wouldve like to see bj penn throw more punches rather than take it to the ground and get reversed,

    Lauzon's fight was pretty good finished it fast, he looked good doing it
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