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    It goes to show you how much of a great promo cutter Samoa Joe is. He makes you believe every word hes saying and puts a lot of fire into his promos. Hes often compared to Taz when it comes to cutting intense promos but I believe Samoa is even better. The promo he cut last night was great and even I wondered "Was that a shoot?" I really want to see a match between Samoa Joe and Austin Aries at Bound for Glory. Samoa Joe is most likely a dark horse but you never know with the BFG series. It would be great if they were to add that to a possible Samoa Joe/Austin Aries feud with Samoa Joe cutting promos about how he is sick of Austin Aries getting all of the praise and hype from TNA management while Samoa Joe dominating the BFG series was overshadowed. It would be an interesting storyline and would lead to an amazing main event match between the two for the TNA World title. One can only hope though.
    Dubs, I love you. Will you marry me?

    Nah seriously dude, you said everything I was going to. Aries/Joe period would be amazing.

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