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Thread: Joe off script?

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    Joe off script?

    While watching Impact last night, my wife and I were set to watch another classic battle between Kurt Angle and AJ Styles. The usual banter between Taz and Tenay was cut short for what I thought to be perhaps the best speaking segment of the night. Samoa Joe walked out, picked up the spare headset, and proceeded to cut an excellent promo on the upcoming BFG series match this sunday. After watching the promo, the general tone of Joes comments, and the look on both Tenay and Taz's face, my wife asked me if that was real or scripted.

    Normally when I am posed with that question, I am usually able to point out where's the work and where's the shoot. In this instance, I was left second guessing. Joe's comments about "the company", his comments about everyone else getting time to talk, cutting Joe off with AJ's theme all lead me to believe that this was something unexpected. But the time that they were spending before he came out, the length of time before being cut off, and the fact that he said what he should have said (nothing real "revealing" other than that Chris Daniels shops for man-kini's) and didn't add anything else make me think this was just a very well delivered promo.

    What do we the smarks believe as a whole? I tend to side with the "it's a work" arguement on this one, but I will give Joe credit for one thing. He made me second guess myself, and suspending my belief is ALWAYS a good thing in the world of Professional Wrestling.

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