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    Who would you have face Aries at Bound For Glory?

    You have a ton of talent to choose from to face Aries in the main event of the biggest ppv of the year for TNA.......Bound For Glory!! Hopefully Aries keeps the title til than with a decent reign which I expect. Who would you have to face Aries in the main event of Bound For Glory? Pick from the participants in the Bound For Glory series.

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    Doesn't fit storyline but the cowboy........or someone whos been held down by a retarded storyline...KAZ

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    Aries has a history with Samoa Joe. Remember they did have a match for the X Division title not too long ago. AA also has beef with Bully Ray. Anybody would do. But not James Storm. have The Cowboy and Roode renew their rivalry.

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    The best, and most logical match IMO would be Joe vs Aries. Joe has just been getting his momentum back after over a year of not being used properly. Hes one of TNA's best wrestlers, and they should make the most of him. Storm wouldn't be a good choice at this moment - as hes a huge babyface, and has a feud going with Roode. For BFG I would love to see Joe vs Aries and Storm vs Roode.

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    For me I would want to see either Samoa Joe or Christopher Daniels in the title match. Samoa joe and Aries have put on some amazing matches in the past and it seems like Joe has a lot of momentum moving over the last few weeks. And Daniels has always been one of my favorites but TNA always seems to either screw him over or drop the ball and I think he'd make a great champion
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    Aries vs. Styles, 'nuff said

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    Samoa Joe. They had great matches in ROH and very good match this year

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    Samoa Joe, and go with he story that in under a year they have gone from opening the the 10th anniversary, to main eventing the biggest show of the year, similar to D~Bry VS Sheamus in WWE.

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    I want Austin Aries Vs Kurt Angle..that would be classic

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    well It won't be styles or daniels cus they will most likely have there own match, on that note that means they have been feuding over a year now
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