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    Rise & Prove Prediction Contest and Review

    This event took place just before the Tenth Anniversary Show. It came with ROH Underground alongside it, so was a decent buy. Neither event was brilliant, but together they were decent, with three great matches between them. This was the better of the two discs, with two great matches rather than one. The show was also used to test out six potential talents, giving them a trial before signing them.

    Adam Cole vs. Michael Elgin ***1/4
    Rise & Prove Tag Team Tournament - Shiloh Jonez & Rudy Switchblade vs. Sean Casey & Chris Silvio *3/4
    Rise & Prove Tag Team Tournament - Team Murder Death Kill vs. Alabama Attitude **3/4
    No Holds Barred Match - Eddie Edwards vs. Roderick Strong ***3/4
    Mike Mondo vs. Samson Walker **
    Rise & Prove Tag Team Tournament - Shiloh Jonez & Rudy Switchblade vs. Shane Haste & Mikey Nicholls **1/2
    Proving Ground Match - Jay Lethal vs. BJ Whitmer ***
    World Tag Team Title Match - Jay & Mark Briscoe vs. Davey Richards & Kyle O'Reilly ****

    Just a thing to point out here, for a show that was meant to be all about trailing talent, the proper roster really brought some great matches. Cole vs. Elgin was a great opener. Edwards vs. Strong was a really great NHB match, only to be hurt by the finish being a book of truth shot to the head (would have been **** atleast otherwise) and the main event was another great tag team main event.

    Now onto the trialing of the talent:

    Shiloh Jonez & Rudy Switchblade - Two OVW guys here. To be honest, they didn't really impress me. There first match was pretty poor and in their second they were just carried. Switchblade looked better than Jonze, but neither looked like ROH material

    Sean Casey & Chris Silvio - Two more OVW guys here... Even worse. They were bad. Don't book again

    Alabama Attitude - This was a Indy tag team based in Alabama (der). They lost in the first round to TMDK, but put on a really good match with them with the time they were given. TMDK were clearly the ring generals, but Posey and Hollis held there own and put in an impressive showing for themselves. Wouldn't mind seeing these two again

    Team Murder Death Kill - These guys were the stars of the night (from the tryouts). They're two Australians who wrestle for NOAH, but at this point were on a tour of America. They put on two decent matches, the first with hreavy time constraints against a pretty good team, and the second carrying a sub par team. They were just great, and it's a shame they're based in Australia because they would have been a great addition to the roster. They were the rightful winners of the tournament, and went on to face the Briscoes at SitS

    Samson Walker - This guys a relative unknown who impressed at one of ROH's tryout camps. Well it's clear to see how he impressed, he's a huge dude, similar build to a Big E Langston. Sadly, his wrestling ability isn't up to scratch. Okay, but fairly boring match with Mondo, and they were given quite a lot of time. It's a definate no from me.

    BJ Whitmer - This guy was an ex ROH veteran, who wrestled with them from 2002-2006 before quiting wrestling for personal reasons. He's now back, and had his re-tryout on this show. He looked good, he was always a good worker on his original run, and he's still got it. Had a good match with Lethal, but looked a tad out of shape, but that's to be expected if he's only just coming back, and I expect him to improve. It's a thumbs up from me, and he's now on the roster.

    Onto the prediction contest:

    1st - Dr Death - 83
    =2nd - Giddy - 70
    =2nd - Cabers - 70
    4th - Robareid - 69
    5th - VanHooliganX - 65
    6th - jordan1995 - 52

    Congratulations to Dr Death for picking up the win. This'll help you close into first on the overall standings
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    I finally won one. Yeah!!

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