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    Unhappy why booker as a gm??

    I am really against this decision why a guy like Booker T has been removed or promoted whatever to the GM spot i dont know. Jerry lawler has already become stale..and michael cole is okay as a heel comentator but not great at all.. Atleast Booker T's commentating was better than both. Atleast he used to analyse the moves and matches etc rather than keep talking what's going on twitter or facebook OR please bring Regal at his position.. this guy is hillarious and a great commentator as well and remove Jerry Lawler or turn him heel again
    Guys like Jesse Ventura.. Bobby heenan.. *HeeL* Jerry Lawler used to make the matches more interesting but now it annoys me a lot.. for example during punk vs cena match at 1000th raw when big show was beating cena while punk was limping around..u must have seen that lawler was bashing punk for not saving cena while cole *instead of defending punk actions* he said i cant say i dont know whats going around..Really?? Man.. I miss those days..
    Thoughts?? Please...


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