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    If I Could Give a Weekly Smackdown Award....

    After watching the last few weeks of Smackdown I've become more and more impressed with some of the matches they put on. I've become more impressed with some of the persona that I've seen portrayed.

    If I had to for this weeks Smackdown, I'd give an award to Alberto Del Rio and Antonio Cesaro. Why?

    Cesaro showed an incredible set of skills against Christian tonight. I particularly loved the fall away slam into the bridge pin. Cesaro, despite having the most oddly perfectly circular nipples (strange that I noticed that and now you will too), has not really had the chance to wow me until tonight. I am now officially on the bandwagon for this guy.

    Del Rio didn't wrestle but he did something even more important tonight. He took little things that were lacking from his character and tweaked them big time. His mic skills were sharp and excellent. He played his part against Sheamus perfectly. He showed that he could be a top notch heel. While I've been a fan of his, I've been growing more and more impressed with him since MITB. Tonight I found myself slightly sad by the fact that his time in the WWE might be limited with what he showed me tonight.

    Soooo, who would you give your award to from tonight's Smackdown. If you can't say anything worthwhile please don't feel the need to post. I want to hear from people that ACTUALLY watch the show and don't just read the results and complain about how bad it is.
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