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    this guy knows what he's talking about! I can't really say which is the best since I've haven't played every fighting game but my personal favorite would have to be Bloody Roar 2. Other really awesome games would be Tobal No. 2, Skullgirls, DBZ Budokai 3 and DB Infinite World.
    Oh how I loathe the Dragonball fighting games, but I do agree with Bloody Roar and Skullgirls being great fighters.. Ive never played Tobal No. 2 but I bought Tobal No. 1 when it first came out, just so I can get that first touch of FFVII.. Tobal was kinda like Tekken, control-wise, and I used to spend hours on end, trying to beat the dungeon exploring mode listening to E40 music.. Power Stone was a fun fighter also, just way too short of a game.. Whoever mentioned Smash Bros, is right on the ball, this one slipped my mind, but what a fun game to kill time with, so many different modes to play, and the controls were so simple, anyone could win a match.. I liked the first two Virtua Fighters, but after that they lost their charm, and I never really cared for Dead Or Alive..


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