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    I didn't see Pope in The Dark Knight Rises - so I assume - as people has said - he was cut

    BTW Baffle = Awesome Word

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    TNA's plans to use him got sidetracked by the lawsuit with the Vatican over gimmick infringement.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Darkside Ron Garvin View Post
    Look at it this way... Last year, Joe finish at the low end of the totem pole in the BFG Series. This year, he is much higher. Storm and Roode however, finished at the top tier last year and where are they now? Two of the hot commodities in the company at the moment. It this trend leads to anything, see Pope become TV Champion soon and then in the WHC push come BFG next year, followed by being a "headling" star... But then again, tendencies are always subject to change.

    I sincerely hope that there is a push in his future because he could help TNA get over that 1.5 hump

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    The Pope, has a lot of potential, but I never got on his band-wagon in TNA as I was routing for him in the WWE.... WWE missed up letting him go when he could been a top face or heel on Smackdown or even Raw???

    As for him being World Champion I doubt it, but never say never....
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr. Ziggles View Post
    I just remembered now that they said when he returned that he had been filming that, but now i think about it i never saw him in it.
    I think they cutthe scenes he was in but I remember reading he was gonna be in Bane's crew but I don't think it was anything big


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    Wink Agreed 110%

    Quote Originally Posted by Peter Kaymakcian View Post
    Why isn't TNA doing more with "The Pope"? He just got done being apart of the biggest movies of the year in "The Dark Knight Rise" and is, in my opinion, the best promo guy in TNA. He has Rock type charisma. I just think TNA could benefit so much more from "The Pope" and are dropping the ball with his skill set. Does anyone else think TNA is dropping the ball with "The Pope"?

    Also I know he has a bad reputation backstage, but honestly if this was WWE that wouldn't matter and I think TNA needs to start doing some of the same.

    Yeah, like Jay Lethal man which should be there!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr. Ziggles View Post
    I just remembered now that they said when he returned that he had been filming that, but now i think about it i never saw him in it.
    I heard he was in it off TNA as well and i was looking out for him never saw him either maybe he was one of the many extras lol way to go Pope!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Peter Kaymakcian View Post
    He has Rock type charisma.
    Going a litle overboard with that comment I think...

    But I do agree he is talented and should be used better.

    And if he actually was in Dark Knight Rises, I would think TNA would be promoting the hell out of it. So, I may have to agree with others and think his scene or scenes got cut

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    Am I the only one that will say it? He's black.

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    Pope is one of my top 2 wrestlers in TNA that I like, has great potential, and is getting the short end of the stick. It is an absolute shame they can't do more with this guy. I'm not sure how someone can think he's not good on the mic. I consider him to be one of the stronger TNA wrestlers on the mic. He could be one of their top heels if they pushed him correctly.
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