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    Post AMAZING Deals for Newcomers to Indy wrestling!! (Links, Suggestions, sites, ebays,)

    This guy has 40 DGUSA/CHIKARA dvds up with a bit over 1 day left!! all auctions started at 99 cents and 5 dollar shipping, still some there too!!
    I check these sites everyday as a new Indy DVD collecter:


    DVDs/Shows I'VE SEEN that are Above Good-Perfect (Just a few):


    Kurt Russelmania/Reunion 1, 2,
    DDT4 2011
    Steen Wolf
    Passive Hostility
    BOLA '06 N1, N2, N3
    Astonishing X-Mas


    Best in the World 2011
    Final Battle 2010
    Best of Davey Richards
    Best of Bryan Danielson (the old release, NOT 2012/Havent seen the 2012)
    Glory By Honor 8
    Death Before Dishonor 8
    Salvation (UNDERRATED AS HECK!!)
    5th Year Festival (The Series)

    DGUSA (Just started, so not many):

    Untouchable 2012 (i-PPV)
    Enter the Dragon 2012 (i-PPV)
    Enter the Dragon 2010
    Mercury Rising
    Open the Historic Gate


    SAME as DGUSA, but if you don't want to watch all the shows, Because I barely keep up with it, so I just watch the BIG shows like King of Trios, the i-ppvs and stuff, and you have to be a "Certian" kind of fan to watch it, because its different than most wrestling..

    EVOLVE (DGUSA, Chikara reason):

    Evolve 3
    Evolve 4
    Evolve 5
    Evolve 6
    Evolve 8
    Evolve 9
    Evolve 10

    This was basically made to help new people with indys, and to start a discussion on overall GREAT shows and DVDs


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