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    Crowds and there chants

    One thing that has pissed me off from the beginning of time was how much the crowd can turn on someone in a heart beat. This is not directed towards any superstar or diva, just in general. But I'm going to use an example.

    Edge was a heel and a face of course, but when ever he went from face to heel people started chanting "You Suck", which really really pissed me off because in no way, shape, or from did Edge even come close to sucking. But yet people still chanted it, what I want to know is why did they chant this even knowing they were just cheering for him less than 48 hours ago( not literally 48 hours ago) and even knowing he was a multi-time champ.

    So basically I have never turned on a wrestler that I liked even if they went from face to heel or heel to face. I would like to know why people would say the opposite of what they actually know? I hope i explained what I was thinking well because when ever I read it back it sounds weird.

    Lets talk about that.

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