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    which nxt star is next

    so with the wyatts finally coming to the main roster
    and now with chris hero in the dog house with triple h
    which nxt star is next up?

    personally i hope its cory graves . i mean i think itll be bo dallas since hes the nxt champion
    but hes so boring and gimmick is so lame! cory graves is so different then what we are used to
    the gimmick the filth parade the stay down catch phrase the mike skills even the feud with seth
    rollins would be awesome to bring him in . its just got awesome ring work written all over it !

    the only other person i would love to see would be .. uhh look below ! the nxt divas!
    i think the diva division is diminishing and then on "total divas" they have two new divas. so
    instead of having summer rae , paige, or sasha banks on the show you put two women that have
    no ring work .. they dropped the ball there.. what do yu guys think?
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    Womans wrestling is the same as all other women sports nobody cares about it.

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    Personally, i want OHNO! I am crazy about his work, he's got it all! But previous reports say his push has stopped so i don't think it'll happen anytime soon

    I think that it'll be Kruger tbh, they've built him up again since he's been back in NXT. Either him or El generico (Sami Zayn)

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    I like Kruger but its a bad time for him wyatt just debuted and to mmany dark petsonas at once will ruin it
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    Personally, hope that Ohno, Graves and Paige will be promoted soon. I believe they are the stars that are most ready to come to the main roster.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mr.onemanband View Post
    I like Kruger but its a bad time for him wyatt just debuted and to mmany dark petsonas at once will ruin it
    Completely agree not the right time for him yet.

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    for sure forgot about sami zayn him and cesaro looked good
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    I think they need to sign some people before they strip the NXT roster bare.

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    I would love to see Xavier Woods, he is fun, plus a new dancing superstar might just be a way to get rid of Brodus Clay and turn him into a monster, or a fourth member of the Wyatt family since he has a deranged look when he is mean. My top 10 would be
    1. Xavier Woods
    2. Graves
    3. Kruger
    4. Paige
    5. Ohno
    6. The Ascension
    7. Enzo & Cassidy (Hilarious)
    8. Neville
    9. Emma
    10. Tyler Breeze

    Sylvester Lefort w/ Garret Dylan & Scott Dawson could be cool

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    Graves and Paige

    BTW a little off topic, but does anyone know when the hell Richie Steamboat is coming back? He's been gone forever!


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