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    What should be the main event of Wrestlemania 29?

    The more I think about it the more it gets complicated because look at all the money they are giving Lesnar. Shouldn't he be in the main event? Certainly Rock will be in the main event and the face of the company Cena should be in the main event as well. You can't keep Lesnar out of the main event paying all that chunk of change aka last match? Rock certainly should be in the main event as well. Some want to see Rock/Brock, but I don't personally. I'd rather see Cena/Rock 2 with Cena getting the victory this go round. I certainly don't approve of rematches from previous Mania's, but Cena has got to get a victory over the Rock and should have last time. I'm not a Cena fan or hater. I personally believe he is the most stale WWE superstar in the WWE right now with Jericho right behind him.

    Who will Undertaker face at Mania if say WWE would book a triple threat match? Certainly no one out there besides Cena/Lesnar I want Undertaker to face at Mania. Some want to see Kane face him, but I'd rather not after that terrific fued they last had I don't believe they can top. Faced Kane enough times at Mania anyways. What would you do? How would you book these 4 stars at Wrestlemania 29?

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    Fatal four way: Cena vs Rock vs Undertaker vs Lesnar...LOL yeah i know takers gotta defend his streak with someone.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tweedidldum View Post
    Fatal four way: Cena vs Rock vs Undertaker vs Lesnar...LOL yeah i know takers gotta defend his streak with someone.
    I knew I shouldn't have taken out you can't book the fatal 4 way.

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    yeah i was just fucking around LOL!!! it does sound like somethng off a wwe game.

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    having a rematch between rock and cena would nullify the prestige of that "once in a lifetime" match at wrestlemania 28. having cena lose wasn't bad because he main events EVERY ppv anyway and wins most of them.

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    Brock Lesnar or Y2J vs Taker.

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    It's a no brainer, even with Lesnar being paid the huge sum of money that he is - The Rock vs Cena. Cena is the face of the WWE and The Rock is well..The Rock. They wouldn't even put Taker in the main event of this year's Mania, so I reckon they'll have Rocky vs Cena in the main event again. Brock vs Taker or Stone Cold vs Punk (as rumored) will likely be the other 2 main events taking place towards the end of the night.

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