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    I counted HHH since he is taking up a main event spot at present time, since he's feuding with Brock Lesnar. I did not say that HHH would be challenging for titles. I'd be stupid to even suggest that he is going to be challenging for titles. His title wining days are more than likely behind him.
    But, like I said, he and Lesnar are taking up a main event spot. That spot could be used for Kofi vs Kane (I'm just using that as an example feud). But for now, he's going to have to wait.
    I probably forgot what this thread was all about when making that post.

    The thread is Punk vs Kofi for the WWE title.
    At this point in time, I don't want to see Punk vs Kofi. First, I want to see Kofi feuding with another main eventer (Jericho perhaps) in order to further test if he's ready for the big leagues, since his feud with Orton didn't last long enough to convince me that he is ready. And we certainly need to see him tested on his mic skills if he's going to feud with Punk otherwise he's going to be made look like a fool.
    Yeah, Punk would own him on the mic. I'm just not seeing a real legitimate argument on why he couldn't have some title matches against punk so punk can sell him as a tough SOB, like the Undertaker did for Hardy...or something like that. Putting him up against Kane or Y2J would be excellent testing grounds, but I think we were trying to see who Punk could feud with quickly while we wait for the rock, that isn't John Cena yet again. I think Punk whooping up on Kofi in some brutal matches with Kofi looking tough and getting real close to winning, just to come up short would be really entertaining and give Punk some real heel heat, since half the crowd wants to see Cena get buried anyways. It would be a mark out moment for some if Kofi actually won, instead of Cena winning. But I prefer Punk holding on to the belt for a long time, personally.

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