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Thread: Punk Vs Kofi

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    Punk Vs Kofi

    Here me out between now and Rumble if Punks gonna face rocky he has what 4-5 title defenses to get there. God knows no one wants 5 matches with Cena and Big Show so I started thinking of a face to keep him occupied for 1-2 months. I though of Rey but I feel wwe don't want to do that again. I though of Sheamus but he will most likely stay in world title scene.

    Then I though of Kofi. Think about it Kofi is a face that gets pretty over with kids, women and men alike making him a great choice in fan reaction point of view. Kofi has the wrestling ability and we saw in his feud with Orton that as long as he has someone to carry him on the promo point of view he has good potential.

    I feel it would also be the perfect chance for wwe to bring out a new shirt for him we all know money is the real factor. Also I know I would be very interested in watching these guys in the ring weather a straight up 1 on 1 or a gimmick match

    Finally we know these guys would be open too it as they travel together on the road. traveling on the road together gives them an extra chance to work on promos and think of spots to do. I know alot of fans would be into it.

    Your thoughts ?
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