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    Red face Super - heel....... :D

    With the recent turn of events....m really excited about this week's Raw well to be honest i can't really say Punk has turned into pure heel...Coz earlier in the night The Rock said he's going to challenge the champion at rumble so that gts from punk can just be sort of warning to The Rock.. but m here to discuss about next super heel.. A super heel is a guy who atlst a one time world champion and has been in the company for over a year and both good at mic work and ring work.. Guys like Shawn Michaels.. Triple H.. Edge has played this role to the perfection.. A super heel is must need in the company.. A guy whose ring work is loved by everyone and his mic work should be like gold. In my mind.. CM Punk can be "The Guy" right now..we all know how good he is.. thats the best way WWE can go right now..

    Honorable mentions : Wade Barett : This guy has the built...great ring work and great on mic as well but he has yet to win any world championship.

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    IMO, Punk has definitely turned heel.

    Can he be the company's super heel? YES! YES! YES!
    I think Punk has more freedom as a heel, and I think he'll relish being a heel again. It'll add some life into a title reign that was in danger of becoming very stale, so I can't wait to see what happens going forward.

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    I'm just glad WWE are steering away from the good guy always wins.

    Hopefully when Orton returns he'll be heel to, then there is Orton and Punk as super heels, to counter act Cena and Sheamus.

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    If they let him cut a promo anything close to this on Monday, it will be EFFING AWESOME.

    "I'm so damn good when I'm finished there won't be a dry eye - or dry seat - sorry ladies - in the entire arena." #HEEL

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    Let's keep this from becoming another "Heel Punk" thread. We have that already.
    I'd rather have nothing than have a lie.

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    With Big Show and now Punk it looks like WWE remembered how to turn people heel... Everyone they seemed to turn heel ends up getting smark cheers in the crowd. Punk was legit booed by EVERYONE!

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    Guys like Orton, Punk & Edge are natural heels so they express themselves better that way.

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    oh no I am suddenly going to mark out for heel punk after a year of bashing and a ruined heel run before. hilarious every care now :'D

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    Quote Originally Posted by bartish2 View Post
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    Worth every penny.

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    The funny thing is Punk always turns having one logical reason

    back in 2009 he turned because people start bashing him on cashing on Jeff, when the same people cheer him because he cashed on Edge, now he is turning due to being overshadowed by Cena even he being the WWE champion, that gives makes his character believable


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