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    Kane arrives out for the second Triple Threat match involving US Title contender's of the night. Kofi Kingston arrive out to a good response from the crowd, and he stares at Kane as they wait. Otunga comes out to major heat, and raises his Title high in the air as he makes his way to the ring.

    Match 4: Kane vs. Kofi Kingston vs. David Otunga

    Early in the match: Otunga walked out straight away, making this a basic singles match.

    Finish: Kane and Kofi are going at it in the ring, and Kane gets the upper hand with a big Uppercut, and follows it up with a Clothesline.Kofi gets up, dazed, and walks straight into a Big Boot. Kane climbs to the top and hits a flying Clothesline on Kofi. He sets him up, and hits the Chokeslam! However, Otunga races back down the ramp, and rolls Kane up, and grabs the win!

    Winner: Otunga via pinfall

    After the match, Otunga runs out of the ring, laughing, as Kane is furious in the ring. He lifts his Title high, but before he can go anywhere, he is interuppted by HHH, who says seeing as Otunga enjoyed his match so much against Kane, next week on Raw, he gets to go one on one with The Big red Monster! And in case he tries to run again, the other 4 contenders for your Title, will be Lumberjacks! Otunga is disgusted, and KAne laughs in the ring and fire explodes from the turnbuckles, as we go to Commercial

    Commercial Break

    Big Show makes his way out to the ring, as JR and Lawler recap last week on Raw, when Show KO'ed Ryback as he attempted to lift Khali onto his shoulders. Lawler states Ryback was lucky Show knocked him out, cause it saved him the embarrasment of not being able to lift Khali for Shellshocked! JR disagrees, and argues Ryback is the strongest guy in the Roster! Alex Riley makes his way out to the ring, and JR talks about the TV Title feud, and says SD GM Edge tweeted that he has a BIG announcement regarding that feud on Friday!

    Match 5: Big Show vs. Alex Riley

    Finish: Big Show hits A-Ry with a Spear, and goe for the cover. Alex somehow kicks out at two! Show can't belive it but he regains his composure, and sets up a knockout punch. He hits it, but on the ref, who is out cold. A-Ry goes for a DDT, but Show pushes him off and hits a KO punch! He calls for a ref out here, but Ryback's music hits and he arrives out with a chair! He sprints to the ring, and ducks under a KO punch, and knocks Show out cold with a Chair shot! He drags Riley across Big Show, and drags the ref over, and Riley picks up a shock win!

    Winner: Alex Riley via Pinfall

    After the match, Riley rolls out of the ring celbrating, while Ryback gets a mic. He says this is what happens when you awake the beast! You get a whole helping of destruction! He says that Show thinks that he can't lift Khali on his back for Shellshocked, well he'll go one better, or in fact 60 pounds better! He challenges Big Show to a match at Wrestlemania 29. However, he can see that he's in no great mental state to think properly, so he'll give him a week to come back with an answer. FEED ME MORE! chants ring out around the arena.

    We go backstage to see Brock Lesnar and Khali arriving out for the Main Event, next!

    Commercial Break

    Brock Lesnar arrives out to big heat from the crowd. He gets into the ring with Paul Heyman, who has a mic in his hand. Paul says that last week, Brock Lesnar proved he is the most dangerous man in WWE, and THE Legitimate Tough Guy of this business when he took out the WWE Champ, The Rock. This week, our champ is nowhere to be seen, and the man in the ring beside him is the reason for that. Last week, Brock Lesnar BROKE a man's arm with one simple twist, and that's why he is the most feared man in Wrestling! Brock gets on the mic, and says that he won't talk and talk and talk like The Rock does, he will just keep this short and sweet. Like Paul said, he is the feared man in the locker room. And at WM, the WWE enters a new and terrifying era: The Era of Brock! Don't believe him? watch as he dismantles the Punjabi Nightmare, The Great Khali! Khali's music hits and he walks down to the ring, and gets ready

    Match 6: Brock Lesnar vs. The Great Khali

    Finish: Khali's chop is blocked, and Brock lands a HUGE right hand, staggering the giant. He lands another and another, and follows these up with ferocious elbows to the skull, knocking Khali to the ground. He lifts Khali up, and hits an F-5! He follows it up with a Kimura Lock, forcing Khali to tap! After the match, he twists the arm of Khali and breaks it!

    Winner: Brock Lesnar via Submission

    He gets to his feet, and roars in victory. He drags Khali up, and takes him out of the ring. He rips all the TV monitors of the desk, and lifts Khali up again. Just then, The Rock's music hits and he rushes out to Brock. They trade rights and lefts in the ring, before the WWE Champion gets the upper hand, and ends up Clotheslining Brock out of the ring. He tells Brock to come back down, but Brock just stares at him, and motions that he is after the belt. The show goes off the air with Rock and Brock staring each other down.

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