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    Monday Night Raw, 11th March 2013

    Before we go to the pyro, we see The Rock arrive into the arena, and he fistbumps one of the security guards and smiles as he walks along, looking confident as ever. Suddenly, Brock Lesnar appears out of nowhere and smashes a chair off the Rock's back! He grins as Rock struggles to his feet, and sends Rock through a nearby table with an emphatic F-5!

    The Raw pyro hits and JR welcomes us to MNR alongside his collegue Jerry Lawler, and he apoligizes for the footage we saw just a moment ao, and that they will hopefully have updates on The Rock's health later tonight. But up first, we concentrate on the US Title situation, with a six man Tag match to kick off Raw! As David Otunga arrives out to the ring, we get a recap of what happenend last week, when HHH announced a six way dance for the US Title at WM 29. We arrive back in the ring to see Otunga fuming. Kane arrives out next, and scares Otunga with his fire from the turnbuckles. Barrett follows him out and glares at his partners, wary. Seth Rollins makes his out, and high fives the fans. Kofi arrives out to his music next. RVD arrives out last and sprints into the ring, the heels clearing.

    Match 1: RVD, Seth Rollins and Kofi Kingston vs. David Otunga, Kane and Wade Barrett

    Finish: Kofi and Wade are in the ring, and Wade has the upper hand, clubbing down on Kofi with rights and lefts. He walks over and gets in the faces of Rollins and RVD, and taunts them. Kofi rolls him up from behind and gets a two count. Barret is enraged and goes for a Clothesline, but Kofi ducks and hits 3 big clotheslines of his own. He gets pumped up and hits a Boom Drop! He sets up for Trouble In Paradise, but Otunga distracts the ref, and Barrett hits a low blow. Kane isnt happy with Otunga however, and chokeslams him to the outside, before leaving. Barrett is shouting at Kane, and he turns into a big Trouble In Paradise! Kofi tag in RVD, who hits a Frogsplash from the top. RVD tags in Rollins, who after Wade struggles to his feet, hits a HUGE Avada Kedavra for the win!

    Winners: RVD, Seth Rollins and Kofi Kingston via Pinfall

    The three standing men celebrate as we go to commercial

    Commercial Break

    CM Punk is backstage now and has a mic in his hand, ready to adress the WWE Universe. He says that last week, Austin attacked him cowardly, jumping across the table when Punk wasn't expecting it. He said that that move right there, defines Stone Cold's life, defines what he is. A coward. His whole life, he has drank himself into a hole. A hole of lies, deceit and cowardleness. Austin was coward enough to beat his wife, the WWE were cowards to not tell anyone, even thought they knew damn well what was going on! Stone Cold has two failed marriages, cause he was irresponsible, and cowardly. Austin was too cowardly to wrestle Brock Lesnar, a machine, a top notch guy, cause he was afraid Brock would end his damn career! Finally, Austin grew a set and manned up, and agreed to take on the Best In The World at the grandest stage of them all, Wrestlemania. Of course, Austin will probably be too cowardly to show up in the Main Event tonight, when Punk takes on Cena! At Wrestlmania, he says that he will expose Austin for the giant fraud that he is, and he will make sure that Steve Austin will never show his scummy, drunk, wife beating face in the WWE ever again!

    We arrive back in the ring, where Consequences Creed awaits his opponent for tonight. VADER arrives out to the ring to a huge cheer, as Creed looks shocked!

    Match 2: Consequences Creed vs. Vader

    Finish: Vader and Creed go back and forth, as Creed gets on top and lands a huge right, knocking Vader into the corner. He looks for a bulldog, but Vader throws him off, and gets pumped up. He hits two dropkicks, followed by a hge suplex. He drags him to the corner, and goes for a Vader Bomb, but Creed rolls out of the way. He then hits his finisher, The Culture Shock, and gets the win

    Winner: Consequences Creed by pinfall

    He gets a chair after the match, and puts it on the mat, and hits another Culture Shock onto the chair. Vader is attended to by EMTs as Creed grabs a nearby mic. He says that that's what he is capable of. At Wrestlemania, HHH will face Awesome Consequences from Consequences Creed. His fate will be the same as Big Bad Vader's! A CreeDDT onto the mat, 1.2.3! And once he is done beating a so called legend, he will be the true Legend Killer. In fact, he already is, as he proved tonight against a true legend of the ninety's! He throws the mic down and leaves the arena.

    We get a promo for Friday Night Smackdown, highlighting the Rhodes/Orton feud

    We return to see The Prime Time Playas make their entrance, with AW, as we recap the second match in the best of seven Series, where PTP took a 2-0 lead over KOW in an underhand fashion. PTP laugh as they watch the footage back. KOW arrive out to loud cheers, as they now have the fans on their side. They sprint to the ring, and Chris Hero goes right after his opponent, Titus O' Neil.

    Match 3: BO7 Series (Match 3)- Chris Hero vs. Titus O' Neil

    Finish: O' Neil power bombs Chris for a two count, and as Chris struggles up, Titus grabs him by the hair, and pulls him up and The Real Deal hits a huge backbreaker for another two count. He pulls him up again, and sets him on the top rope, going for a big suplex. However, Hero hits a hurracanrana, and gets up to hit a Cravate Buster for a two count. He sets him up for a Cyclone Kill, but AW climbs the rope to distract the ref, and Titus low blows Chris. However, the ref turned around in time and DQ's the PTP!

    Winners: KOW by DQ

    Claudio takes out AW and DY with huge Chair shots, and Chris finally hits the Cyclone Kill. The KOW hold the Tag Titles up high until we go to Commercial

    Commercial Break

    We return to see The Great Khali in the ring. Big Show arrives out and the match begins.

    Match 4: Great Khali vs. Big Show

    Finish: Khali goe for a chop, but Show blocks it and hits the KO punch, stunning Khali. He then lifts him up, and hits a HUGE chokeslam!

    Winner: Big Show via pinfall

    After the match, the commentators go on about what a feat of strength Show just exhibited there tonight! As Show celebrates, Ryback's music interuppts, and he gets in the ring. He says that last week on SD that he is the most dominant force, stronger and more powerful than Show can ever be! He said sure, Show can lift Khali, but on his shoulders? NO! For The Big Hungry, no problem! He then grabs Khali and lifts him to his shoulders for Shellshocked, but Show hits a KO punch, and sends him crashing to the ground. He laughs and leaves the ring.

    We go to a recap of what happenend at the very beginning of the show, where Rock was taken out by the no.1 contender, Brock Lesnar

    We arrive back to see Lesnar and Heyman arrive out to the ring, as JR gives us an update on The Great One's condition. He says that he is suffering from mild concussion, and has been taken to hospital to check for any fractures. He says that Rock will hopefully be fit for next week's Raw, but he is 50/50 at the minute. Paul-E introduces the man who will win the WWE Championship at Wrestlemania, BRRROCKK LESNAR! He says that in the build up to this match, The Rock can talk all that he wants to to Brock Lesnar, and about what he is gonna do to him at Wrestlemania, and how he has MILLIONS and millions of his fans, and how he is gonna whip Brocks candy ass and all his other assorted catchphrases, the fact of the matter is, none of that will happen. In fact, what will happen at Wrestlemania, is that Brock Lesnar will destroy The Rock, and end his Title run. Brock Lesnar will end the myth of The Bramha Bull. Brock Lesnar will change this company forever, because after Wrestlemania, Brock Lesnar will never be beaten for his Title. Brock Lesnar will become the greatest Champion of all time, better than Bruno, better than Hogan, better than Cena! Brock Lesnar will bring back legitimacy to the WWE. He will not talk for hours upon hours to entertain the fans, he is simply an ass-kicking machine! Brock is no longer the Next Big Thin, he is THE Big Thing! Heyman drops the mic and Brock bounces on his toes

    R-Truth makes his way out to the ring.

    Match 5: Brock Lesnar vs. R-Truth

    Finish: Truth gets barely any offence in, as Brock dominates. He hits an F-5 for the win.

    Winner: Brock Lesnar via pinfall

    After the match, Lesnar grabs Truth in the Kimura Lock, and snaps his arm! EMTs sprint down and break Truth free, but it looks like its too late. Brock grins evily as we go to our final commercial

    Commercial Break

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