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    After the match, Miz looks to attack Morrison with the chair also, but John dropkicks him and the chair connects with Miz. He sets him up for a StarShip Payne, but Miz scampers to sfety at the top of the ramp, smirking at Jo-Mo.

    JR comments that at No Wya Out, Miz will finally get what is coming to him. Lawler disagrees, tellin Ross, that both he and John are fools if they think that he can defeat the Awesome One!

    As JR and Lawler are bickering, the US Champion joins them at Guest Commentary for the US Title no.1 Contenders match.

    Wade Barrett enters first, to loud boos from the capacity crowd. He climbs to the turnbuckle and motions that the belt will be his. Otunga just smirks.

    Next out is Seth Rollins, who is cheered into the ring by adoring fans, who have watched his rise to the A-Show. When he motions to Otunga he is coming for him, Otunga climbs on the Commentary Table and holds his Title aloft to the annoyance of the capcity Crowd. He makes a smart comment, claiming he doesnt know who Rollins is.

    R-Truth's music comes on, but after a while, it is clear he is not ready for action. Mick Foley appears on the screen, in the doctors room, grimacing with pain. He says that he promised a triple threat match, and these fans will get a Three Way match. The final Competitor, RVD!! RVD wastes no time and races out to the ring, and all three men begin brawling

    Match 4: RVD vs. Seth Rollins vs. Wade Barrett- No.1 Contenders Match for US Title

    Finish: Barrett and Rollins go back and forth, and Rollins gets the upper hand, hitting a belly to back suplex for a two count, before RVD breaks up the count. The two opponents go back and forth, giving everything they have, and neither is letting up. Rollins gets on top and knocks RVD to the outside, beside Barrett. Those two begin brawling, and dont notice Rollins until he hits a Suicide Dive to both men! All three are out. Rollins is up first, and rolls into the ring. Barrett and RVD soon follow him, and Rollins is taken down by a RVD roundhouse Kick. Barrett picks RVD up and goes for the Wasteland, but RVD gets out and hits an Enziguiri! He climbs to the top for a Frogsplash, and leaps thru the air. However, Otunga is off commentary and waiting for him, and hits a huge spear! Barrett gets up and is hit with a Verdict! He slips out of the ring and throws Rollins in too. He grabs a chair and cracks Rollins in the skull with it three times, knocking him out. When it is clear no man is getting up anytime soon, the ref is froced to call the match a no-contest!

    Winner: No Contest

    Otunga gets on the mic and says that your winner and #1 Contender is..... no-one! As he leaves, Foley interuppts and says that seeing as Otunga felt it his business to change the rules, Foley is gonna do the same. At NWO, Otunga wont get a free night. He will face all three men he screwed in a F4W match for the US Title. All three men in the ring are cautious, but grin at the decision. Otunga is absouutley pissed!

    We see The KOW walking backstage, and are discussing the fact that SD GM EDge realised the ref's mistake, and have granted them a rematch for the #1 Contenders Spot on Friday Night SD! As they walk and tlak, The Tag Champs appear out of nowhere, and start beating the hell out of Claudio and Chris! They use chairs and pipes, and Titus powerbombs both men thru nearby tables stacked with food. They leave, happy with their work, and the KOW are writhing in pain on the floor.

    Commercial Break

    We come back live to Raw, and JR announces that its Main Event Time! Will Punk show, and who is his opponent!

    Red flames erupt from the stage and Kane arrives out to a big pop! JR says that Punk was probably gonna show up until about five seconds ago! Kane climbs in the ring and waits, somewhat patiently.

    CM Punk's music plays, and there is a Massive Reaction, with literally half and half of the crowd booing and cheering! After 30 seconds, there is no sign of him and the music stops. The music starts up again and this time abotu 20 seconds in, Punk appears to a massive sea of noise, He taps his wristband, and tells the world that its clobberin' time!!

    Main Event: CM Punk vs. Kane

    Finish: CM Punk hits a running high knee followed by a bulldog to Kane. He climbs to the outside, and leaps onto the ropes, and flies thru the air. Kane catches him with a huge uppercut to the jaw! He motions for the end, and Punk gets groggily to his feet. HE wraps his arm around Punks neck and lifts him high in the air.... but Punk gets out of it, and Roundhouse Kicks Kane in the skull. Kane is sent tumbling into the ropes, and when he returns, Punk picks him up and hits a GTS!!!!! 1,2,3!!! PUNK WINS!

    Finish: CM Punk by pinfall

    He climbs to the ropes and motions that he is coming for the belt, as JR Screams that Punk is gonna face Rock in just 13 nights, at No Way Out!!! As Punk climbs down, Lesnar slides into the ring, and picks Punk up for the F5. Before he can hit it, The Rock races to the ring, and saves Punk as Brock leaves. The show ends with Brock on the outside, and Punk and Rock staring him down, keeping a close eye on each other.

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